First Boardwalk Gazebo Party Finally Gets a Break

G.Z. Slick Band played the old favorites backed up by a sunset afterglow. (Wave photos)

July 29, 2012

Heat lightning flashed across the Bay, but the third try was the charm for the Northampton Chamber of Commerce’s “Applaud the Sun” Boardwalk Gazebo Party last night. Due to rain, the party was cancelled two Saturdays ago and again last Saturday.

G.Z. Slick played the music and Ol’ Sol provided the lighting effects, all to a backdrop of several classic cars from the ’60s.

This was the Chamber’s first Boardwalk Gazebo party, replacing last year’s Harbor parties.  Which location do you prefer? Comments invited.

Mark Demarino of Cheriton showed off his just-restored 1968 Plymouth Barracuda with a 340 V-8, two 4-barrel carbs, and a nitrous oxide tank in the trunk. He was not late to the party!

TUESDAY 7/31: Town Council Special Meeting on Rezoning School Property

Town Council will hold a special meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 31, at Town Hall to review the recommendations of the Planning Commission for the rezoning and conditional use permit for the school property adjoining Central Park.

Town staff has recommended that the Council consider holding a final public hearing on the issue on Thursday, August 23, at 6 p.m. The only action that would be taken by Council July 31 would be to schedule the public hearing.

The 21-page agenda packet, including staff background papers and recommendations, may be read by clicking here: Town Council Special Meeting Packet July 31