Oyster Harbor Frozen; Sock Monkey Unperturbed

Submissions to our FROZEN FOTOS this week come from Craig Richardson (top), who with the aid of his quadcopter unmanned aerial vehicle captured an iced-in Oyster harbor. Meanwhile, Ken Dufty reported that “Our sock monkey didn’t have to go to school today. He was so happy, he snuck out into the snow to take a ride on his snow horse. Never underestimate the joy that lives within a sock monkey.” (March 2, 2015)



One Response to “PHOTOS
Oyster Harbor Frozen; Sock Monkey Unperturbed”

  1. Joan Allen on March 2nd, 2015 7:53 pm

    Just when I was sure the snow would never go away, and I never wanted to see it again, there is the great harbor shot and the awesome sock monkey and friend pictures. They made my day! Thank you both!