Here’s the Scoop on ‘brown dog ice cream’

Kids scream for ice cream at Saturday’s grand opening of brown dog.

Cape Charles Wave

June 30, 2012

Record-breaking heat is usually not good for business, but there’s an exception to every rule. If you could choose the weather for the grand opening of your ice cream shop, wouldn’t 96 degrees seem about right?

And so the weather gods smiled on Miriam Elton today, as she finally opened her doors at noon for “brown dog ice cream,” (all lowercase letters, please) on Mason Avenue. The weather couldn’t have been better!

Cape Charles locals have been waiting for months for the shop to open. brown dog didn’t manage to be ready in time for Tall Ships weekend, but it’s made it for the 4th of July. And by the 4th, the staff should have had plenty of experience scooping cones – in fact, by tomorrow they should be pros.

Personal service with a smile!

Grand opening was a “wild success,” with lines of customers “from the dipping cabinet to the door,” reported a staff member. The five regular employees weren’t nearly enough to serve the crowd, and Elton’s friends and family members found themselves pressed into service. One couple stopped in to wish her well, only to find themselves in the kitchen for hours, washing up.

Amid the festivities, the owner was nowhere to be seen. Elton spent the whole day in the kitchen, because only a few hours after opening, the shop was in danger of running out of ice cream, so she literally had to churn out more. [Read more…]


Yet Another Public Hearing on Rezoning Old School

Cape Charles Wave

June 29, 2012

Cape Charles Town Council voted last night to refer the proposed rezoning of the property known as Old Cape Charles School to the Planning Commission, along with the request for a conditional use permit that would allow the school to be converted into an apartment building.

The rezoning and conditional use permits are requirements of the contract with Echelon Resources, Inc., which Town Council approved June 14 for the sale of the old school in the park.

The Planning Commission will consider the rezoning and conditional use permit  July 10. A public hearing will also be scheduled for that date.

This will be the 7th time that the public has been asked to provide comment on the sale, rezoning, and conditional use of the former school building, as follows: [Read more…]

Crisfield Photographer Enamored of Cape Charles

At Watson’s Hardware store you can buy just about anything, or if you prefer,” sit for a spell.”

By Cape Charles Wave Staff

June 29, 2012

Patty Hancock traveled the world as a professional photographer for 25 years, but only now has she discovered Cape Charles. Now resident in Crisfield, Maryland, she recently compiled a photo essay of our town, and has given the Cape Charles Wave permission to republish it.  Here, in the eyes of a first-time visitor, and in her own words, are her impressions of Cape Charles:

I recently discovered Cape Charles, VA, a sleepy little town on the move that takes me back to a time when things were simpler.

The Cape Charles Coffee shop has 2 floors. They make a perfect soy cappuccino.

The town is abuzz with “coming back,” and I certainly liked what I saw. The docks are new, projects are in full swing, and a new restaurant is being built near the docks. Oh, and I love the Cape Charles Coffee House. Every town should have a coffee house like that. Quaint and friendly and alive with creativity.

Little shops offer gems that are sure to entice even the most finicky shopper, the theater beckons those who love the arts, quiet golf carts putz around, in no particular hurry, and people who look like they should be modeling casual clothes in magazines parade the main street on bikes adorned with Nantucket baskets.

If any apartments become available here, someone let me know. I’m interested!

[Read more…]

Group Offers to Pay Town $10,000 for Old School Building

Cape Charles Wave

June 28, 2012

The group known as Old School Cape Charles, LLC, has submitted a proposal to the Town of Cape Charles offering to purchase the former school building adjoining Central Park for $10,000.

The proposal is contained in a letter dated June 26 addressed to Mayor Dora Sullivan. The Cape Charles Wave obtained a copy of the letter today.

On June 14, the Cape Charles Town Council voted to authorize the mayor to enter into a contract with Echelon Resources, Inc., to sell the school property for the nominal price of $10. Echelon Resources would then convert the school into a 17-unit apartment building.

The letter from the attorney representing Old School Cape Charles states that “it is my . . . understanding that no contract has been executed yet.” The Old School Cape Charles proposal “should be far more attractive to the Town Council,” wrote attorney Kevin Martingayle.

In addition to paying the town $10,000, the proposal includes paying all applicable taxes as well as water and utilities.

Old School Cape Charles hopes to convert the school into a community center. Financing would rely on a funding plan including grants, capital campaigns, pledge drives, cultivation events, sales, fees and rental charges, as well as tax incentives and other programs available through the Virginia Department of Historic Resources.

The full letter to Mayor Sullivan from Old School Cape Charles may be read by clicking here: OSCC proposal


Southern Living Rates Cape Charles ‘Best Little Beach Town’

By Cape Charles Wave Staff

June 27, 2012

Southern Living Magazine used this photo of the Town Harbor to showcase its selection of Cape Charles as one of the South’s five “Best Beach Towns.” (Photo by Scott Suchman)

It’s impossible to buy a copy locally of the June edition of Southern Living. That’s because the magazine includes a page on Cape Charles, rated among their “Best Little Beach Towns,” and local newsracks are sold out.

Only five beaches made the list: two from Florida, and one each from Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Cape Charles is described as “full of signature golf courses, clam chowder, and classic harbors.”

It’s also termed “The Comeback Town — This bustling Eastern Shore hub nearly dried up in the 1950s when a ferry terminal headed south to Kiptopeke. But fresh development has revived this charming town with a mix of marinas and golf courses, Victorian homes and oyster shacks,” writes Southern Living.

Under “What to Do,” the magazine recommended the golf courses and marina at Bay Creek, but added that “downtown’s seven square blocks, bordered by dunes and Bay Beach, remain the core.” And “the 1940s Historic Palace Theater keeps things current by bringing various musical acts to town,” the article reported. [Read more…]


LETTER: Thanks to All Who Made Tall Ships A Success

June 14, 2012


On behalf of Eastern Shore Virginia Festivals (ESVAF, Inc.) and Tall Ships At Cape Charles, I want to extend our deep gratitude to our sponsors and the community at large, including all who helped make our June 8 -12 festival such a huge success.

In Cape Charles, the five-day festival brought throngs of visitors (more than 7,000 of them, by a conservative count) to tour the tall ships and go on day sails, while also enjoying the food music, and entertainment, plus all kinds of family-friendly activities and  43 terrific vendors selling crafts and wares of all kinds. In a boost to the local economy, cash registers were ringing all over town as visitors patronized shops, filled B&Bs and the new Cape Charles hotel, and packed restaurants.  We thank our local merchants and business community for their support and great efforts in preparing to welcome all these visitors – the town never looked better!

The way in which both towns and the larger Northampton County community came together in support of such a huge and challenging initiative was truly inspirational to me personally as well as to the members of the Tall Ships At Cape Charles Steering Committee— more than 30 people from throughout the County, who worked and planned for nine months to bring this amazing event to fruition.  Other towns participated through their volunteers and sponsors, making Tall Ships At Cape Charles truly a County-wide festival.  We are grateful to our state tourism representative, Lynne Lochen, whose expert advice and guidance kept us on track, and to Jonny Stevenson and her team in Eastville for their enthusiasm and hard work planning their own Star Spangled Day.

With such a magnificent effort, it is challenging, indeed, to try to thank everyone, and not leave anyone out; in addition to all listed here, Eastville organizers are preparing their own, special thank-you letter to those who made their Star Spangled Day such a success. [Read more…]

WEDNESDAY 6/20 Nature Walk in the Park

Every Wednesday:  Fun Days in the Park: All events meet at the Gazebo in Central park and last approximately 2 hours. All events require registration and a fee of$3 per child.

June 20 at 9 a.m. – Nature Walk

June 27 at 9 a.m. – Field Day

July 11 at 9 a.m. – Tie Dye

August 8 at 9 a.m. – Flowers



FRIDAY 6/22: Courageous Movie at Cape Charles Baptist Church

Cape Charles Baptist Church will offer a free viewing of the movie “Courageous,” on Friday, June 22 at 7 p.m. Click on “Read More” to access the preview link: [Read more…]