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APRIL 2014

EMERGENCY CARE DOCUMENTS – Please print these two documents in the Wave so everyone has the Emergency Medical Services issues for Cape Charles before the Wednesday meeting with Granville Hogg. Thanks! (CLICK for ad-hoc Emergency Care Committee report to Board 2-6-14; CLICK for Ad-Hoc Emergency Medical Committee Charge 4-8-14) (4/23/2014)

GAZETTE OMITS MITCHELL – How could the town omit Lenora Mitchell-Fields’ name in the town’s official publication, Cape Charles Gazette, of April 14 headlined “2014 Is an Election Year?’’  Didn’t the Mayor say the Gazette is always correct?  Cape Charles Wave is on top on every story and caught the error.  The town municipal building has two bulletin boards, one inside by the door, and one outside on the wall of the building that have the election ballots posted with L. “Lynn’’ Mitchell-Fields as a candidate for council.  The town officials should have read the election ballot.  Do the town officials really not know all the candidates running for council?  The election ballot clearly lists all six candidates, not five candidates, running for council.  How can anyone miss all the Mitchell-Fields campaign signs coming into town and her Mitchell signs everywhere in town?  May 6 is the most important election for Town Council seats.  Get out and vote for all the new candidates running for town elections.  CHANGE IS ALWAYS GOOD.  This is my town! (4/15/2014)

GAZETTE OMITS MITCHELL (2) – I subscribe to both the Wave and the Gazette. Yesterday afternoon, the latest Gazette was emailed to subscribers; it had unfortunately omitted Lenora Mitchell from the list of Town Council candidates. Less then three hours later this regrettable error had been rectified with the emailing of a corrected version. Well, after I had received the corrected version I received a “Special Edition” of the Wave pouncing on the omission and using it as an excuse to publish an unabashed “campaign ad” for Ms. Mitchell, masquerading as a news story. If anyone had any doubt regarding whom the Wave strongly supports in this election, such doubt should be erased. (4/15/2014)

 The Gazette was not corrected until AFTER the Wave published the story about the omission. CLICK to read today’s editorial on this subject. –EDITOR

RESPONSE to “Happy Easter” – I couldn’t agree more! If the town government promotes non-holidays such as Mother’s Day, Easter, or Halloween, I may have to run to the courthouse and file me a lawsuit! How dare anyone try to spread happiness, joy, and promote any day that may be a cause to gather with your family or fellow townsfolk. I better not see Happy Hanukkah on their website! (4/15/2014)

“HAPPY EASTER” — Since my tax dollars go to produce the Cape Charles Gazette, I would like the town to know that I don’t need its wishes for a “Happy Easter,” complete with bouquet of flowers (CLICK). Unlike Christmas, Easter is not a public holiday, so why should the town be involved in spreading the Easter message — especially a watered-down version. Flowers are a symbol of spring, just as bunnies, Easter eggs, etc. are remnants of the pagan rites of spring. Let members of the public celebrate, or not celebrate, Easter in their own way, and let the Municipal Corporation of Cape Charles confine its energies to collecting taxes, issuing water bills, and the like. (4/15/2014)

BACK ROOM DEALS – Is there an agency in the Commonwealth that would come in and take a look at all these deals that the town has been making? If the Town Council is violating state codes and regulations, I would really like to know who to call. (4/13/2014)

BAY CREEK SECURITY – I found it interesting that the Galloway Corporation is offering a $5,000 reward for whoever took their property at Bay Creek. In the past, Bay Creek has had some incidents of vandalism, theft, and an alleged assault within our community — yet nothing was apparently pursued until now? As a Bay Creek resident, I think it’s a nice community, but selling it as a “gated” and “guarded community” is a real stretch of the imagination. If they really want to stop stuff like this they need to hire more patrolling security people. (4/7/2014)

LIGHTHOUSE REWARD — Galloway Corporation is offering a $ 5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the removal of the Fourth-Order Lens and the Life Boat from the Old Plantation Flats replica lighthouse in the Bayside Village section of Bay Creek. How big is a Fourth-Order Lens? And isn’t that lifeboat pretty big ? (4/7/2014)

WASTEFUL SPENDING — I find the town officials and the Town Council members who voted for the land sale to be very irresponsible in deciding to buy the 7 lots for $100,000 without even hiring a real estate broker to do a sales evaluation on the property, to negotiate a lower price, or to make NO OFFER at all (which would have been the right thing to do). It sounds like because Dickie Foster is a friend of the town officials and maybe the Town Council also, they bought his 7 lots because he needed the money. Dickie Foster went bankrupt on Aqua and Bay Creek Marina. The town says they have no plans for the lots, so why did the town buy them? The Town Council had a closed meeting on this land sale, and rather than seeking the citizens’ opinions, the Town Council quickly voted this through. They are wasting our hard-earned tax money. Town officials don’t know how to say NO! Lock up the town vault and throw away the keys. Stop the unnecessary spending! The May elections are coming soon. VOTE OUT the current Town Council and VOTE FOR ALL NEW candidates running for Town Council. (4/4/2014)

PARKING PROBLEMS COME HOME TO ROOST – Did Thursday’s special Town Council meeting receive an unreasonable ultimatum from a developer — or just some shrewd negotiating and good advice from a seasoned professional builder? “[Patrick] Hand warned Council that if the town does not purchase a portion of the property for parking from him now, it might not be available later,” reported the Wave. So when the town tries to negotiate a better price on behalf of its taxpayers for public off-street parking in the commercial district, Mr. Hand says “NO.” But when Mr. Hand wants concessions from the town, including a deferral of utility connection fees, reduced setbacks, and, believe it or not, a variance to the off-street parking requirement, the Town Council says “OK.” Where is our Business Association and Planning Commission on this vital issue? Our Planning Department is surveying the pros and cons of raising chickens in Cape Charles. How about a survey on commercial parking needs over the next 5-10 years? Better get our eggheads cracking on this issue before we all look like a bunch of birdbrains when the tourists drive into town with pockets full of money, nowhere to park, and feathers begin to fly.  (4/1/2014)

MARCH 2014

TAX AND WASTE — Tax and WASTE Government Is NOT the Solution: A year ago, Timothy Krawczel wrote a commentary (CLICK) in the Wave about the right thing to do when home values are tanking and there aren’t enough jobs to go around. Town Council stop spending like there’s no tomorrow and cut our taxes and water bill! (3/27/2014)

VOTE FOR CHANGE — “Politicians and diapers should be changed often, and for the same reason.” –Mark Twain (3/27/2014)

ELECTIONS — “When people get mad, they vote.” (3/25/2014)

CANDIDATE STATEMENTS – As a fairly new resident of Cape Charles, I don’t know if during town elections there are regularly scheduled forums, with all candidates invited to give their statements and vision for the town, or not. If that does not happen, would it be possible for the Wave to actively solicit statements from all the candidates for office in the upcoming town elections expressing their vision and opinion on matters of importance to our town? While I differ with Ms. Bender on numerous issues, I think her statement to Town Council at least expresses where she stands and serves as a record of what she will strive to accomplish. I for one want to know what these people think — not what I hear around town that they think or a second-hand opinion from someone who talked with them in town. Anyone who desires to hold public office should be willing to at least make a short statement of what they want to accomplish if elected, and more importantly how they would propose to pay for it. Hopefully their statement will speak to a vision of what we need to do going forward, not another recitation of how the town gave away the old school for ten dollars or how Dick Foster did or did not help Cape Charles. We need a plan to move forward and show some progress, not wallow in the past mistakes. Anyone can harp on what the other guy did — I want to know what they will do moving forward. Please don’t tell me how the Wave is always willing to publish opinion and editorial, I already know that. I am asking you to actively promote this in a fair and balanced way. If people don’t respond then that speaks volumes also.

Well said. The Wave is soliciting candidate statements and will print them next month closer to the May 6 elections. Both candidates for mayor have already agreed to submit a statement entitled “Why I’m Running for Mayor.” We hope that all six candidates for Town Council will likewise write on “Why I’m Running for Town Council.” And yes, there will be a candidate forum as well, which we understand is being organized this year by CBES (Citizens for a Better Eastern Shore) –EDITOR (3/24/2014)

TAXES — Who are these people who believe in being taxed to oblivion, and where are they from? Seriously, the Town of Cape Charles is not anywhere near New York, New Jersey, or anywhere else up north for that matter. The economies are not the same. Where are we headed? (3/23/2014)

A FORECLOSED CONCLUSION — Reassuring to hear that a local real estate tycoon and financial advisor to the Bay Creek Fortune 500 has endorsed the Town Council’s land acquisition investment strategy and has given the town a clean bill of financial health — despite the fact that the town is $11.79 million in debt and can’t or won’t stop spending.  The former Cape Charles councilman rendered his promising prognosis as a foreclosed conclusion at Thursday night’s council meeting, thus clearing the way for the town agreeing to purchase 7 lots from Dickie Foster for $100,000 just in time before the asking price went down. Anxious citizens and taxpayers relieved themselves as they witnessed the Municipal Corporation of Cape Charles’ return to its signature BUY HIGH SELL LOW strategy. (3/22/2014)

RESPONSE TO “Response to Proto Endorses Higher Lodging Tax” – The mayor runs the town with her people: husband, town manager, Mary Harris (for those of you who remember those days when we brought down a good town manager with management experience and a Master’s in administration). Déjà vu with George Proto and his car in front of her place of business. If we vote for Proto, Natali, and Bannon, then we deserve to be taxed out of town. (3/21/2014)

SOAK THE RICH — Instead of increasing the taxes on small business owners, why doesn’t the town place a high transient tax on the mega -yacht owners who will be using the Baldwins’ South Port repair facility? They surely can afford this more than our local merchants. (3/20/2014)

RESPONSE TO “Response to Proto Endorses Higher Lodging Tax” — You say “it would be helpful to know more about George Proto.” I can tell you that for at least two months before the announcement that he was running for mayor, his vehicle was seen at Mayor Sullivan’s place of business a lot! I would say he is “HER” candidate. (3/19/2014)

RESPONSE TO “Proto Endorses Higher Lodging Tax” (in GOSSIP) — It would be helpful to know more about George Proto, the mayoral candidate, and not just have his statement. Non-Wave gossip suggests that we would have with him the same kind of “leadership” we have had until now. His endorsement of a higher lodging tax certainly suggests a disconnect with what might be his constituency. In contrast, while some of us may not be huge fans of Frank Wendell, we can all agree that he has always taken his constituents’ side and has been the lone voice of reason in our wasteful and misguided “leadership.” (3/19/2014)

RESPONSE TO “News Flash” — If the people running this town are so worried about negative publicity, they should stop creating it. (3/19/2014)

“TOWN COUNCIL PLANS 23% INCREASE IN LODGING TAX” – Just when you think the council can’t screw up the tourism business more than they have. (3/19/2014)

“NEWS FLASH” – Town proposes tax increase of $1.50 per night on rental property to generate funds to help attract tourists and hopefully offset the constant barrage of negative publicity and complaining generated by the Wave.” (3/19/2014)

“PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT”:  — The following is a public service announcement in response to the Municipal Corporation of Cape Charles’ view on taxes:

If you want lower taxes, you have to vote for lower taxes. If you want to stop the tax-and-spend Cape Charles Town Council, you have to vote for a change — a lot of change. Because after the Cape Charles taxman gets through buying lots, hiring three or more new employees, buying two or three more new trucks, raising the lodging tax, raising real estate taxes (again), raising water bills (again), raising the garbage fee, all you will have in your pocket is change — a small amount of change. Vote for political change! KA-CHING! (3/18/2014)

RESPONSE TO “Give Zoning Proposals A Chance” – Mr. Creed impresses me that he is very open-minded about the changes in the County and Cape Charles. The problem appears to be how we get things done. We are not collaborative and we do not stand up and voice our opinions, mostly because we hear about the mess after the officials kept it quiet. Thank goodness the Wave came along. Mr. Creed,  while other officials cower from public scrutiny, you dive right in. That’s what makes a good leader. Let’s all be open-minded, keep abreast of the issues, and make good change happen. (3/15/2014)

DON’T WASTE MONEY ON WATER BILLS — Town officials want to replace postcard water bills with full-size paper and window envelopes at a cost of $1,000 postage annually plus increased costs for supplies. I guess that’s just pocket change to these officials. But postcard water bills are fine just the way they are. They stand out from other mail, and you know it is a water bill. If you change to an envelope, it will look like junk mail and I may unintentionally throw it out. Leave the water-bill postcard alone. As the saying goes: “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Why don’t our town officials find ways to cut spending and save our tax dollars instead of thinking up ways to spend more money? We need new Town Council leadership! (3/13/2014)

VOTE FOR NEW COUNCIL MEMBERS (2) — The budget process in this town is a joke — and the joke is on the citizen taxpayers. There is no real analysis on any of the requested increases. The Town Council and town managers are constantly expanding the government without a corresponding increase in business revenue, population growth, or service levels. In fact, looking at the census data, the town is shrinking. So as they take us further into debt and line their pockets with cost of living increases, our taxes and fees for service will increase. Now, they may try to fool us and delay this temporarily by using some of the money they just borrowed to get past the election cycle, but the “chickens will come home to roost,” and we will be left to clean up the mess. Stop the madness — we can vote for change and a return to fiscal responsibility. Looks like there are some good alternatives this time around. (3/12/2014)

TOWN NEEDS WAKEUP CALL — I moved here a little less than a year ago with high hopes of making a home and life in this beautiful little town. But [after reading "Town Requests More Staff, Higher Pay, New Truck"], my decision to move out of here is reaffirmed. This is a joke that the Town staff should need higher wages. For what? During the winter there are hardly enough residents to justify all these town employees. Does it ever bother anyone that there are so many houses up for sale and more going up for sale every week? It’s a huge disappointment that such a wonderful place with so much potential is being held back. This town is in dire need of a wake up call. 3/12/2014)

VOTE FOR NEW COUNCIL MEMBERS — I am disappointed in the current Town Council because they have NO concerns for citizens’ needs. They don’t seem to care that this town is a retirement place to live and to enjoy, and that 99 percent of senior citizens are on fixed incomes. There are NO jobs here — this is a retirement town. This Council raised our taxes and kept on raising our water bill, which was already high. Even working people are complaining about the high cost of living in town and especially the high water bills. I know of several families that have moved out of town to escape from paying the high water bills. There were many public comments made at the Town Council meeting as to why NOT to raise the water bill. But the Council would not listen and voted for the water increase regardless of the citizens’ comments. This Council just doesn’t seem to have any common sense, or they just don’t care. The May town elections are coming up soon. We MUST NOT forget how this Council put the town in big debt. And now will there be another tax increase because this Council voted to approve borrowing more money just a few weeks ago? (3/11/2014)

RESPONSE TO Exit Stage Right, etc. – I couldn’t agree more that there is room for improvement — probably the reason we are both so passionate as we write about these things. I find it inspiring that our exchange has actually revealed we are on the same page, after the same goals of bringing quality art to our town (moving away from kitch commercialized art presentation). We should brainstorm about ideas for the future of arts in Cape Charles! (3/12/2014)

TOWN ELECTION CANDIDATES — It would be nice if someone really disclosed the qualifications of the candidates. What have they done to merit re-election? Do they have good financial management capabilities? What is their vision for the future of Cape Charles? How can they make GOOD change happen? Do they have economic development expertise? Do they listen to their constituents or dictate to them? Maybe each candidate could write up and submit their qualifications in the Wave until election.

The Wave will publish candidates’ statement and photos as they are provided. Each candidate will have the opportunity to explain “Why I’m running for Town Council (or for Mayor). –EDITOR  3/9/2014

RESPONSE TO  Comment on “Zoning Proposals” — In the interest of full disclosure, “Zoning Proposals” commenter Michael Ward should be identified as a member of the Northampton County Planning Commission who is married to “top-performing” Coldwell Banker real estate agent Phyllis Ward. (CLICK to read comment.) (3/7/2014)

RESPONSE TO “Response, etc., to Exit Stage Right” – Fair enough, a harbor for the arts is an admirable goal. However, the site is dominated by fluff and lodging, rather than artists and their work – specifically, a couple of links or so have something to do with art and a multitude of others don’t. Feature artists with portfolios and personal websites, and, to be credible, accept that Stage Door/Arts Enter and another gallery do not represent the only art games in town. If they did, then that harbor is barely a dock for the arts. Endorse the artist community and present the talent all around us in Cape Charles. Portray plein air artists painting the sunset with the sunset in the background or an artist’s framed photograph of the sunset, with due credits, to signal art and artistic interpretation rather than upload pretty pictures. Focus on art and artists and don’t have a chamber-of-commerce-like website. Then the art claim would no longer sound gimmicky. (3/7/2014)

RESPONSE TO “Response to Exit Stage Right” — Agreed. Competition and conflict in and of themselves are definitely not petty — you misunderstood the implication of the comment. Competition and conflict can be healthy components of a thriving community, full of complex relationships, dynamics, and independent thinkers. Competition and conflict can also be damaging when the motivation is petty, slanderous, resistive (instead of cooperative), and close-minded. The website you mention as “gimmicky” was a collaboration between the town, the art center, and other local organizations, and needs the community to keep it alive and relevant. So, if you don’t like it, reach out and take a proactive gesture to be the change you want to see. Perhaps you missed out last summer when Harbor for the Arts “arrived” in Cape Charles — in the form of many events, activities, international artists, and performances — it is very much already built and growing. Cape Charles as a Harbor for the Arts is more than art galleries — it’s a comprehensive plan that involves many key players and art forms. But without cooperation, collaboration, and a concerted effort to support and grow together, no one will be able to take advantage of the incredible opportunity it presents for ALL the artists, organizations, and businesses in Cape Charles. (3/6/2014)

PIRATES ON OUR DOORSTEP — The Town of Cape Charles has two major sites that we can not afford to lose, give away, rent low, barter, or sell. That’s the Harbor and the beach. Anything that we do or spend in these areas should be scrutinized to the highest degree by the town’s leadership and citizens. This is where capable and competent town leadership comes into play. Thanks to Harbormaster Smitty Dize we have a world-class working harbor which is something that hasn’t escaped the “pirates” and entrepreneurs out there. The fact is that someday the State of Virginia will no doubt construct these wind turbines off the coast, and they’re going to need a deep harbor for supply boats, movement of equipment and personnel, etc. Since Annapolis is too far away, the obvious choice is the Cape Charles Harbor. This could explain why people were/are so interested in our Harbor and why there was such a rush a few years ago to build a hotel on the old ferry landing site (I still laugh at the idea of building an underground garage there!). I also recall one former councilman floating the idea that this same hotel group was willing to “take over” the pier. Yep, taking over the Cape Charles Pier would be a big help — to who again? (3/6/2014

TOWN NEEDS A NEW BEGINNING — (Shortened version –ED.) As we all know, the financial condition of our town is in bad shape. After many years of missing leadership and mismanagement, we are in debt, and there seems to be nobody knowing how much debt was accumulated. On a positive note, we will have a change in leadership in May. My hope is that we will have a business-oriented person becoming the mayor. (I am sure he or she will not have to be told what questions to answer and which questions not to answer. I am also sure he or she will be capable of identifying the front of an historic building without the involvement of consultants.) Let us have a new beginning in our town. The most important task should be to get our town on a solid financial footing again. In order to do this we have to establish a financial baseline. We need:
– More financial transparency;
– Audited financial statements available to all taxpayers;
– Verifiable information on the dominant expenditures including personnel expenditures.
How many people do we have on staff? What are their duties? What is their compensation, including pension obligations, and other expenditures including perks? What other short-term and long-term obligations does the town have? Stop backroom dealings and unauthorized actions, like gifting away town assets, without the approval of the taxpayers. Start having open meetings to discuss the results of above findings. Stop applying time limits on remarks made by common-sense citizens. Identify duplication of efforts between the County of Northampton and Cape Charles (e.g. zoning and planning, code enforcement, etc.). Identify areas where money can be saved and taxes and fees can be reduced. This should be the beginning of a new era, and the start of a series of overdue actions to become a town we all can be proud of, and to be an attractive community to establish a home. (3/6/2014)

LITTLE HOUSE ON THE HARBOR – So the grant for the Cape Charles Yacht Center isn’t coming out of tax dollars? Then how is it being assured if the yacht center/South Port can’t come up with the monies? Better yet, if South Port has the required 25 percent, why can’t they get the rest of the monies if this is such a “hot” and sought-after project? This is a classic example of using other people’s monies (ours) for private projects. How many hundreds or dozens of local people will this project employ? By my calculations this deal has been in the works for over 7 years now and all I see is the “Little House on the Harbor.” (3/6/2014)

BRIDGE-TUNNEL TOLLS — I am glad everyone likes how the high tolls on the CCBT make Cape Charles so “quiet” and “how nice” the police and toll keepers are. When the second span gets built and the hospital moves to Onley a lot more people will be passing by and/or leaving good old Cape Charles for Norfolk or Virginia Beach. And the people in Cape Charles will continue to get no breaks for just a visit to the doctor or to buy something that is NOT AVAILABLE in Cape Charles. No wonder Northampton County is so poor. Only the well-to-do survive here. Nice if you have a job that pays well, but not everyone can fork out the bucks to go across every day. So, most people do without or stock up. But we are used to that, aren’t we? After all, it is just like another TAX to live here. We have got it sooo good. (3/5/2014)

COMMENT ON “Snowboarding the Hump” (Video) – Joey, that was pretty good! (Not Anonymous — from Daniel Opstelten) (3/5/2014)

RESPONSE TO “Response to Exit Stage Right” — Competition is not petty and conflict is not counterproductive. They are part of doing business and businesses have to stay on top of them. Talented artists and great salespeople make a successful gallery, and, without both, you have — niente. And am I the only one who thinks that the new website, boasting a harbor for the arts, is gimmicky, and that we should build it, welcome more galleries, and then advertise it, rather than advertise something that has yet to be there? Three events, one of them a Coach House dinner, and two galleries are a long way from being anything for the arts. (3/4/2014)

RESPONSE TO “Vet Could Have, Should Have, etc.” – Did you contact the vet in question to ask WHY they chose the location near Food Lion? Or was this response based only on your perceptions (and agenda) rather than the facts? (3/4/2014)

RESPONSE TO “Exit Stage Right” — Let’s break the small town, small mind stereotype! We are doing a disservice to ourselves by allowing petty conflict and competition to be unhealthy and counterproductive! Comments from “Exit Stage Right” touch upon Ellen’s gift as a saleswoman and spokesperson for the gallery but fail to acknowledge the fact that the Stage Door Gallery and Ellen’s role would not exist without the collaboration of others (i.e. the Arts Enter organization). Also, how does “Exit Stage Right” expect someone who was previously NOT in charge of the gallery to know who she was? The true message and plea I am offering here is that UNITED we stand, DIVIDED we fall. The town of Cape Charles, being small and intimate, has a tendency to fall into small-town gossip and competition, but the reality is that we are trying to build an identity as a “Harbor for the Arts” (see The more galleries, artistic activities, and initiatives we have, the more successful we will ALL be. But if bad-mouthing, hard feelings, and lack of support motivate our drive, we are going to fall off a cliff and no one will thrive. I would love to see more collaboration, support, and open minds as we continue to grow our beautiful town. (3/3/2014)

RESPONSE TO “Start With the Town’s Vehicles” – I audit federal agencies and their performance. I think an audit of the town fleet is a great way to start our “path to transparency” with regard to town spending. All town vehicles should be in a lot at the end of the work week, so residents can see them. Also, even our police vehicles should be shared and others surplussed. If we have more than two vehicles in service, maybe we can contract out to other local towns, if those vehicles are to be used during non-service hours. Let’s generate some revenue for the town based on existing assets. (3/2/2014)

EXIT STAGE RIGHT (See GOSSIP) – I miss Ellen at the Arts Enter Stage Door Gallery. She knows how to sell art and how to sell the Gallery. She stayed out of my space, remembered my name, and left me to choose how to spend my money on local art. I was quite dismayed that she wasn’t there today (Saturday). The ladies were nice, but they crowded me, and treated me as if I were new to the gallery. (3/2/2014)

ENTER STAGE LEFT (See GOSSIP) — Will meddling temperaments be the demise of Cape Charles? Word is that many people write anonymous comments online seven days a week in wake of disagreements they do not wish to resolve yet love to complain about. Look for someone who actually realizes the futility of fueling competition between galleries in Cape Charles. (3/2/2014)

RESPONSE to “Vet on the Highway” (See GOSSIP) — It looks like the town management SHOULD HAVE bent over backward to make it possible for the new veterinarian to open up a new business in Cape Charles. Now it will be out on the highway shopping center. The town COULD HAVE HAD lots of county people who have dogs or cats coming into town for veterinary service. And the town WOULD HAVE HAD more business shopping for an item at the hardware store, eating at one of the restaurants, having a cup of coffee at the Coffee House, or just shopping going from store to store. Now the county people have no need to come into Cape Charles to do other business. The town not only lost tax revenue from the veterinary business, but the town COULD HAVE HAD repeated business from county people. Just think if repeated customers keep coming into the town, the town may grow on them, wishing to rent or buy a house in Cape Charles. The town management has NO vision to grow this town! How do we increase population in this town? How is the town management going to treat the next new business wanting to do business in Cape Charles? SHOULD HAVE HAD, WOULD HAVE HAD, COULD HAVE HAD! (3/2/2014)

RESPONSE TO “Old School Renovation” – The critical difference [between there and here] is that concerned town citizens didn’t wait 20 years for the school to fall apart.  Within two years of the boiler failing, the town had raised $9.8 million and went to work.  Two years later, the renovation was complete. Timeline:  In late 2008 the boiler failed.  By 2010, the renovation started.  In the fall of 2012, the school was reopened. ”They secured 80 percent of the $9.1 million price tag from the state’s Building Excellent Schools Today program. Another 10 percent came from a levy passed by the town’s residents, and the remainder was supplemented by the school’s annual budget, the Department of Local Affairs, and the State Historic Fund.” (3/2/2014)

COOLEST TOWN — The small town of Berlin, Maryland, was named “coolest” small town in the U.S.  Was Cape Charles nominated?  Why not us? (3/2/2014)

RESPONSE TO “Drug Testing” – As an employee of Cape Charles I would welcome a random drug test any time, any place. YOU HOLD THE CUP.  (3/2/2014)


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