LETTER: Appointed School Board NOT Better Than Elected


Arguments have been presented as to the reasons why an appointed school board is superior to an elected one. We wish to rebut those arguments and to ask the voters to consider these facts:

Over 250 years ago the king of England and his advisers determined that they could better “vet” and determine which candidates would best govern the colonies in America. That process worked about as well then as the present system works today in Northampton County.

The argument is made that the same politicians who are responsible for the $38 million county debt for new courthouses, offices for the bureaucrats, and everything else as well the closing of our middle school are better able to “vet” and choose the most “qualified” candidates.

To advocate the selection of the school board by five members of our community as opposed to an open election decided by 1,700 voters demonstrates the same arrogance shown by the king of England.

If that logic is applied to the Board of Supervisors, then perhaps the “most qualified candidates” should be vetted by the General Assembly and the Supervisors should also be appointed. [Read more…]

SATURDAY 11/3: Haunted Harbor & Trunk or Treating

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SATURDAY 11/3: Bazaar, Auction, Lunch, Bake Sale at Methodist Church

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New Sand Trap for Bay Creek Golfers

Hurricane Sandy washed out the bank on Bay Creek’s Jack Nicholas course holes 4 and 5, bringing golf cart traffic to a standstill. The orange pipe is part of the remains of the underground sprinkler system. Like Icarus, who flew too close to the sun and melted his wings, the Golden Bear appears to have designed his course too close to the relentless Bay. A roving photographer sent the picture to the Wave.

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SATURDAY 11/10: Nashville Nite at ESO LIVE

The Eastern Shore’s an amazing place. Exmore sign painter by day and for five decades by night he played with THE country greats! [Read more…]