SUNDAY 3/23: Bach Organ Recital at Hungars Church

On Sunday, March 23, at 4 p.m., Hungars Episcopal Church in Bridgetown presents Music Director Stefan Dulcie, a favorite musical artist on the Shore, in a concert of organ music composed by Johann Sebastian Bach. Hungars Episcopal Church is at 10107 Bayside Road, south of Franktown and north of Machipongo.

J.S. Bach remains one of the most popular and recognizable classical musicians from the Baroque period (17th century). For aficionados, the artistic beauty of Bach’s music is only matched by its intellectual depth and technical virtuosity; this concert will be a delight for Bach fans and for anyone who appreciates classical music. J.S. Bach composed some of his most memorable works during his later years, while losing his vision. Hungars Music Ministry extends a special welcome to the sight impaired; all organizations and churches are encouraged to bring those in our community who live their lives moved by the “sound of music.” The church is handicap friendly.

Organist Stefan Dulcie is well-known to Shore audiences. He has been Music Director for Hungars Cure Parish for several years and has also participated in countless performances regionally. His gifts will be in particular evidence during this concert, as the music requires both advanced technical skill as well as a love for Baroque compositions.

The concert opens with the Eight Little Preludes and Fugues. The authorship of these pieces has been much debated by scholars. Some think they may have been written by students of Bach instead of Bach himself. They are universally loved and performed frequently, although not heard together often. Dulcie commented that he personally thinks they are from Bach’s first master period. There is also evidence that they may have been composed for the pedal clavichord, an instrument that was used from the 16th until the 18th century as a practice instrument for organists.

The second half opens with the Passacaglia and Thema Fugatum in C Minor. This is definitely one of the greatest of Bach’s organ works. It opens with the theme stated in the pedals, then an extensive set of variations lead to a glorious fugue. “Wachet auf uns die stimme” is a beautiful chorale prelude that is performed often in Advent. It has a horn-like melody overflowing sixteenth notes with the pedal in quarters. The program ends with the great Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, probably the most familiar of all Bach’s works.



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