For a Successful Party, Just Add Water

Local favorites Heather & Nathan close out Saturday night’s “Applaud the Sun” party next to the Cape Charles pier. (Wave photo)

Cape Charles Wave

September 2, 2012

Last night’s final Northampton Chamber of Commerce summer party got it right. After experimenting with locales, the Chamber seems to have found a venue intimately suited to their size events.

That site is the grassy area adjoining Cape Charles pier — with high enough elevation to enjoy a wonderful view of the Bay.

Although Chamber advertising described the location as “at the Boardwalk Gazebo,” fortunately it was at neither the boardwalk nor the Gazebo. Because as was painfully evident at the last street party by the Gazebo, from the street you can’t see the water.

Last night, everyone got a water view. A full moon turned out for the party as well, although it struggled to break through the haze.

But no rain was in sight — only fair, after the Chamber’s last party had to be postponed twice due to weather.

This writer earlier urged the Chamber to return to Cape Charles Harbor. Subsequently, a Chamber member confided that they left the Harbor because of competition with the new Shanty Restaurant, which also features a band.

So now, Cape Charles is “Party Central” — choose your locale.

And don’t forget Sunday’s Picnic in the Park. What a great way to close out a great summer!