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PRICE INCREASE — Has anyone noticed that our Bay Creek Communications, now known as Chesapeake Bay Communications, went up a little over a buck? A small fee but nonetheless everything in Cape Charles seems to be going up except the customer service. The nickel & dime mentality here is only funny if you have the money and patience to put up with all the nonsense. This reminds me of the town’s water increases; it just never seems to end here in what I heard one lady affectionately call CAPE CHAOS. (10/24)

WHILE WAVE WAS SLEEPING — A well-deserved hibernation slumber to you! And yet, while you were sleeping, the soccer goals disappeared from Central Park. Is there another ethnic group that the Town needs to exclude by taking away those goals? (10/22)

POLICE MONITORING — Is there a reason that two police are monitoring the far end of Bay Avenue near Jefferson every weekend between 8:30 and 10 at night? If there is a major problem at this end of town, I need to be notified by the town about what I need to look for and be alarmed about. (10/5)


RESPONSE TO “Will Panek Pledge Allegiance to PSA?” (See GOSSIP) — This PSA issue isn’t something that just happened to occur. It has been festering for years and is indirectly related to two issues: 1) Bay Creek not paying their fair share of the water bills, as per the 1991 Agreement, and 2) a prominent family who desperately wanted to take over control of the region’s water thus controlling growth and money. Panek is an intelligent fellow but the politics of Bay Creek and the money-infused persistence of these rich folks were simply too much for him to control. The town wasted a lot of time, energy, money, and good people on their pursuit of Bay Creek’s indebtedness and listening to the elongated dribble of a rich family attempting to gain more personal control of the area via water. Cape Charles is in desperate need of a strong Town Manager who will stand up to these financial bullies. My greatest fear is that these pirates will attempt to eventually take over the Town Harbor. Most of the people living here can be purchased for a ham sandwich and a beer. Thank you Cape Charles Wave for “connecting the dots” in your paper. It might not prevent these things from happening but at least slows them down such that people are reading and watching now. (9/27)

RESPONSE (6) TO “Drowning Might Have Been Prevented” – I’m with Mr. Creed on this one. This kill the messenger attitude is plain dumb. He might have an agenda, and I believe he’s entitled to one. In case you didn’t know, personal agendas are ruling Cape Charles. None of the “bright minds” running the town thought about beach safety until this drowning, so give Mr. Creed a break. And if you’re on Town Council, it’s time for you to wake up! (9/26)

RESPONSE (5) TO “Drowning Might Have Been Prevented” – The town of Cape Charles seems bent on dragging tourists into town to spend their money. The powers that be spend loads of money on everything else yet they never even thought about are the beaches actually safe? Seems like it’s time for them to put their money where their mouth is. Put up the floating ropes, hire a couple of lifeguards, and stop people from bringing glass bottles onto the beach, for a start. Yes, Mr. Creed was in the fight to save the school. So was I and all that happened was the town totally ignored what the people wanted and gave the school to a developer. This developer is so credible he doesn’t even have an office. Now the school will be “1″ bedroom apartments. Yippee! The “powers that be” gave away the historic school, “sold” a historic street, destroyed the basketball court, and “claimed” there was no money to renovate the building. Within minutes they bought the bank to make a library. The library could have been in the community center, along with the police, the town offices, and still would have had plenty of room for the actual community center. Now who looks stupid? I am not afraid to leave my name either — DEBORAH BENDER (9/26)

RESPONSE (4) TO “Drowning Might Have Been Prevented” – Mr. Creed is a thoughtful and sometimes provocative citizen with a keen intellect. His agenda is the same agenda every citizen of the small town of Cape Charles should have — responsible government and accountability. The people in our community with real “duties” are first and foremost our elected and appointed officials — especially our police officers. What a moronic world the author of response (3) must live in, where the average citizens bear a larger civic duty than the officials they elect to lead. Go figure. Yes, “just laugh” — because the office of the Mayor and Town Council are an ongoing joke. The most recent example: What action has the Mayor and Town Council taken SINCE the drowning of a child to increase public safety at the beach? Instead, Mayor Proto is forming a citizens committee to review regulations concerning DOGS on the beach. You can’t make this kind of buffoonery up! A child drowns on Cape Charles beach and our elected officials’ most immediate concern is about DOGS on the beach — as well as furthering a policy of CHICKENS in everyone’s backyard instead of PUBLIC SAFETY at the BEACH! Mr. Creed is right to rant about such idiocy. Maybe our underpaid planner should plan increased safety at the beach. Maybe our underpaid event coordinator should walk down to the beach from the library and coordinate some swimming lessons. Maybe our underpaid police officers should sometimes patrol the beach and boardwalk on foot. Maybe our overpaid Mayor and Town Council should take a hard look at this issue that the provocative Mr. Creed has brought to our attention whether we like it or not. So it seems, some take offense at being accused of “having blood on your hands” — but not so much as to demonstrate that they have no brains in their head. Laugh that off. (9/26)

RESPONSE (3) TO “Drowning Might Have Been Prevented” – Mr. Creed finds yet another excuse to draw attention to his own agenda and rehash his ongoing feud with the town. I usually just laugh at his latest attempt to point fingers, but to use the death of an innocent child as the latest excuse is disgraceful. What’s worse is that Mr. Creed was apparently well aware of the dangers “many summers ago.” He had a duty to “point out the dangers” to the town and ensure they followed through with appropriate signage. Apparently Mr. Creed’s priority was to ensure “Community Center Now” signs were prominently displayed in the town, alerting visitors to a presumably far more pressing danger. Mr. Creed, you had precious little credibility prior to this thinly veiled rant. Now you have none. Before the facts of this terrible incident are known, rather than accuse us of having blood on our hands, take a long, hard look at your own. (9/25)

RESPONSE (5) TO “Mayor Proto Flip-Flops on County Sewage Issue” – Possible solution to the question of allowing chickens to be raised in town could be to allow town residents to raise them on the lots the town bought from “Trickie” Dickie Foster. The town could borrow more money to buy state of the art chicken coops with sewer hookups to the planned Route 13 sewer line extension, thereby solving the chicken waste problem and generating more sewer treatment revenue. This would be a win-win situation for Bob Panek and Cape Charles chicken huggers, and as a bonus allow Mayor Proto to proclaim in the next election, “a chicken in every pot.” (9/23)

RESPONSE (2) TO “Drowning Might Have Been Prevented” – Wayne, you are right on the money with your analysis of misplaced priorities in Cape Charles. Even before your time here, Town Council members were cheap dates, beside themselves whenever they were wined and dined by Dickie Foster. It is no surprise to any of us that they continue to sell to the lowest bidder. But they might want to heed your warning and take some safety measures at the beach. How reckless to have no signs, no markers, no lifeguards.. Another accident and word will spread about the beach on VRBO and other online communities. Then the Council’s recent laughable expenses and gimmicks will seem even more frivolous. Wayne, I am speaking for many when I say that we are in awe of your activism on behalf of town citizens and your courage. (9/23)

RESPONSE (1) TO “Drowning Might Have Been Prevented” – It would have been nice if your and others’ concerns had been expressed BEFORE the child’s death. How many times have you or others gone to a Council meeting and spoken about beach safety signs?  Zero,  I bet. Monday morning is easy. (9/23)

WHERE’S McSWAIN? – Where is Mr. McSwain spending tax payer dollars this week? Rumor has it in Canada. How much business had been brought in to Northampton County during his tenure as a result of these boondoggles? His challenge is admittedly mighty — what business would locate where the schools are in such abysmal shape? But how much money could be saved to help the schools without funding the economic development director’s position? (9/19)

RESPONSE (4) TO “Mayor Proto Flip-Flops on County Sewage Issue” – All poop jokes aside, why can’t these people, Town Council included, be content retiring in their geriatric community without running it and ruining it for the rest of us who still have a few years ahead of us here on the Shore? Don’t you people have more important things to do, like estate planning? (9/19)

RESPONSE (3) TO “Mayor Proto Flip-Flops on County Sewage Issue” – I very much enjoyed your creative comment/opinion [below]. Mine and urine match completely! (9/19)

RESPONSE (2) TO “Mayor Proto Flip-Flops on County Sewage Issue” – As if Cape Charles isn’t already full of it, it looks like the Panek sewer-pipe dream will become a manure nightmare; if the Wastewater Guru and his Fecal Minded Followers get their way it could already be a dung deal. Nobody seems to give a crap if the town loses its drugstore and other businesses because of this stinking boondoggle so long as the PSA gets to do its business. As the Wave reports, acting town manager and PSA member Bob Panek will say anything to get funding for the flatulent PSA project to increase excrement importation into Cape Charles. So ex-lax people, and take note to the sound of a symphony of toilets flushing your hard-earned tax money down the poop pipe. By the time the real reeking financial facts, figures, and feces hit the proverbial fan, all of Cape Charles will be up number-two creek without a paddle, in deep do-do constipating how they were duped into their septic situation. (9/18)

RESPONSE (1) TO “Mayor Proto Flip-Flops on County Sewage Issue” – I wonder if our politicos have a real grasp on the big picture.  The recent climate change report, shows that the Eastern Shore of Virginia will be greatly impacted.  Why would anyone ever consider using the new sewer plant in Cape Charles to take sewage from Route 13?  Would it not be wiser to build one in Cheriton where water infiltration and the like would be greatly reduced?  Having a sewage plant directly on the coast does not seem to make sense. (9/17)

RESPONSE (6) TO “Consultant Declares Town Staff Underpaid, Overworked”  After reading the comments about the Springsted compensation plan for Cape Charles, I wonder why Exmore was left off the list of towns that are supposed to be competitors in a regional marketplace for municipal employees. Looks like Onancock and Chincoteague up in Accomack County didn’t have time for your survey. I guess Exmore’s invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. Just so you know, we have water and wastewater departments just like Cape Charles has. We also just hired two former Cape Charles police officers. How many of your policemen, or for that matter any other employees, have the other towns on your list hired away from you? Exmore has a population of 1,449 year-round residents which makes us, EXMORE, the largest town in Northampton County and ‘The treasure of Virginia’s Eastern Shore.” (9/11)

RESPONSE (5) TO “Consultant Declares Town Staff Underpaid, Overworked” – Most working men and women in Northampton County, including watermen, contractors, farmers, storekeepers, carpenters, mechanics, electricians, merchants, etc., work hard all year long and don’t make the salaries the Town of Cape Charles employees are already earning today. Plus, they don’t get the health and retirement benefits the town gives. And they sure don’t get all the holidays the town gives. Christmas came on a Wednesday last year, which they got off, plus Tuesday because it was Christmas Eve, plus Monday because why spoil a five-day break? That’s more days off than even the federal government gives. I’m glad the town can do that for its employees, but not many independent workers can afford to take it that easy. Of course, very few working men or women actually live in the Town of Cape Charles — including those who work for the town. (9/11)

RESPONSE (4) TO “Consultant Declares Town Staff Underpaid, Overworked” –  I think the Cape Charles Mayor and Town Council should do a utility and tax rate study (without spending $8,400) to compare our town to similar towns (like Onancock and Chincoteague) on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Comparing sleepy Cape Charles to the city of Franklin? Really? We should also ask Springsted (the public sector advisors who authored the study) for a refund for this hollow effort. It doesn’t take an Einstein or $8,400 to figure out that if you compare Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore to towns across the bay with higher costs of living plus larger operations near metropolitan areas you will get higher salaries. However, with studies like this we will soon be catching up with that high cost of living. With the town council placing an ever increasing financial burden on the average taxpayer in this town, it makes you wonder just who the council represents — the citizens or the municipal workers union? There has been NO discussion as to how we will pay for salary increases and more personnel that could easily total upwards of $250,000. Will we make cuts elsewhere to offset new spending? Raise TAXES? BORROW more to add to our $10 million debt? This is just the kind of irresponsible government you get when you elect people based on their goofy popularity instead of people who have real business experience and common sense. “Politics I supposed to be the second-oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.” (Ronald Reagan). Thomas Jefferson is credited with saying, “The government you elect is the government you deserve.” H.L. Mencken said the same thing, but better: “People deserve the government they get, and they deserve to get it good and hard.” Well it looks like it’s time to pull out your wallet again, Cape Charles. You deserve it and you must like it also. (9/10)

RESPONSE (3) TO “Consultant Declares Town Staff Underpaid, Overworked” – If I turned in an audit report without benchmarking like entities, I’d be ashamed. Seriously! Looking at the list of salaries, I can see three positions that seem underpaid to me. First, think of who serves you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis — who actually helps you feel happy, safe, and served in our little slice of heaven? For me, it is the Harbor Master, Chief of Police, and the Librarian. I say up their salaries before all others — these are the three individuals who inform my quality of life and they should be rewarded for it. (9/9)

RESPONSE (2) TO “Consultant Declares Town Staff Underpaid, Overworked” — When I saw this headline in the Wave I thought it was the April Fool’s edition! I have never read something that made so little sense than this so called “study.” Did the town really pay this guy to come up with this information? And this is the firm that will select the next Town Manager? Here’s my question: Whose uncle or brother was this that needed the money and the town paid him to come up with these ideas? This is a great town with some wonderful people but it’s a rudderless ship for leadership. (9/8)

RESPONSE (1) TO “Consultant Declares Town Staff Underpaid, Overworked” – At first glance, I thought this was a joke. According to the 2010 census, the median income for a household in Northampton County was $28,276, and the median income for a family was $35,034. Males had a median income of $26,842 versus $21,839 for females. The per-capita income for the county was $16,591. The population of Cape Charles in 2012 was estimated at 999, which was down 11.9% from 2000. The median income in 2012 was $29,013 while the rest of Virginia enjoyed a median income of $61,741. With less than 1,000 residents in Cape Charles, this consultant felt comfortable comparing the salaries of the town staff to that of the cities of Hampton Roads? Seriously? In addition this consultant feels the town management is understaffed? How many employees are there per full-time resident? This flies in the face of reason and logic. If the management of Cape Charles is still looking at Bay Creek as a panacea, they have rose colored glasses on! There is NOTHING on the Eastern Shore of Virginia to entice business to provide jobs for residents, except municipal jobs. The cost of crossing the Bay Bridge is prohibitive to workers in Hampton Roads to commute. So, who will pay for the increased salaries and extra jobs?People are exiting, not relocating. Wake up and smell the coffee. (9/8)

RESPONSE TO “Building for a Buck” — Nope, the Town of Cape Charles gave J. David McCormack $41,000 insurance money for so-called earthquake damage to the old school in August 2011. He will use it for the water and sewer hookup costs. In the meantime, he does not have to pay for the hookup that the building already has. Everyone else has to pay for utilities whether they use them or not, but Mr. McCormack is special, it seems. The hapless people of Cape Charles paid McCormack $39,990 to take the old school. No doubt it will make some nice Section 8 housing in the not too distant future. (9/8)

RESPONSE TO “Response to ‘Why I Love Winter in Bay Creek’” — I noticed that the first thing you spoke about was “revenue” and did not address any of the issues of the first posting. You also noted that only 10% of the lots have homes. This makes me wonder if you’re not one of these property owners who are part of the problems listed. Do you even live at Bay Creek full time? If you did I think you’d see that what was initially promised (security in a “gated community,” a free work out center near the tennis courts, etc.) never evolved. It’s now about money and the property owners who don’t seem to screen the people they rent their houses to for a few weeks during the summer. Did you know that some of these wonderful “renters” were fishing at the golf course pond and later eating those fish? How would you know? Your concern is your money and not the people who live here. People shouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars purchasing a home in Bay Creek and be invaded several times during the summer by loud and uncaring people renting the homes next to them. It’s the homeowner’s responsibility to advise them what the HOA regulations are here. I think that if the Bay Creek rental office receives enough complaints, that homeowner should be prevented from renting their house to people. As it stands now there are several out of town homeowners who rent their homes during the summer without the HOA’s approval. (9/8)

BUILDING FOR A BUCK — J. David McCormack bought the 17,000 square foot Old School in Cape Charles for 10 bucks but apparently got a better deal in Martinsville, buying a 24,000 square foot historical building for a buck! CLICK for story. (9/8)

RESPONSE TO “Why I Love Winter in Bay Creek” — Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You make out-0f-towners and their revenue feel so welcome. I’m sure that attitude has contributed to the fact that only 10 percent of the lots in Bay Creek have homes built on them. I’m surprised that people aren’t knocking down the door to build next to people like you. (9/7)

WHY I LOVE WINTER IN BAY CREEK – The tourist season at Bay Creek has finally ended. No more golf carts on walking paths with 10-year-old drivers leading the pack. No more noisy late night parties, loose dogs, broken beer bottles, and boat trailers blocking these narrow roads. No more speeding cars from out of state (mostly NJ) that make me wonder why they’re so late. No more gin and tonics flowing like tidal waves with moms and dads watching the clock like jail wardens for the Happy Hour to begin in town.  No more people traveling to the beach, the pool, the golf course, and The Coach House loaded in carts and cars oblivious to the bike riders, children, and walkers. Stand back you home owners and renters at Bay Creek; we’re here to enlighten you and your town with our money and our attitude that we can do whatever we want and whenever we want! To which I say: Thank God for winter, the locals, and southern manners. Have a safe drive back to wherever you came from, and give us another year to await your arrival. And to the people who rent these homes to these tourists: You really need to brief them a lot better on the HOA rules here. (9/4)

BAY CREEK TIGER BEETLES — Great update on the beetles! The Homeowners Association, having spent way over $2 million for the breakwaters, which ran through [Dickie] Foster’s accounts (remember he never fully paid the bank, so they had to foreclose on the marina to collect)  to save the homes on The Colony “mud flats” along with those homeowners having spent $423,500 of their own money that was contributed on top of $2 million+ was a very costly affair after Hurricane Isabel. A very expensive new “habitat’” for the tigers. Will watch for future updates on the breakwaters. The beetles are having a wonderful time on the beach. (9/3)


RESPONSE to “Asbestos? What Asbestos?” — Read the facts about asbestos removal here:  (8/30)

REAL ESTATE LISTINGS – So very cool that the Wave sports a new REAL ESTATE section! Sifting through the other newspapers to find local sales information was a waste of time, so I gave up. Thanks for offering this section.  Not anonymous — Dana Lascu.  (8/29)

ASBESTOS? WHAT ASBESTOS? – What happened to the asbestos in the Old School? Most asbestos cleanup processes require sealing the building so the asbestos does not get into the air, but [developer] Charon Ventures and [contractor] Haase are supposedly removing this contaminated debris without any precautions. There are no warning signs to inform the parents and children of the health hazzard they may encounter while using the playground next to the school. The town should provide free medical testing for those who feel they have been affected from this cleanup. Why isn’t our town council on top of this issue? Does the EPA need to get involved to protect our children? (8/29)

BAY CREEK ANNOYANCES — Why can the Bay Creek lawn maintenance workers run lawn mowers, weed wackers, and show up on your property in their gators at 6:45 a.m.? Are there not rules against starting before 8 a.m.? I have actually kicked them off my front lawn at 6 a.m. last fall. It was still dark and they pulled the gator right up to my front window, lights glaring into my face while I was drinking my morning coffee. It’s not a nice way to start the day. Also, why have a gated entrance when the gates are wide open for any vehicle to enter after 11 p.m.? This goes on daily around here. I guess the “rules” do not apply for Bay Creek .They seem to make their own rules for whatever suits their needs. (8/29)

WHY NO WATER BILL? – Somebody in power in town is friends with David McCormack, the owner of the Old High School in Cape Charles. He has never received a monthly water bill since he bought the school in 2012. The building has a water meter, and he should be paying. Everybody in town who has an unoccupied house, duplex, apartment, or vacant building has to pay the monthly water bill. Why doesn’t he? His water charges by now should be over $2,000. The town should stop charging everyone else who owns a vacant building since it doesn’t charge Mr. McCormack. Our Town Council and our new town mayor need to explain why Mr. McCormack is the only vacant building owner in town who doesn’t get a water bill. (8/26)

CAUSE OF LINGERING SEWER SMELL – It is the decaying effluent of the Bay Creek obligations to pay for the system upgrades, expansion, and improvements required under the 1991 Annexation Order and related Agreements, for which Bay Creek and now Keyser-Sinclair are responsible to pay for. The Town keeps sweeping this effluent under the proverbial carpet. Bay Creek is to pay for the capacity it uses — but the only payment so far is the odor. No individual lot or home owner in Bay Creek or the Town of Cape Charles is obligated to pay for those developer’s utility costs, so the smell will linger until the obligations are paid! (8/19)

WHY PAY FOR SEWER SERVICE? — The county and the health department just approved a drainfield at the Food Lion for the new animal doctor. Why would they want to start paying Cape Charles for sewer service now? Or are the people in Cheriton going to get stuck with the bill? (8/18)

WAGE STUDY — Why are the results of town employee wage study not known yet? And why did they hire the same firm to find a new town manager? Isn’t that the job of our hired officials and our elected officials? The way they spend money is totally out of hand. The citizens of this town need to start asking some questions. We have a lot of talented people living in this town that would make fine town managers. However, they might not get hired because they are honest people that won’t allow all the illegal, dirty deals that have been happening. Under the Sullivan/Panek/Natali/Bannon regime we have gone around $10 million further into debt and STILL they won’t stop spending money. Hiring a new town manager is the job of our elected officials. (8/18)

RESPONSE (2) TO “Unanswered Questions” – Everyone should wait for the investigative report by the Police. Stop taking what is said in media articles as the absolute truth until confirmed. Whether there was a wave or not, a person can drown in 2 inches of water. Wait, before you speculate. (8/16)

RESPONSE TO “Unanswered Questions” – Several visitors on the beach described to me while visiting my business what they observed last Sunday. They said the water was very calm and there was NO wave. They were some of the swimmers closest to the incident. The boy was riding on the woman’s shoulders and when she stepped into deeper water the boy went under. They along with several people immediately tried to save the boy but could not find him. The woman was taken away on a jet ski. The group continued to search for the child until a rescue crew arrived. (8/15)

FORMAL INVESTIGATION NEEDED – In conversations with many neighbors and friends, I have noted a strong skepticism regarding the description of the drowning death of the little boy in Cape Charles this week. I can make that stronger: no one seems to credit the official story much. I have owned property in Cape Charles for five summers now and spent a summer before here. I have never experienced a wave that could have pulled me apart from a child in my care. I have never been able to find an area of the beach where the water was over my head. I find our beach to be about the safest place I have ever had the pleasure to swim in. With all respect to the mourning family, I think that there should be a formal investigation into the behavior of the adults who were in the water with the little boy that day. What responsible adult would allow themselves to be pulled to safety when a child in their care was in danger? It seems to me, from what I have read and heard, that the adults’ responses to the “wave” (which must have been the wake of a passing boat) and to the child’s going under were simply not those of responsible people. Either that or the full story has not yet gotten out. The little boy deserves to have the full story of his death and what led up to it told, or at least investigated in depth. Was the Cape Charles Beach unsafe, or did his caregivers fail him miserably? I think the public deserves to know this too, since if there are unsafe places on our beach, we can correct them or at least mark them so that other children, including our own children and grandchildren, are aware of the danger. If there was dereliction of duty by the boy’s caregivers, it seems to me that the authorities should take appropriate action. I know I am not the only person who feels this way. I hope our authorities address our concerns. (8/15)

BEACH SAFETY — With the recent drowning of a child off the Cape Charles beach, the town should have posted warning signs to swimmers! It was discussed at the Town Council meeting last month, but the town did not act on it fast enough. The town needs to hire two part-time lifeguards for the summer as the beach is very busy with tourists. Beach safety – always swim near a lifeguard. Lifeguards will blow their whistle if you are out of the swimming safety area. This child could have been saved with a warning from the lifeguard to get back to safety. With Labor Day coming up, the town should hire two lifeguards now! The town spent $10,000 for a wage study; it should also spend money for two lifeguards. What is the value of a human life? I know of two lifeguards that live in Cape Charles that will work right now. (8/15)

UNANSWERED QUESTIONS – Following the drowning of a child off the Cape Charles beach, authorities have yet to address: 1) the depth of water at the scene of the drowning (an early unverified report said “waist high” — is that a child’s waist or adult’s waist? 2) Who was accompanying the child? (First we heard his aunt; now the “Good Samaritan” on the jet ski is reported as rescuing two adults.) 3) What was the cause of the wave said to have knocked over the child and his aunt? Cape Charles is not supposed to have waves. 4) How dangerous is the tidal pull caused by the Supermoon? Should the town have posted warnings to swimmers? 5) And the most difficult question of all: why did two adults get on a jet ski and ride to safety, leaving a child underwater? (8/12)

RE: “Commissioner Coker Quits in Disgust” — Quitting lets the bullies who are power hungry and greedy win. (8/11)

RESPONSE to “Underage Drivers”(4) and “Bay Creek Blackout” (3) – I have come to depend on the Wave and its Anonymous section to find out what is really going on in our community. Many, many thanks to everyone for taking the time to write these thoughtful comments. Y’all please think back to a couple of years ago when we were literally AND figuratively in the dark! (8/11)

RESPONSE to “Underage Drivers”(3) and “Bay Creek Blackout” (2) – Traffic laws apply on private roads in Virginia, especially DUI and reckless driving. Virginia public health and public safety laws prevail in private developments throughout Virginia. The State of Virginia is empowered by the laws of the State to enforce any act or law that concerns public health and or public safety — regardless of the ownership of property. Remember Tootie? The Police had no problem entering private property and finding his body in Lake Foster — in Marina Village East in Bay Creek.  But it was too dark to find the body at night. ​​Marina Village East has been “dark” and unsafe since Paul Galloway resigned as Manager in ​December ​2005. Baymark Construction​​ never installed all of the street lights ​at Bay Creek Marina and Resort​ ​that were ​purchased for Marina Village East. A street lamp on Bridgeton Drive in Marina Village East has​ been struck and has lain broken on the ground since before Memorial Day. Sinclair​ ​Broadcasting Group Inc., with its wholly owned subsidiary Keyser-Sinclair, and Sinclair’s controlled Bay Creek South LLC is the Second Successor Declarant to the Property Owners Association (Bay Creek at Cape Charles Community Association). ​Dickie Foster and his sons and nephew-in-law​​ along with Town Councilwoman Joan Natali​ control this​ Sinclair Declarant​ board and receive monthly and annual assessments but ​perhaps they ​have no interest​ in public safety, or darkness would not prevail.​ ​Sinclair, the Fosters, and Natali all have fiduciary and public responsibilities​​​. It is the State of Virginia’s responsibility to enforce​ ​the ​public ​health and ​safety​ and laws​. Somebody call the cops ​!​ (8/7)

RESPONSE to “Bay Creek Blackout” — Have you considered not paying your HOA assessments until the problem is fixed ? My wife and I lived in Bay Creek for 42 months with no street lights and no security. Where does the money go? (8/7)

CONTINUING CARE CENTER — One idea for Cape Charles to consider as their resident population ages would be to build a Continuing Care Retirement Center (CCRC), especially since the hospital in Nassawadox will be moving to Onley.  Bay Creek has plenty of undeveloped land that could be utilized. Just a suggestion, because as people age in Cape Charles they really do not want to move away.  The CCRC could provide the basic medical needs and activities for seniors that they really need.  Read more for an example: (8/3)

BAY CREEK BLACKOUT — Has anyone noticed that the majority of the lamp posts in Bay Creek are out at night? Riding through the area at night can be interesting — especially when there are golf carts on the roadway. I was told that the Chief of Police recently stated at a public meeting that he can’t enforce traffic laws in Bay Creek since it’s private property. I understand that, but what about the Cape Charles police patrolling the area? I figured since we’re all paying taxes that it includes police services. No offense to anyone, but these are simple things to fix — so why aren’t they fixed? (8/3)

UNDERAGE DRIVERS (2) – Bay Creek is private property, and any underage golf cart driver can drive in Bay Creek, so watch out — you may get hit or run over! My understanding about the Virginia law on age is that golf carts that are allowed on streets and roadways require you to have a valid driver’s license AND the golf car must be titled, registered, and insured. Also, the golf cart must be able to maintain 25 mph and cannot be driven along streets and roadways with posted limits greater than 35 mph. Even in town during the busy tourist season, I see underage golf cart drivers driving in the middle of the street, speeding at night, up and down residential streets with no safety concern for citizens. Bikes are safer! If you see a driver in the golf cart driving funny or drunk, call the police. (8/3)

JULY 2014

UNDERAGE DRIVERS — I almost got hit by an underage golf cart driver while walking to the swimming pool. The child was obviously driving too fast and was not paying attention. Where are the parents of these children? Why are they not restricting their use? The Cape Charles police as well as the Bay Creek Homeowners Association need to take this problem seriously. (7/31)

RESPONSE (5) to “Wanted: Competence” – The job description below describes a former town manager in all its details. He was always out there, open with the citizens; he fought for the police force to get resources, and applied for grants working long weekends. Central Park wouldn’t have been what it is without the half a million he alone was able to get. He has been a town manager for many years and has at least a Master’s in Public Administration. Served in Iraq and Afghanistan too. He probably wouldn’t have claimed that back doors were front doors, though. He lives in Cape Charles. (7/31)

 RESPONSE (4) to “Wanted: Competence” – Good point, but do you seriously think Cape Charles will get a Town Manager with an advanced degree in Public Administration or Planning? I’ll take two of whatever you’re drinking. Here are the facts: the Mayor and Town Council positions are part-time positions. The only full-time leadership position for local government here is the Town Manger. So that places a great burden on the shoulders of whoever he or she is. The Town Manager is usually the first person the public will speak to regarding everyday operations in the town. That means that he or she must have the experience, educational levels, and the leadership traits to deal with the public (Oversight). Being friendly, open, and a good communicator are also important, but so is versatility, professionalism, and having the supervisory skills to run the town (Accountability). The Town Manager is the person who sets the “tone” for the workforce and should lobby and fight hard for the taxpayers. Granted , he or she works for the elected officials, but he or she has an obligation, a duty, to make sure that everyone, including the elected officials, are acting within the law (Due Process). Do you really think that having a degree in Public Administration or a related field prepares you for this? Leadership and experience are the key factors here. (7/29)

WHAT IF HOSPITAL HAD MOVED? — I wonder how the storm crisis would have been handled had the EMS not had the local hospital in Northampton to transport patients quickly for emergency care. Everyone probably would have had at least a 40 minute ride in a lot of ambulances. (7/26)

RESPONSE (3) to “Wanted: Competence” – The Town Manager should have a Master’s Degree, but relevant to the job. I know a lot of people with advanced degrees that don’t have the skills and competence required to manage and be leaders. (7/26)

NO OIL DRILLING — Oil drilling on the Virginia Eastern Shore should be discouraged. The economic incentives for Virginia versus destroying the natural habitat are not worth it. Keep the money-grubbing oil industry and their supporters out. (7/26)

“WRONG-WAY LEWIS” — Our state senator, Mr. Lewis, a Democrat, just voted with the Republicans to pass the latest Virginia budget. His party said WHAT? He changed his mind and claimed he hit the wrong button. I remember in 1938 reading about a pilot trying to cross the Atlantic and was arrested. Oops, he said, “I was flying the wrong way,” and so he was labeled “Wrong Way Corrigan.” For Mr. Lewis it will be “Wrong button Lewis.” (7/26)

RESPONSE (2) to “Wanted: Competence” — Town Council hiring competent management would be a 180-degree turnaround in policy. Until now, they pursued the agenda of two office clerks who created a fiefdom for themselves, one becoming mayor and the other town manager, selling the town and wheel-and-dealing it into serious debt, and manipulating two competent and, unlike them, well-educated town managers, Joe Vaccaro and Tim Krawczel, out of the job. Can we now really expect competent management in Cape Charles? (7/23)

RESPONSE to “Wanted: Competence” — In response to hiring a “competent Town Manager,” I heard that one of the “preferred criteria” for the job was an advanced degree (Master’s degree). I believe the same thing applies for the Town Treasurer position. Can someone verify that, or were the rules changed for expediency some years ago? (7/23)

SAVE THE CONFETTI — Three cheers, confetti, love and roses: there’s a changing of the guard in the Town of Cape Charles and I’ve been reading all of the laudatory comments surrounding same. I think some of the kudos are well deserved; however, a quick review of the last few years reveals the selling of the Old School for $10, that same developer getting more tax-free benefits, the harbor boys seeking similar tax-free benefits (follow the leader, right?), a town more politically divided than ever before, a multi-million-dollar sewage plant that needs money and no one wants to buy into the water plan that would pay for it, a deal that tore down a basketball court, a $10,000 wage study that still hasn’t been seen, an apparent loss of transparency in the town hall, an increase in water bills, the hiring of assistants for assistants, the Bay Creek water issue that has yet to be resolved, some 35 to 38 people (depending on whom you’re talking to) working for a town of some 950 people, an election process that was filled with venom and unprofessional behavior on many of the candidates’ part that continues to resonate, a great town workforce that seems to be in a malaise, the purchasing of Bay Creek lots that was more expensive than lots that were later sold, and the bottomless pit of taxpayers’ monies the town seems to believe that we all have. Whatever happened to oversight, accountability, and due process? So before we break out the ticker tape parade on Mason Avenue let’s look at the facts: This is a great town with some wonderful people, but what we need now is real leadership and determination to get back on track again. We can’t just keep throwing taxpayers’ monies and hiring more people to fix these issues. We should give credit where credit is due, but save the cheers, confetti, love, and roses for something real. Fix the fiscal, personnel, and policy issues before you start the next parade of love. (7/22)

WANTED: COMPETENCE – Please! Can you just get some competent people on the Planning Commission? And can we please hire a competent Town Manager, no matter where they live? (7/22)

RESIGNATION –  I am wondering if something must be ready to blow up in Cape Charles! The citizens all know there was a lot of fraud and scandal going on. Why would a town manager resign making over $100,000 [including benefits] and just getting another pay raise? Something is going on in town hall. The mayor needs to know where our tax dollars are being spent. Does the Mayor know why the taxes were increased? (7/22)

GET ON THE LOVE TRAIN — It is good to see the kids from Bay Creek and CAPE CHUCKles are having good American fun, but don’t down too much of the vanilla Brown Dog Ice Drizzle with a few shots of fireball over C.C. delight and release your frustrations. Get on the Love Train! For the adults: Just pay your taxes and you will see things you haven’t seen here in a long time. Mayor Proto, what are your thoughts? Are you for the citizens, or for this sneaky developer picking our pockets? (7/22)

WAGE STUDY – The town spent $10,000 for a wage study. What were the results of the wage study? In the next Town Council meeting, could the new Mayor bring this wage study information up as Old Business? (7/20)

RE: GOLF CARTS: CHIEF PRUITT RESPONDS (2) – First of all, I’m happy this Chief replied because it shows he’s listening. I had to chuckle at the part where he welcomes the citizenry to call his office because “I check the answering machine every morning.” That’s as honest as you can get and I appreciate that response. However, I think that if a citizen sees something that needs to be reported (that’s not a 911 emergency) they’re not going to want to go through all these “phone loops.” The simple answer is to have the police conduct more presence patrols in these areas. The Town of Cape Charles is not that large and Bay Creek hardly ever, except for the Coach House lunches, sees a police presence. The Police are good here but we need to see more of them. This is one case where technology (read phones) is second to presence. (7/19)

RE: GOLF CARTS: CHIEF PRUITT RESPONDS (1) – I’m impressed with Chief Pruitt’s prompt response to issues raised by town citizens. It demonstrates that he truly pays attention to the only uncensored dialogue that takes place in town. Wish Town Council were as responsive and competent (maybe, in the end, they are, with the town manager resigning, and, hopefully, the assistant town manager following suit). (7/18)

GOLF CARTS: CHIEF PRUITT RESPONDS – I just read the anonymous comment and we will take action on your comment. If you have any concerns I welcome you to call my office — just be aware we are not in the office much but I check the answering machine every morning. If there is an emergency please call 911, or the Sheriff’s office at 757-678-0458 and they will dispatch us via radio. Thanks, Chief Jim Pruitt (7/15)

CAPE CHARLES AND GOLF CARTS – This year we seem to be overrun (no pun intended) by golf carts in the Cape Charles and Bay Creek area. Normally this would be a good thing, but it seems like it’s a little out of control now. How, you ask? When you drive up Old Cape Charles Road and there are golf carts in front of you on the roadway driven by pre-teens there might be a problem. Since Bay Creek is private property I guess it also means that you can give your youngest child a key to the golf cart there too? Folks, these kids shouldn’t be driving a golf cart if they’re not old enough to drive a car. One more thing: if I’m driving the speed limit of 35 mph and you’re traveling 15 mph around the corner near the old school, what do you think can happen? The golf carts appear to be a way around getting a DUI coming from the two bars in town, too. So my next question is, where is the CCPD? They are a good department but I’d like to see them patrolling the Old Cape Charles Road near Bay Creek a lot more. Do we have to wait until someone is injured before they take action? (7/15)

RESPONSE TO “Great Story About Granville Hogg” (in GOSSIP) – Mr. Hogg, thank you for using common sense. Why would one need to hire an engineering firm to look in the water to see what the obstruction is? Better hope the next time one of the county’s service vehicles gets a flat, they don’t propose to fly in an engineering team from Firestone. (7/11)

RESPONSE TO “Planning Commission, Not Staff, Should Recommend” — “Comprehensive Plan” is a synonym used to implement U.N. Agenda 21. If you don’t know what that is do your research and then compare it to what is being proposed by your local officials. The findings might shock you, unless you like the idea of the U.N. taking away your freedoms and liberties. (7/11)

BAY CREEK GONE WILD – Now that we at Bay Creek have new security codes, we have less security. If you look at the cars at the beach, few have stickers or gate passes and there is so much mayhem that people are calling the Cape Charles police to intervene. This is the first time we’ve seen the police at the beach for golf carts gone crazy, or maybe, truth be told, underage drinking. The beach looks like spring break central. Strange thing about the gate code too: it is a mile long, but if you press just the first four digits, you already get your “access granted” greeting. (7/9)

JULY 4TH SPIRIT — Many times with all the things that seem to go wrong and all the controversies over virtually anything that happens, it’s easy to overlook a good time or something done well. I would like to thank all the hard-working folks, both paid and volunteers, who once again put on a wonderful day for all of us yesterday [July 5]. For a small town I think Cape Charles does a phenomenal job of celebrating the 4th. The parade is a great mix of kids on bikes and golf carts, horses, marching veterans, fire trucks, and all the things we cherish both as a small town and a country. The bands and entertainment, the vendors and artisans, the kids’ fishing contest, and all the other events are good times for all. The fireworks are amazing and I think for a town this size unbeatable. I’ve seen fireworks displays in towns and cities many times the size of Cape Charles that were nowhere near as nice. I know one day will not bring all of us together or unite us on all the issues, but for one day at least it was refreshing to focus on the good that is what this town is about and leave the controversy behind — would that we could keep the Fourth of July spirit the whole year! (7/7)

POLITICAL SWAN SONG — There should be a law against politicians’ swan songs patting themselves on the back in the local and town papers for a job well done, especially when that was not the case. And now that she’s history, maybe our former mayor will admit where we might find the front door of Cape Charles High School. Are we as a town ready to step away from back doors? (7/7)

CAPE CHARLES PARADE – It was good, but not great. I didn’t see the basketball float, and I didn’t see any kids dribbling a basketball in the parade. There weren’t any kids riding their bikes either. Whoever organized last year’s parade with all the kids needs to be in charge for next year’s parade. If you don’t see kids walking, riding bikes, or dribbling a basketball in a parade, it is NOT a parade! (7/7)

JUNE 2014

COUNTY SUPERVISORS (LIVING AND WORKING) IN LAST CENTURY (2) – And I think there’s another 6-figure salary sitting in the county office. As far as anybody knows, the Economic Development Director  just showed up here one day, no previous local government experience, and the Board hired him. (7/1)

COUNTY SUPERVISORS (LIVING AND WORKING) IN LAST CENTURY – I just finished reading this post in the GOSSIP section of the Wave. This is another example why Northampton County will never move forward into the 21st century. It seems to me that the citizens of this county are being fleeced by these paid spectators of local government. How can these elected officials respond quickly to citizen concerns without an Internet connection? We are in the bottom 25 counties for poverty in the state of Virginia, yet we are paying six figures to a County Administrator who apparently is content with this archaic communications setup. Northampton County deserves a lot better than the elected officials that we have. Seems to me that almost all of them, except for Granville [Hogg], have a personal agenda here. What a mess! (6/30)

TOWN NEGATIVE TOWARD ANYTHING POSITIVE – Kids’ favorite sport is basketball which is fun and healthy, but the town officials are negative towards anything positive. The town should have taken a class on “How to be Positive’’ and “How to Win Friends’’ instead of spending $10,000 doing a wage study. They didn’t even know how to spend the $10,000 wisely! A wage study can be done for FREE. Are town officials going to lower wages if the study finds out they are too high for this small town with a population barely of 1,000 people? I hope the new mayor will step up and do something positive for the people! (6/28)

WHY NO WATER BILL? – The town has never sent a water bill to Charon Ventures since it sold the old school to that “entity” 18 months ago. Charon should have paid almost $2,000 to date. Instead, they have paid nothing. Meanwhile South Port had to pay a water bill for a building that was torn down. The town should refund owners of other vacant buildings in town who have been required to pay a water bill all the time that their property has been unoccupied. Why does the town not enforce its own Code when it comes to Charon Ventures? It seems fishy. (6/20)

RESPONSE to Gossip: “Sullivans Split on Panek Reappointment” – The Sullivans’ vote was a well-orchestrated play, that’s all. The games we play. . . .  (6/18)

PUBLIC HEARING – On June 12 there will be a public hearing on the proposed Town of Cape Charles budget. The Town Manager’s budget is listed at $326,192. It should be half that. Note that the entire police force costs about the same. The hearing offers one more opportunity for Town Council in its current configuration to ignore its constituents, or at least the almost 40% of townspeople who voted against poor management. The rest can continue to fantasize that their interests are being served. (6/8)

RESPONSE (3) to “Quit Whining” – The person who said to “Quit Whining’’ is complaining or protesting in a childish fashion. I think of little kids whining, not adults. Asking the Town Council to step up and do the right thing is NOT WHINING! The town government is responsible to provide recreational sports for the kids and even adults. That is what we pay taxes for. Remember, we live here and we need sports activities. The general public has the right to communicate with government officials. It is called Freedom of Speech. Why is the town stalling and putting it off? THE TOWN PROMISED TO BUILD THE BASKETBALL COURT! This person doesn’t want any questions asked to the town officials or Town Council. Why is that? It sounds like you don’t care if the town gives away property or spends money buying seven over-priced, unusable lots for $100,000 from Dickie Foster without a real estate valuation on the lots. If the town turned around and put the seven lots up for sale, what do you think they could get for them? (6/8)

CONTRACT LANDSCAPING – Passing by Town Hall in Cape Charles the other day I noticed a landscaper cutting the grass there. The truck’s sign read ESLM. Does this town, which has a Public Works Department, pay someone to cut the grass for them? The Public Works Department is not responsible for the roadways or electrical work or household garbage pickup. How many assistants and department heads are “working positions” besides the police and water plant? What does everyone do when it’s not beach season? Oh I forgot, they’re going to spend $10,000 on a job study so maybe we’ll find out. (6/8)

LIGHTHOUSE SALE – It is so sad to see the lighthouse sold to someone from across the Bay. This is the Virginia Eastern Shore’s replica of the lighthouse too, not just Bay Creek’s. Eventually, everyone will see that and realize the great loss, probably after all the mourning of lost money in this horrible economy is over. (6/8)

BAY CREEK AUCTION – The auction of perfectly good Bay Creek lots is disappointing because of the very low prices. What makes most townspeople angry is that the Town of Cape Charles bought 7 unusable lots for $100,000 from Dickie Foster. They have a lot of explaining to do, and we should not accept stupidity as an answer. (6/4)

RESPONSE (2) to “Quit Whining” – The only way to qualify the “quit whining” post is as simplistic. This “government” has taken away this public good, among many others, and it is throwing money to the wind on salary studies and whatever stupid investments that come its way. This is a good that belongs to us, children and adults in this town, and the government needs to give it back. This is a task of the government — to provide recreation environments for more than just little children and the geriatric market. Here is a good use for the overpriced lots the town just acquired. Bake sales, lemonade, and door-to-door begging are for suckers. We are due what previous, thoughtful town governments provided for us. (6/3)

RESPONSE to “Quit Whining” – How dare you call the town people “whiners.” We have every right to complain. The town gave away our basketball court, school, a street, and a portion of the park in one of their most historic moves. The “powers that be” promised to build another basketball court. Why should anyone donate money for a basketball court when “the powers that be” are spending money as though they are printing it? Seems to me like it is time “the powers that be” made good on the their promise and just build the basketball court. (6/3)

RESPONSE (12) to “Bay Creek Security” – Maybe some clarification is in order on a couple of issues. Bay Creek may offer the illusion of greater safety, but the reality is different. Even at the beach, I am not surprised when things disappear if I go away for a stroll. We’re getting new access codes for the gate to use starting this week and safety is the main reason for it. The other topic of this debate is wealth and social status. There is no Town/Bay Creek economic divide for the upper middle class, which has a substantial presence on both sides of the gate. Petit bourgeois, yes, plenty. Aristocracy, not very likely, although, with so much relative poverty around, the business owner or former bureaucrat with a couple of million or so in investments might give in to some delusions of grandeur. But millions aren’t what they used to be, so, on either side of the gate, you’re squarely and categorically middle class. Upper middle class. The main difference between these communities is that, in Bay Creek, there is no economic or racial diversity. The Town seems to be following in this direction. (6/2)

QUIT WHINING – Quite whining about that basketball court and DO SOMETHING. Have a bake sale. Sell lemonade. Go door-to-door and ask for donations. Quit waiting for “The Government” — or in this case “The Town Council” — to do it for you. Or is it not about the kids and the basketball court at all? Could it be that you just enjoy the continual complaining? (6/2)

MAY 2014

RESPONSE (11) to “Bay Creek Security” – After reading the last comments from someone who wrote about “pedestal . . . earned . . . inclusive . . . ivory tower,” I can now see why there is so much anger and incivility at these town meetings. Some of the people in Cape Charles seem to be heavily armed with verbal axes ready to pounce down on anything that they feel is remotely insulting them. Wealth, education, housing designs, etc., have nothing to do with the security issues at Bay Creek. Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill! After reading some of the comments listed here I honestly believe that there are in fact two Cape Charleses. One is reality and one is an anger hell that these writers apparently can’t climb out of. (5/30)

RESPONSE (10) to “Bay Creek Security” – Yes “Creekers,” “Times are tough but these people have prevailed.” Yes they prevailed all right. Most prevailed to become the biggest group of hypocrites Cape Charles has ever seen by “coming out” from behind their pearly gates to support the illegal giveaway of the historic High School, while claiming a fear of higher taxes. Then they vote in a group for Town Council that advocates for higher taxes. Some will no doubt be “supporting the arts in your community” this weekend, all the while having supported the impending destruction of the Shore’s oldest stage and auditorium located in the old school built in 1912 ( 30 years before the stage at the Palace Theatre was built). Instead of envy, most locals and grounded come-heres feel pity for people who, while in pursuit of their riches and social climbing, have lost their soul. Times have always been tough for hypocrites no matter what the economic climate is. So dress up and party down, while doing the Creeky pre-bubble Bourgeoisie shuffle. The transplanted aristocracy prevailed. You earned it. “Let them eat cake.” (5/30)

MISLEADING AUCTION AD – The ad running for Bay Creek Auction in the Wave is incorrect. It states minimum bid for the advertised properties is $10,000. The auction brochure states minimum bid for the lighthouse is $290,000. Seems like a come-on for the come-heres. (5/30)

RESPONSE (9) to “Bay Creek Security” – So you think you deserve to be held up high on a pedestal and “earned” the right not to be inclusive?  You think you are the only one in Cape Charles who has worked hard all their lives and attained an education?  You don’t know the people of Cape Charles, then.  Come down from your ivory tower. (5/30)

RESPONSE (8) to “Bay Creek Security” – The Bay Creek security issues have now hit rock bottom for reader responses. The sophomoric use of a great poet’s verse in the attempt to explain why the writers are “not living there” epitomizes the “cut and paste” mentality of certain residents living here. The thought procedure seems to be based on picking a subject, trying to find a “cool” response that someone else wrote and hammer it into a response. Sort of the square peg in the round hole syndrome. (5/30)

RESPONSE (7) to “Bay Creek Security” – Bay Creekers, break out of your undeniably vulnerable cul-de-sacs, open the gates, and invite Cape Charles inside! Your unidirectional foraging into town is a melancholy song about your limiting cage.
But a bird that stalks
down his narrow cage
can seldom see through
his bars of rage
his wings are clipped and
his feet are tied
so he opens his throat to sing.

(Maya Angelou, April 4, 1928 – May 28, 2014)

RESPONSE (5) to Response to “Bayshore Eyesore – I was very impressed by the comment made by the teenager that has lived all his life in Cape Charles. He is intelligent enough to run for Town Council in the next election four years from now. Yes, he will be of age to run as a candidate. It would be great to have a younger Town Council member! He knows that CC’s future is best served by NOT GIVING AWAY town-owned property. He also knows there is a need for a basketball court for the kids to play. The newly elected Town Council needs to be held accountable for the basketball services that are needed. The town officials promised to build a new basketball court when they sold the basketball court to the out-of-town developer. Where is the PROMISED BASKETBALL COURT? (5/29)

RESPONSE (6) to “Bay Creek Security” – “Hide behind gates . . . failed McMansion community.” What started off as an informative piece of information has turned into a verbal slugfest of jealously and good old fashion Eastern Shore envy. The original article wasn’t about wealth, it was about the lack of security within Bay Creek. For the record, most of the residents who live in Bay Creek are retired professionals like school teachers, doctors, military, business people, law enforcement, engineers, etc. These people have earned the right to be where they’re at today through hard work and education. Times are tough but these people have prevailed. Whatever they have they deserve it. Once again, the original issue is/was the lack of security within Bay Creek, not that writer’s Bay Creek envy. Actually, the writer should be grateful that these people have selected this area to live and spend their money. Want to get mad in some way useful? Complain about the water bills and the double taxes on our cars or the outrageous CBBT tolls. Get mad at something that makes sense — not because other people worked hard to retire here. This rant is another classic example why Cape Charles will never move forward on the shore. (5/28)

QUESTION – Was the BLUE ROOF on Bay approved by the Historic District Review Board? (5/28/2014)

RESPONSE (5) to “Bay Creek Security” – Go ahead — lock the gates. There is no way that the golf courses and The Coach House will survive without the money that flows through those gates from non-residents. You can all hide behind the gates from the common element in your unfinished, unkept, failed McMansion community. Prohibit rentals of homes where speculators are trying to recover from being underwater in their investment properties. Bring on the foreclosures. Sooner or later the common element from the other side of the gates might be able to buy them at auction on the courthouse steps. Won’t you be my neighbor? (5/27/2014)

RESPONSE (4) to Response to “Bayshore Eyesore” – He did not blame ALL come-heres, not at all. He spoke specifically to the person who made the comment. And no, I did not blame it on a person from Jersey. I made a reference to the generally accepted principle of Jersians being rude. And I get to say that because I am from NJ! Now how about this instead: Everyone have a great weekend, and remember the reason for the holiday — to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our great country. God Bless America, and all its servicemen. Eat some crab for me! (5/24/2014)

RESPONSE (3) to Response to “Bayshore Eyesore” – “He has no rancor nor animosity towards come-heres at all.” Really? Then why did he automatically assume that the comment came from a “come-here”? In addition, I couldn’t agree more, the “pack your bags and leave” comment was a “rude, snotty thing to say.” Now you are placing the blame on someone from New Jersey? I still stand by my opinion that it was written by a local and that most of the disparaging comments are not coming from “come-heres,” as witnessed by the latest derogatory tag “Creekers.” And so the cycle continues. (5/23/2014)

RESPONSE (4) to “Bay Creek Security” – The only way to make Bay Creek safe would be to close the Coach House restaurant to outsiders. As far as the rental properties go — stop renting them. The only people that are allowed into most gaited communities are the people that live there and their visitors. (5/23/2014)

RESPONSE to “Park Bathroom Needs Work” – If the Park bathroom needs work, call the Town Office at (757) 331-3259 and tell whoever answers the phone. I’m pretty sure they won’t ask your name, so you can remain anonymous. Posting your complaint in the Wave may make you feel better but isn’t the most efficient way to get the situation corrected.  (5/23/2014)

RESPONSE (2) to Response to “Bayshore Eyesore” – First and foremost, let me say that I am a “come-here” and will gladly defend Bayshore Concrete. Economic engine of the area. Provides jobs and tax revenue. Got no problem with them at all. Now, on to the person castigating the 17 year old. You do not know that of which you speak. As stated I am a come here, and that young man takes care of the lawn at my CC property. He has no rancor nor animosity towards come-heres at all. Quite the opposite, really. At 17 he is intelligent enough to understand the concept of “highest and best use” and knows that CC’s future is best served by logically, rationally (i.e. not GIVING away town-owned property while contemplating the purchase of vacant lots outside of downtown) encouraging vacationers and 2nd homeowners to the area. Last comment: I don’t care if the author of “Pack your bags and leave” is a direct descendant of Charles himself. It was a rude, snotty thing to say. Lot more Jersey in that comment than “Southern Hospitality.” (5/22/2014)

CRABBY BLUES FESTIVAL – Wow! The Crabby Blues Festival was fantastic! Traveling over 3 hours to get there I was worried about the availability of crabs and weather. But the Lord was smiling on Cape Charles and her citizens. This is truly a blessed place — the people, the music and the food (the crab cakes were awesome and I enjoyed 2 dozen crabs with friends). I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed myself so much. This is a great little town. Cape Charles and her friendly citizens should all be very proud of a job well done! Also many thanks to Cape Charles Christian School. (5/22/2014)

RESPONSE (3) to “Bay Creek Security” – There’s probably a lot more criminal activity going on in Cape Charles than people want to admit. Read the newspaper sometime to verify that fact. Fortunately the Cape Charles Wave also brings additional facts to readers via their own reader “fans” who report on information that might not otherwise make the press. Unfortunately we still have the blissfully challenged here who believe that we all reside in San Diego East. Whoever wrote “you creekers” continues to demonstrate the ignorance that prevails here, not realizing that Cape Charles is Bay Creek and vice versa. Fix what solution? The water bills? The issues with security have nothing to do with the town but are internal to Happy Land (Bay Creek). If you don’t understand what’s being reported and printed just raise your hand and someone will get to you.  (5/22/2014)

RESPONSE (2) to “Bay Creek Security” – Serious question: Is crime in Cape Charles bad enough to necessitate living in a gated community? (5/20/2014)

RESPONSE to “Bay Creek Security” – You “Creekers” continue to complain but you will not do anything about the problems in Bay Creek . There are people working to fix the problems in the Town of Cape Charles, but Creekers have no desire to find a solution except to complain. 5/20/2014)

BAY CREEK SECURITY – What’s happening now at Bay Creek? I was told that one of the “gate guards” (they are no longer allowed to call themselves security) quit the other day. Apparently there was yet another incident within Bay Creek and the management decided that they needed the gate guards to sign a document essentially making them responsible for “security.” This is all great, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if they fixed the security cameras first? Oh, and by the way, how about planning for the onslaught of visitors this summer who will no doubt continue speeding through the area and ignoring the stop signs, arrive drunk and disorderly at their rental houses, light fires on the beach, and toss garbage all over the median. I guess we can no longer call “security,” since they’re gate guards now. Anyone want to buy a house? I’m thinking it’s safer to live in town now. (5/20/2014)

PARK BATHROOM NEEDS WORK – This past weekend I had the pleasure of using the new ladies bathroom at the park. The handicapped bathroom door won’t stay shut unless you happen to have a friend with you to hold the door shut, and the second bathroom door doesn’t line up properly and won’t lock at all. I would also like to know why there are no railings going up that curvy sidewalk leading to the building. What about the American Disabilities Act?  (5/20/2014)

RESPONSE TO Response to “Bayshore Eyesore” – To the 17 year old young man who wrote “I am a teenage boy and have lived here all of my life (which is probably longer than she has lived here).”: Do you not realize that whoever wrote “pack your bags and leave” most likely was born here and probably lived here longer than YOU? I seriously doubt a “come-here” would be defending Bay Shore and tell people to leave if they don’t like the concrete plant. They have no affinity or history with Bay Shore. In addition, the majority of the “rude and disrespectful” comments I see in the Wave come from locals, not “come-heres.” It’s a shame that your mind has been poisoned into automatically assuming everything is always the fault of “come-heres.” So before you direct your outrage at someone you perceive as a “come-here,” perhaps you should reread the comment. I can just about guarantee it wasn’t written by a “come-here” — it came from one of your own. (5/17/2014)

RESPONSE (2) to “Crabby Blues Festival” – How about a little cheese and crackers to go with that whine? The school leases the entire park for the day. Maybe you could go on over to Bay Creek and use their Beach Club. I am sure they will welcome you with open arms. (5/17/2014)

RESPONSE to “Crabby Blues Festival” – I’m not associated with this event but I know a lot of the people who have worked hard to make this a worthwhile afternoon. Unless you’re actually living in the park there shouldn’t be a big deal with this arrangement. I’m really starting to get tired of all these constant whiners in the town. Can’t any of you find something good to say about an event that is so positive in nature? Want to complain about something? Talk about our high water bills, lack of medical care in the county, the exorbitant bridge tolls, etc. (5/17/2014)

CRABBY BLUES FESTIVAL – As the Crabby Blues festival gets ready for another year, I am troubled by two repeated violations of town rules regarding festivals/events in the park. Rule #2 states that “The park cannot be closed to the public for any event” and #17 states “No fencing will be permitted.” By fencing off the park grounds and refusing admittance to taxpaying citizens or tourists unless they pay the entrance fee, the festival organizers, in this case a private religious school, are creating conditions that are exclusive and not inclusive. I would love to see an open, welcoming festival, free to all, with the clear understanding that any moneys generated are to support the school. Donations, food sales, vendor sales, all can go to supporting the CCCS, but excluding town citizens from using their own park, and most off-putting, the orange fencing and “gate” system, send the wrong message. Lose the fence and admittance fees and gain a whole lot more foot traffic and goodwill, and probably revenue. (5/16/2014)

RESPONSE TO Response to “Bayshore Eyesore” – Pack our bags and take a hike? Who is this person who thinks she has the authority to say such a thing? I’m not even an adult and I know I wouldn’t say anything like this at my age, and I hope I would never. Actually I’m one of the small population of young kids in this town. I am a teenage boy and have lived here all of my life. (which is probably longer than she has lived here). I think this person needs to stop and think about who she is telling to pack their bags and take a hike. I don’t know about anyone else but that sounds very rude and disrespectful. I really hope there has been a misunderstanding. This is my home town — I love it and I will be here forever. (5/16/2014)

ELECTION – Such a waste of talent to choose money over power — in this town, a mistake nearly everyone makes. Money is the McMansion in Sarasota that starts falling apart after 10 years. Power is the old stone building that stands for centuries. I cannot respect someone who doesn’t see the difference. Good luck Cape Charles! (5/1/2014)

HONESTY THE BEST POLICY – As a litmus test to see whether the pledges for open and honest local government will indeed be honored or were just election year rhetoric, we must look to the future and the leadership of Mayor-Elect George Proto. Certainly George Proto will answer honestly questions as simple as which direction the front doors on the old school face, and whether or not half the council has been working with a developer without the knowledge of the other three members. It is my hope that Mayor-Elect Proto will answer those and the many other questions he will inevitably face over his four year term as mayor of Cape Charles with the honesty that has been absent so often at our council meetings while false allegiance was paid to the illegal apartment building and its current owners at 23 Park Row. Mayor-Elect Proto should simply and honestly answer “south,” and thus shine the light of honest integrity on our local government dealings where Councilwoman Natali and Councilman Bannon so often have failed, instead favoring an illegal parking lot in our historic district. Mayor-Elect Proto should not tolerate or submit to “Don’t answer that!” — for a new day has dawned in Ol’ Cape Charlie, an era of “honesty is the best policy.” There may even be time left for Mayor Sullivan to see that light as well. It is never too late. (5/8/2014)

ELECTION TURNOUT – I grew up in Cape Charles and even though I don ‘t agree with the election outcome I am shocked that there were so few people who voted! This was an important election. (5/8/2014)

BASKETBALL COURT – Perhaps this would be a good time for those who want a town basketball court to come together as a Committee of Citizens to raise the funds and build it. (5/7/2014)

TIME TO WORK TOGETHER – The election results are in, we have our new leadership, the people have spoken. Now is the time to start working together for the town. Any complaints now are just to get individual attention. (5/7/2014)

RESPONSE to “Negative Never Wins” – You are right! In the second candidate forum meeting, again some of the Town Council members seemed to think it is all about what they want, and NOT what the people’s needs are. Two Council members only talked about how great the town is and only want tourism to help the town businesses. That is fine, BUT – they did not mention, at all, a need for baseball or basketball for the kids and even adults that want to play. Basketball keeps you in shape. The Town Council gave away our only basketball court, even taking down the hoops so the kids could NOT play. The Town officials PROMISED to build a new basketball court, but never did anything. Town officials are NOT listening to the needs of the people. Come out to VOTE FOR NEW CANDIDATES. (5/05/2014)

BAYSHORE BIG-SORE – The noise is the least of the problems with the Skanska concrete plant at the harbor. There is ample medical evidence that cement dust, carried easily by the wind in our direction, causes lung and liver disease. After power washing, the siding of our house was again covered with a thick layer of dust in no time. It would really be in the interest to all of us for Bayshore to build a barrier facing the town — paint a sunset on it. (5/3/2014)

BAYSHORE EAR-SORE – I knew what Bayshore looked like when I moved here, but I didn’t know what it sounded like. In previous years it was only the annoying OSHA-required beeps, but this spring has been crazy: first the pile driving (which reminds me of the old Anacin commercial with the trip hammer ) and today the loudest noises I’ve ever heard from Bayshore. It was such a pretty day that I had my door open, only to discover that I could not even hear my television over the Bayshore construction. Our vice mayor calls the Bayshore noise “the sound of money” — but how much of that money goes to the Town of Cape Charles? No wonder the new owners gave up on restoring the old hotel on Mason — who would want to vacation in an industrial zone? (5/1/2014)


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