Peacewerks Center for Well-Being Opens on Mason Ave.


Peacewerks staffers Gerald Boyd and Polly Boyd

October 20, 2014

Peacewerks Center for Well-Being, LLC, announces its opening in Cape Charles at 109 Mason Avenue, Suite A (the former Sullivan’s Building).  Peacewerks is staffed by Gerald E. Boyd and Polly Boyd and exists for the support of individuals, families and communities in the continuous achievement of emotional and spiritual balance and the reclaiming of life.


“We are foundationally social entrepreneurs and have opened an office in Cape Charles to share our knowledge capital, inspire hope, and impart to our clients power, permission and potency to build stronger more vibrant families and communities, the Boyds said. “Our agency is firm in our focus on the possibilities for change and we are motivated to be the agents for change made possible through the increased capacity of citizens.

“We envision a world where people and their communities live fully in connection with themselves and each other with zest, peace and well-being. We have a passion for working with diverse populations to facilitate the achievement of the lives they most deeply desire.  We educate the community on issues impacting their survival, renew and preserve families, address the health disparities of women and men and the many groups to which they belong.”

“Our attention on outcomes and solutions in a practice research based environment requires us to search out, understand and evaluate new information about social disintegration leading to the scourge of family dissolution, mental, emotional and spiritual dysfunction, drug abuse, domestic violence, crime, incarceration and recidivism and their devastating impacts on our community as a whole.

“We look forward to partnering with supporters, collaborators, civic and community leaders, our staff and volunteers to co-create a system of confidence and synergy which results in influential and measurable change.”

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One Response to “Peacewerks Center for Well-Being Opens on Mason Ave.”

  1. Polly Boyd on October 20th, 2014 2:53 pm

    Thank you Wave staff, for your article introducing us to the Cape Charles community! We are in outreach mode, introducing ourselves to the many communities to which individuals and families belong – neighborhood and civic organizations, faith communities, and public agencies.

    We recently enjoyed participating in Cape Charles’ Fall Festival, where we hosted a Listening Table – an opportunity for people to share their thoughts and hopes, whatever is on their mind, and to be listened to with appreciation and attention, without interruption – something most of us can always use more of! More than a dozen people stopped by and shared their thoughts with us, and we appreciate their willingness to think out loud without reservations, with our attention.

    We are planning a series of Community Development Conversations on a variety of topics – we invite broad participation!
    Please feel free to come by our office at 109 Mason Ave Ste A, or contact us at 404-593-1669 or 678-296-8687,, or [email protected]. We are generally in the office Mon-Fri, 9-5, although we do spend Tues & Thurs afternoons visiting community organizations. We are available Saturdays and evenings by appointment, as well.