Northampton Alumni Association Announces Scholarship Applications

Northampton County High School Alumni Association and its affiliated Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, announce the 26th year of awarding scholarships to graduating seniors in Northampton County and other assistance to students residing in the County.  Since 1989, the Association, and later its Foundation, have undertaken the mission of encouraging students to seek post-secondary educational opportunities and to participate in enriching activities during their school years in Northampton.

Awardees have attended and graduated from major institutions in Virginia and elsewhere, some returning to the Eastern Shore to continue in this mission. Other assistance to students includes 4-H camp sponsorship and assistance with the Robotics competition. Its mentoring program, “Active Alumni Assisting Children,” has centered on providing hands-on guidance through middle school and high school for students who volunteer to participate.

The Association and Foundation manage special focus funds which encourage study in careers in public education, health care sciences, and technical careers.   Scholarship applications are available in the Guidance Office at NHS. The deadline for submission of applications for this year is May 1.   If students require assistance in completing the application, they should seek guidance from the counselors at NHS.



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