LETTER: Tree Removal Belies ‘You’ll Love Our Nature’

September 12, 2012


“You’ll love our nature.”

That’s the mantra for both the Eastern Shore and the Town of Cape Charles.

Recently on my daily walk I observed the transformation of the old sewage plant on Bayshore Road. In the past, the perimeter was planted with a canopy of pine trees, and the understory was dotted with 15- to 20-foot weeping yaupon hollies that were loaded with berries.

The berries fed wildlife and numerous species of migratory birds using the area to rest and re-energize before moving on.

The Shore has always been a magnet for bird watchers young and old — in fact we have a festival coming  up in October, which is very important to the economy. Hotels and restaurants benefit from our love for nature.

That love for nature was altered two weeks ago when yaupon hollies were pulled out of the ground and destroyed for no apparent reason.


Now you can see the old sewage office building without any buffering of foliage that the Town of Cape Charles requires in its Comprehensive Tree Conservation and Preservation ordinance.

I hope the town arborist/town planner will look into this. There are many ordinances that appear to have been broken or rewritten according to the guidelines our Town operates under. The development or redevelopment of any property must follow ordinances according to the Cape Charles Tree Master Plan.

I hope this was an oversight that will not be repeated in the future.

“You’ll love our nature!”

Cape Charles

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One Response to “LETTER: Tree Removal Belies ‘You’ll Love Our Nature’”

  1. Deborah Bender on September 16th, 2012 6:27 pm

    It would have been nice if those trees had been offered to people to come and take. I also wonder if the owner of the property will have to plant two new trees for one removed the way we do in the Historic District. Keep an eye out, Don, and let us know what else you see!