SHORE THING: Just Another Walk on the Beach

(Wave photo)

Cape Charles Wave

September 7, 2012

We walk on the beach most every day — after all, that’s why we came here. Rarely, however, do I carry my camera. I don’t even wear shoes — why would I want to be bogged down with a camera?

But the other evening at low tide seemed a great opportunity to snap a picture of the WADS.

What? You know — WADS — Wave Attenuating Devices.

Whoever came up with that acronym had to have served in the military.

On the way to ┬áthe WADS, we passed a human interest story playing out — a dog riding a boogie board.

Human interest? Or dog interest?

The doggie’s expression says worlds: “I hope you realize I’m not doing this for myself — it’s all just to please you. I will do anything for you, because you feed me.” [Read more…]

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