Cape Charles Town Council Candidate(s) Statement(s)

Steve Bennett

Dan Burke

EDITOR’S NOTE: Last week the Wave asked both Cape Charles Town Council candidates in person to write something about themselves to assist the voters.

The suggested topic was “Why I’m Running for Town Council.”

Both candidates agreed to submit a statement.  The Wave regrets that despite two reminders, only one candidate has provided a submission.  

In giving each candidate an opportunity to speak for himself, the Wave’s intent was to provide unbiased coverage. But now we have had to choose between printing only one candidate’s statement, or printing nothing at all. Since we had already promised both candidates that we would print whatever they wrote, without edits, that is exactly what we have done below.


 November 5, 2012

In case the reader is interested and has not seen one of my brochures or attended any of the meetings I have had around Town, I have included a career background summary at the end of this article.

My wife and I are full-time residents. We purchased a house in the Historic District in July of 2011. Like most Cape Charles residents we were attracted by the water-oriented lifestyle and all it has to offer. We love living here and have encouraged our family and friends to consider investing in Cape Charles.

I have three principles that will guide my conduct if elected to the Town Council.

1. Fiscal Accountability

2. Transparent, open government

3. Common Sense

I place fiscal accountability number one. It is the single, most important aspect of local government. We are a small town of approximately 1,000 residents and as such we are the foundation upon which Cape Charles operates. As property owners in Northampton County we are subject to a relentless barrage of taxes for businesses, houses, automobiles, boats, trailers and other personal property. As property owners in Cape Charles we see more of the same. My main goal, if elected, is to address the upward spiral of ever increasing taxes, water fees and assessments in Cape Charles. [Read more…]

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Wetlands Board Approves South Port Yacht Center Plans

South Port engineer Don MacLennan points to mitigation area on map. (Wave photo)

Cape Charles Wave

November 5, 2012

Cape Charles Wetlands and Dunes Board November 2 approved a request by South Port Investors, LLC, to relocate the wetland mitigation approved in 2008.

The approval brings South Port’s proposed Cape Charles Yacht Center one step closer to construction.

Don MacLennan, president of Engineering Resources Group, LLC, told the Board, “If we get approval tonight, we are ready right away, now, to make it happen.”

The Board approved the application, but there are a few more steps before work begins.

Next, South Port is requesting a conditional use permit at Tuesday’s Planning Commission meeting. [Read more…]

TUESDAY 11/6: Planning Commission to Hear Request from South Port Investors for Conditional Use Permit

Cape Charles Planning Commission will meet 6 p.m. Tuesday, November 6, at Town Hall. [Read more…]