Want to give your 2 cents’ worth but don’t feel comfortable using your name?  Send it to [email protected] with the subject “Anonymous.”


RESPONSE to “Addams Family House” — What a great story about a wonderful old home. It’s nice to see something positive happening with the structure. This house had long been owned by a now-former Cape Charles councilman who let it sit there in ruins. As I recall there was a great deal of controversy over the condition of this house, especially since he sat on the Planning Commission. He was well aware of the fines that were being levied on other citizens for not following building codes and having an unsafe building. Three cheers for the town for moving this issue forward and getting it fixed. (1/30)

THE CAPE CHARLES CONTINUUM — Several years ago a former town manager for Cape Charles initiated a personnel and wage study for the town. He was gathering the same information at less than one third the cost the town is paying for a similar study now. What happened to that study? I suspect that it was canned as soon as he departed; after all, the results might have forced the “get along” gang to make a decision. Cape Charles has some pretty intelligent citizens residing here.  We have retired business people, lawyers, doctors, teachers, police officers, engineers, etc. Why doesn’t the town form a volunteer committee of citizens to address the personnel and wage issues? What better people to investigate, correlate, determine, and make a recommendation on the money/taxes that the town is spending than the citizens themselves ? $10,000 on a wage study and $99,000 for cutting grass? Ridiculous. (1/28)

RESPONSE to “Old School Vacation Rentals” (See GOSSIP) — What next, are we going to have tour buses parked in our quiet neighborhoods? It seems they are hell-bent on building parking lots in residential areas and destroying our historic neighborhoods. Since the Old School developer was allowed to put a parking lot in front of the building (which is against the historic guidelines), others have done it as well (example: Heyward Hall at Tazewell and Strawberry St). So I guess it is OK now to build a parking lot in your front yard to park your car or boat. (1/27)

TOWN COUNCIL MEETING (3)  – Not only is the town paying $33,000 a year to the lawn contractor to cut grass, the contract is for 3 years. That is a total of $99,000. That is a lot of money that the town could have saved by having one of their employees cut the town’s grass. Does the town realize that the population in town (which is less than 900 people) are largely senior citizens and that many are on fixed income? When will the town stop foolishly spending our taxpayers’ money? LOWER OUR TAXES! STOP SPENDING! (1/27)

TOWN COUNCIL MEETING (2) — Regarding the $33,000 for cutting grass, I agree 100 percent with the writer [below]. Why is Cape Charles paying a contractor to cut grass? One would think that with all the controversy over the number of employees they have for a 900-resident town they would have addressed this issue. We need a fully manned police department, a fully manned water department, a finance officer and an assistant who also collects bills, a town manager, a  town clerk and MAYBE a part-time assistant clerk for town minutes, a harbor master (ours does an outstanding job) and assistant, with some part-time people during the summer, a public works department that rakes the beach, cuts town grass, picks up garbage (which right now is farmed out too), reads water meters, and occasionally repairs pipes. The rest of the staff is non-essential. My recommendation is to trim the staff and pay a better salary to the people you keep. If Cape Charles taxpayers are paying 22 percent of the total Northampton County taxes, isn’t it time we stopped duplicating their services and forced them to do their job here? (1/26)

TOWN COUNCIL MEETING (1) — Why did the Town Council contract out cutting the town’s grass? The town has over 32 employees, and certainly there is one person who could cut the town’s grass to save money. The town could have saved $33,000. That would have paid an employee’s salary and NOT a contractor. If the acting town manager can’t figure this out, why not ask for citizens’ input on how the town’s grass could be cut to save money? (1/25)

RESPONSE (5) to “Town Water” — Maybe so — the businessman and developer, J. David McCormack, may live check to check like a lot of us. But I’m sure his working check is a lot more than my once a month fixed income check. Remember the town gave him the old school building and property, which had a tax assessment of $920,000. Because of the property value of the old school, he was able to get a very big loan to make 17 one-bedroom apartments. That loan then was able to finance the apartments and also give him administrative costs to pay himself. Plus the town also gave him $41,000 from earthquake insurance money. Again, why do I have to pay for water and he does NOT? What is wrong is wrong! To the town: Do the right thing and send him a water bill. Don’t you think citizens’ opinions are very important, and this is what makes Cape Charles a better place to live? (1/21)

GAS PRICES — With gas prices dipping to such low prices ($1.92 -$2.00 gal.) in Virginia Beach and Norfolk, I was surprised to find gas at $2.19 and up on the Eastern Shore! Can I at least get a kiss first? (1/17)

RESPONSE (4) to “Town Water” — Who is to say how wealthy J. David McCormack is?  Maybe he lives check to check like a lot of us.  Seems that if some of the people making comments on here would spend their time and energy on themselves instead of envying someone else Cape Charles would be a more inviting place to be. (1/17)

QUESTIONS ON BAY SHORE CONCRETE – Someone made a great point; what about Skanska (Bay Shore Concrete)? Northampton County often bragged about it being the number-1 business in the county but it’s Cape Charles that bears the burden of it, and what has it done for the town? How much tax does it pay the town, and has that money gone up, down, or remained the same over the last 10 years? I remember that the former owner of Impact Fitness was taxed “per machine” — is Bay Shore taxed on all of their equipment too or did they duck that tax by claiming the equipment was from another site? And how many people working there actually live in the town? I’d say it’s less than 5%, so we lose that money yet we bear the burden of the plant being here with noise, dust, and traffic. Finally, the town is pretty strict on this “dark sky” rule, yet that place is like a flare at midnight every night. No offense, but hasn’t the town learned from their mistakes at Bay Creek that you just can’t trust these people to do what’s right and financially sound for the town?  If business is getting better for them, what will they offer Cape Charles? (1/16)

RESPONSE (3) to “Town Water” –The water quality in the Town of Cape Charles is nearly comparable to that of third world countries.  Why do we put up with it?  Pathetic! (1/16)

RESPONSE (2) to “Town Water” — Lower the water bills for everybody — they are way too high! The town should have taken the $10,000 wage study and transferred the money to a water study, and then lowered our water bills. A wage study is NOT important. The town employees are already making a good salary. The town, I understand, is still not charging for water at the old school. Being as the town has not yet hired a town manager, the mayor needs to step in to make sure the developer, J. David McCormack, gets a monthly water bill. He is a wealthy man and I am on a fixed income. Why do I have to pay for water and he does not? I am sick and tired of this kind of treatment. (1/16)

LITTLE LEAGUE FIELD — Several years ago I spoke to some town officials regarding the Little League field. Apparently the field became an issue after the town pressed Bay Creek on the water issue and the monies they owed Cape Charles (according to two of these good folks). I wish they would come forward now and make that known publicly if that information is correct. After all, no elected officials have to worry about getting invited to the Bay Creek Christmas Parties any longer.  (1/11)

CAPE CHARLES BILGE (AKA “WATER”) — I just finished reading the letter the town was required to send to the public regarding this water situation. I’m stunned that the Mayor and the Public Works Department haven’t called a public meeting regarding this issue. This is s public safety issue! When did they know about it and what are the details? Is this the same water the town wants to deliver to other communities? Mayor Proto, we need answers now. My suggestion is that you get together with your Public Works Department and come up with a briefing you can present to the public. My next call is to the State EPA. (1/9)

RESPONSE TO “Town Water” — We’re paying a whole lot for something that is barely better than sewage. The winner here is Skanska (Bayshore Concrete), who is paying nothing for their high-quality ground water while polluting our environment. I count here at least two ways in which the Cape Charles tax payers are getting screwed; in fact, “screwed” appears to be a permanent state of being for the taxpayers of Cape Charles.  (1/8)

TOWN WATER — Dated December 22 and postmarked January 5, today we received a letter from the Town of Cape Charles in regard to the water we consume, bathe in, cook with and use for brushing our teeth. I can’t tell you what a comfort it is to receive a letter informing me that the Town is working hard to reduce a possible health hazard — its drinking water. Of course, the letter leaves out any information as to the levels of THM or the levels permitted by the VDEQ and the EPA. Also omitted is the length of time the levels were in violation, when it occurred, or how many times it has occurred. The letter gives an analogy of how much water over a “70 year span” one must consume before they experience side effects — however, it does not list the source of this “fact.” I could find no reference to this criteria as described on the DEQ or EPA web site. There are four contaminants that make up the THM level — chloroform, bromodichloromethane, dibromochloromethane, and bromoform, yet the levels of each are also omitted. C’mon Cape Charles, quit pretending you’re meeting your obligations by sending a letter informing me it would take 70 years for me to get sick from the water. Why worry when I won’t live another 70 years, right? No more games — just give us the data because it can’t be found online. (1/7)

COUNTY DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR — The Economic Development Director has been employed by the taxpayers for several years now. What businesses has he brought to the county? What jobs has he created besides his own and his staff? (1/7)

RESPONSE to “Whither Bay Creek Golf?” — The county Economic Development Director gets $2000 a week to market the county.  Advertising golf packages is part of his job.  How much help is he giving to the new Yacht Center?  Any? (1/6)

WHITHER BAY CREEK GOLF? — The Economist magazine (CLICK) says: “Only a few years ago some golf gurus forecast that the sport would grow even more, as baby boomers retired and flocked to the fairways. They were wrong. Last year, about 25 million Americans played golf, 18% fewer than did so in 2006. . . . Although still played by men and women, including business people hoping to bond over more than lunch, golf does not hold the same appeal for the young and minorities, groups who will determine its future health. In recent years more citizens have abandoned than taken up the game.” So, what is the forecast in Bay Creek? To forestall or even turn around any downward trends, perhaps a trio of the Northampton Chamber of Commerce, Town of Cape Charles, and Bay Creek might form a branding strike force to offer total package excursions/events to a golfing family. Cape Chuck can’t afford to have two world class golf courses plowed into soybean fields. (1/4)


PRAYER FOR 2015 — Dear God, please bless Northampton County (and her defenders) in 2015. While we may be the geographic tail of Virginia’s Eastern Shore, we surely wag the entirety. (12/31)

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION — To pay more attention to the town’s increasingly bad spending habits, so the citizens have more money to keep for themselves — especially senior citizens that are on fixed income. (12/31)

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION (2) — Eat this, NOT that! Hope to lose some weight! (12/31)

RESPONSE TO “Response to Bay Creek Autobahn” — Sarcasm is usually a way out of dealing with a fact, so I think the “middle-aged woman” (who’s most likely one of the area’s usual male pundits) should consider this: what if you, your kids, or grand kids were on this roadway biking or running? It wouldn’t be so funny then, would it? (12/31)

RESPONSE TO “Bay Creek Autobahn” — Bay Creek — the Monte Carlo of the South: One of the great fun things in Bay Creek this winter is to floor your accelerator through the winding roads. There is barely anyone around, no deer (thank you, nice hunters, for removing these bouncy obstacles), and no police. This winter in Bay Creek, 24 is a state of mind for this middle-aged woman. (12/22)

BAY CREEK AUTOBAHN —  I was hoping that once the summer ended the traffic would slow down here on the Bay Creek Autobahn. Unfortunately, I think it has gotten worse. We deal with golf carts on the roadway, bikes, dog walkers in the median, joggers, the occasional skateboarder, and walkers. Except for some of the work golf carts, most of these people are attentive and clearly visible; however, the real problem is the excessive speeding — most of it from the Bay Creek employees who believe they have diplomatic immunity from the 24 mph speed limit and stop signs. Maybe it’s time for speed bumps before someone gets injured or killed? (12/20)

TIME TO END THE PANEK ERA — Can anyone explain why [acting Town Manager Bob Panek] is still in office? I don’t get why he is still presiding over anything. The new Mayor is on to him, and so are we. (12/18)

COUNTY BOARD NOT RESPONSIVE — After last week’s Northampton County Board of Supervisors meeting, attended by over 150 very concerned, verbally concise and expressive taxpaying citizens, it’s very clear that the Board, with one exception, Mr. Granville Hogg, does not represent the majority of the citizens. It’s also very clear that they are motivated by and represent a few developers, special interest engineering, real estate, and construction groups. These people, including County Administrator Katie Nunez and (strangely absent) Director of Economic Development Charles McSwain, are incompetent, wasteful, and unresponsive. They need to be replaced — now. The longer they rule over the decision-making process and purse strings of this county, the deeper into debt the county will slide. These people have no successful track record of efficiency or completed past projects, quite the opposite in fact. They sit in their seats of power because they were elected or appointed to their positions. It’s time to reverse that process so that progress in Northampton can be made in this time of economic scarcity and what appears to be a national breakdown on all levels of honesty in government and flagrant violations of US Constitutional intention and mandate. (12/18)

LUCKY OLD SCHOOL DEVELOPER – Mega kudos for the well written article on the situation at the old Cape Charles School. I never knew all of that “backroom” stuff occurred. Sad to read that there are adults here still bogged down with this “come here” and “born here” nonsense. Right now we are leaderless at Northampton County and the Board of Supervisors is probably the worst it has been in years. But whose fault is that? The public voted them in and the public should now take the steps to remove them. The Town of Cape Charles? Years ago you had what was considered to be an open, transparent, and working government that sought public input. That collapsed  and you hired the “get along, go along gang.” Now you reap what you sowed; stop complaining. (12/17)

RESPONSE TO “Pave Paradise, Put Up A Parking Lot” (See GOSSIP) — The news about the pecan tree being slated for destruction on Pine Street is very disturbing. To sacrifice a stately, old, and highly productive tree for anything like parking spaces is an example of lack of insight and greed. And I question the authenticity of anyone quoting almost $800 to give an estimate about the tree. What is going on here? It sounds like people in businesses have the opportunity to really cash in big time whenever the town council requests job estimates. The pecan tree should be saved. Four parking spaces cannot justify the felling of an old, recognized-as-significant tree. Its removal will be a tremendous loss to the town. (12/15)

BOARD OF SUPERVISORS AND COME-HERES — Come-heres appear to be a problem for the Northampton County Board of Supervisors: they have hired two come-here, untrained or certified county employees that have apparently taken over their minds and judgment. Our representatives apparently have decided these come-heres are their choice of Kool-Aid. The Supervisors still have yet to explain their decision to blindly move ahead with no knowledge or expectations as to the possible consequences of this unknown path proposed neither by the local community nor by their own trained, if not certified, officials. It’s long past time for the community to perform an “intervention” before an unresponsive governmental body drinks their Kool-Aid — whipped up by those who know little of the Eastern Shore and with someone else’s agenda! (12/12)

RESPONSE To “Where’s the Public Works Department?” — With the town employing 32 or more employees, someone in Public Works knows how to cut grass. I know kids who are mowing grass. There is NO reason why the town can’t buy proper lawn equipment to do the job themselves. The town had a wage study. The Town Manager should do a job performance study in every department! We are paying taxes for people to work in this town. Just say NO to lawn contractors! (12/8)

WHERE’S THE PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT? I just saw where the Town of Cape Charles is soliciting for a company to cut the grass, etc. I have to ask: why isn’t the Public Works Department cutting the grass in public areas? The amount of money the town is paying every year to cut the grass might be saved by purchasing lawn machines. Tell me again how many people the town employs with the PWD? (12/2)


ARE YOU THANKFUL? — We need to take time at Thanksgiving to thank the Lord for family, friends, and good days we have. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! (11/26)

DEAR REDSKINS FANS — I know what you are thinking after the somewhat poor performance of our beloved Redskins. You may, like the Redskins haters, be focusing only on the negatives: the sacks, the interceptions, the penalties, the fumbles, the missed tackles, the missed blocks, the poor backfield play. But, after thinking about the game, I think what I saw was a turnaround for the team which will result in winning the Eastern Division and a slot in the playoffs. No, I am not suggesting that you order your Superbowl tickets yet. But let me point out the positives that give me such optimism:
— All team members showed up for the game;
— Most coaches remained on the sideline until halftime;
— There was some tackling;
— There was some blocking;
— There was some running;
— There was some passing;
— Most players returned to the sideline after halftime;
— Some players on the bench stopped texting to watch the game;
— One cheerleader remained until the end of the game;
— Only 3 fans, a season low, lighted themselves on fire screaming “I can’t watch anymore”;
— Another season low, only 15 fans burned Dan Snyder in effigy in the parking lot during tailgating;
— Some fans were in the stands at the end of the game, although they had passed out and were carried out to their cars;
— RG III said he and some members of the team will try to improve (but he did not cross his heart).
If that does not pump you up for the next game, just switch to the Giants and shut up!
Sent by Thomy (I am quite content doing very little slowly) from Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore of Saltwater Virginia, where there is nothing to do and we do it all day long. (11/17)

GROUND WATER DEPLETION — Shari Finkelstein has a story that will be airing this Sunday night (November 16) on 60 Minutes. It’s about the frightening depletion of groundwater around the world (with a particular focus on California), and a NASA satellite that ironically has provided a clearer picture from space of what’s happening with water underground. As always, it’s the Lesley Stahl segment, and probably a 2-parter. (11/15)


PRICE INCREASE — Has anyone noticed that our Bay Creek Communications, now known as Chesapeake Bay Communications, went up a little over a buck? A small fee but nonetheless everything in Cape Charles seems to be going up except the customer service. The nickel & dime mentality here is only funny if you have the money and patience to put up with all the nonsense. This reminds me of the town’s water increases; it just never seems to end here in what I heard one lady affectionately call CAPE CHAOS. (10/24)

WHILE WAVE WAS SLEEPING — A well-deserved hibernation slumber to you! And yet, while you were sleeping, the soccer goals disappeared from Central Park. Is there another ethnic group that the Town needs to exclude by taking away those goals? (10/22)

POLICE MONITORING — Is there a reason that two police are monitoring the far end of Bay Avenue near Jefferson every weekend between 8:30 and 10 at night? If there is a major problem at this end of town, I need to be notified by the town about what I need to look for and be alarmed about. (10/5)


RESPONSE TO “Will Panek Pledge Allegiance to PSA?” (See GOSSIP) — This PSA issue isn’t something that just happened to occur. It has been festering for years and is indirectly related to two issues: 1) Bay Creek not paying their fair share of the water bills, as per the 1991 Agreement, and 2) a prominent family who desperately wanted to take over control of the region’s water thus controlling growth and money. Panek is an intelligent fellow but the politics of Bay Creek and the money-infused persistence of these rich folks were simply too much for him to control. The town wasted a lot of time, energy, money, and good people on their pursuit of Bay Creek’s indebtedness and listening to the elongated dribble of a rich family attempting to gain more personal control of the area via water. Cape Charles is in desperate need of a strong Town Manager who will stand up to these financial bullies. My greatest fear is that these pirates will attempt to eventually take over the Town Harbor. Most of the people living here can be purchased for a ham sandwich and a beer. Thank you Cape Charles Wave for “connecting the dots” in your paper. It might not prevent these things from happening but at least slows them down such that people are reading and watching now. (9/27)

RESPONSE (6) TO “Drowning Might Have Been Prevented” – I’m with Mr. Creed on this one. This kill the messenger attitude is plain dumb. He might have an agenda, and I believe he’s entitled to one. In case you didn’t know, personal agendas are ruling Cape Charles. None of the “bright minds” running the town thought about beach safety until this drowning, so give Mr. Creed a break. And if you’re on Town Council, it’s time for you to wake up! (9/26)

RESPONSE (5) TO “Drowning Might Have Been Prevented” – The town of Cape Charles seems bent on dragging tourists into town to spend their money. The powers that be spend loads of money on everything else yet they never even thought about are the beaches actually safe? Seems like it’s time for them to put their money where their mouth is. Put up the floating ropes, hire a couple of lifeguards, and stop people from bringing glass bottles onto the beach, for a start. Yes, Mr. Creed was in the fight to save the school. So was I and all that happened was the town totally ignored what the people wanted and gave the school to a developer. This developer is so credible he doesn’t even have an office. Now the school will be “1” bedroom apartments. Yippee! The “powers that be” gave away the historic school, “sold” a historic street, destroyed the basketball court, and “claimed” there was no money to renovate the building. Within minutes they bought the bank to make a library. The library could have been in the community center, along with the police, the town offices, and still would have had plenty of room for the actual community center. Now who looks stupid? I am not afraid to leave my name either — DEBORAH BENDER (9/26)

RESPONSE (4) TO “Drowning Might Have Been Prevented” — Mr. Creed is a thoughtful and sometimes provocative citizen with a keen intellect. His agenda is the same agenda every citizen of the small town of Cape Charles should have — responsible government and accountability. The people in our community with real “duties” are first and foremost our elected and appointed officials — especially our police officers. What a moronic world the author of response (3) must live in, where the average citizens bear a larger civic duty than the officials they elect to lead. Go figure. Yes, “just laugh” — because the office of the Mayor and Town Council are an ongoing joke. The most recent example: What action has the Mayor and Town Council taken SINCE the drowning of a child to increase public safety at the beach? Instead, Mayor Proto is forming a citizens committee to review regulations concerning DOGS on the beach. You can’t make this kind of buffoonery up! A child drowns on Cape Charles beach and our elected officials’ most immediate concern is about DOGS on the beach — as well as furthering a policy of CHICKENS in everyone’s backyard instead of PUBLIC SAFETY at the BEACH! Mr. Creed is right to rant about such idiocy. Maybe our underpaid planner should plan increased safety at the beach. Maybe our underpaid event coordinator should walk down to the beach from the library and coordinate some swimming lessons. Maybe our underpaid police officers should sometimes patrol the beach and boardwalk on foot. Maybe our overpaid Mayor and Town Council should take a hard look at this issue that the provocative Mr. Creed has brought to our attention whether we like it or not. So it seems, some take offense at being accused of “having blood on your hands” — but not so much as to demonstrate that they have no brains in their head. Laugh that off. (9/26)

RESPONSE (3) TO “Drowning Might Have Been Prevented” — Mr. Creed finds yet another excuse to draw attention to his own agenda and rehash his ongoing feud with the town. I usually just laugh at his latest attempt to point fingers, but to use the death of an innocent child as the latest excuse is disgraceful. What’s worse is that Mr. Creed was apparently well aware of the dangers “many summers ago.” He had a duty to “point out the dangers” to the town and ensure they followed through with appropriate signage. Apparently Mr. Creed’s priority was to ensure “Community Center Now” signs were prominently displayed in the town, alerting visitors to a presumably far more pressing danger. Mr. Creed, you had precious little credibility prior to this thinly veiled rant. Now you have none. Before the facts of this terrible incident are known, rather than accuse us of having blood on our hands, take a long, hard look at your own. (9/25)

RESPONSE (5) TO “Mayor Proto Flip-Flops on County Sewage Issue” – Possible solution to the question of allowing chickens to be raised in town could be to allow town residents to raise them on the lots the town bought from “Trickie” Dickie Foster. The town could borrow more money to buy state of the art chicken coops with sewer hookups to the planned Route 13 sewer line extension, thereby solving the chicken waste problem and generating more sewer treatment revenue. This would be a win-win situation for Bob Panek and Cape Charles chicken huggers, and as a bonus allow Mayor Proto to proclaim in the next election, “a chicken in every pot.” (9/23)

RESPONSE (2) TO “Drowning Might Have Been Prevented” — Wayne, you are right on the money with your analysis of misplaced priorities in Cape Charles. Even before your time here, Town Council members were cheap dates, beside themselves whenever they were wined and dined by Dickie Foster. It is no surprise to any of us that they continue to sell to the lowest bidder. But they might want to heed your warning and take some safety measures at the beach. How reckless to have no signs, no markers, no lifeguards.. Another accident and word will spread about the beach on VRBO and other online communities. Then the Council’s recent laughable expenses and gimmicks will seem even more frivolous. Wayne, I am speaking for many when I say that we are in awe of your activism on behalf of town citizens and your courage. (9/23)

RESPONSE (1) TO “Drowning Might Have Been Prevented” — It would have been nice if your and others’ concerns had been expressed BEFORE the child’s death. How many times have you or others gone to a Council meeting and spoken about beach safety signs?  Zero,  I bet. Monday morning is easy. (9/23)

WHERE’S McSWAIN? — Where is Mr. McSwain spending tax payer dollars this week? Rumor has it in Canada. How much business had been brought in to Northampton County during his tenure as a result of these boondoggles? His challenge is admittedly mighty — what business would locate where the schools are in such abysmal shape? But how much money could be saved to help the schools without funding the economic development director’s position? (9/19)

RESPONSE (4) TO “Mayor Proto Flip-Flops on County Sewage Issue” — All poop jokes aside, why can’t these people, Town Council included, be content retiring in their geriatric community without running it and ruining it for the rest of us who still have a few years ahead of us here on the Shore? Don’t you people have more important things to do, like estate planning? (9/19)

RESPONSE (3) TO “Mayor Proto Flip-Flops on County Sewage Issue” — I very much enjoyed your creative comment/opinion [below]. Mine and urine match completely! (9/19)

RESPONSE (2) TO “Mayor Proto Flip-Flops on County Sewage Issue” — As if Cape Charles isn’t already full of it, it looks like the Panek sewer-pipe dream will become a manure nightmare; if the Wastewater Guru and his Fecal Minded Followers get their way it could already be a dung deal. Nobody seems to give a crap if the town loses its drugstore and other businesses because of this stinking boondoggle so long as the PSA gets to do its business. As the Wave reports, acting town manager and PSA member Bob Panek will say anything to get funding for the flatulent PSA project to increase excrement importation into Cape Charles. So ex-lax people, and take note to the sound of a symphony of toilets flushing your hard-earned tax money down the poop pipe. By the time the real reeking financial facts, figures, and feces hit the proverbial fan, all of Cape Charles will be up number-two creek without a paddle, in deep do-do constipating how they were duped into their septic situation. (9/18)

RESPONSE (1) TO “Mayor Proto Flip-Flops on County Sewage Issue” — I wonder if our politicos have a real grasp on the big picture.  The recent climate change report, shows that the Eastern Shore of Virginia will be greatly impacted.  Why would anyone ever consider using the new sewer plant in Cape Charles to take sewage from Route 13?  Would it not be wiser to build one in Cheriton where water infiltration and the like would be greatly reduced?  Having a sewage plant directly on the coast does not seem to make sense. (9/17)

RESPONSE (6) TO “Consultant Declares Town Staff Underpaid, Overworked”  After reading the comments about the Springsted compensation plan for Cape Charles, I wonder why Exmore was left off the list of towns that are supposed to be competitors in a regional marketplace for municipal employees. Looks like Onancock and Chincoteague up in Accomack County didn’t have time for your survey. I guess Exmore’s invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. Just so you know, we have water and wastewater departments just like Cape Charles has. We also just hired two former Cape Charles police officers. How many of your policemen, or for that matter any other employees, have the other towns on your list hired away from you? Exmore has a population of 1,449 year-round residents which makes us, EXMORE, the largest town in Northampton County and ‘The treasure of Virginia’s Eastern Shore.” (9/11)

RESPONSE (5) TO “Consultant Declares Town Staff Underpaid, Overworked” – Most working men and women in Northampton County, including watermen, contractors, farmers, storekeepers, carpenters, mechanics, electricians, merchants, etc., work hard all year long and don’t make the salaries the Town of Cape Charles employees are already earning today. Plus, they don’t get the health and retirement benefits the town gives. And they sure don’t get all the holidays the town gives. Christmas came on a Wednesday last year, which they got off, plus Tuesday because it was Christmas Eve, plus Monday because why spoil a five-day break? That’s more days off than even the federal government gives. I’m glad the town can do that for its employees, but not many independent workers can afford to take it that easy. Of course, very few working men or women actually live in the Town of Cape Charles — including those who work for the town. (9/11)

RESPONSE (4) TO “Consultant Declares Town Staff Underpaid, Overworked” —  I think the Cape Charles Mayor and Town Council should do a utility and tax rate study (without spending $8,400) to compare our town to similar towns (like Onancock and Chincoteague) on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Comparing sleepy Cape Charles to the city of Franklin? Really? We should also ask Springsted (the public sector advisors who authored the study) for a refund for this hollow effort. It doesn’t take an Einstein or $8,400 to figure out that if you compare Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore to towns across the bay with higher costs of living plus larger operations near metropolitan areas you will get higher salaries. However, with studies like this we will soon be catching up with that high cost of living. With the town council placing an ever increasing financial burden on the average taxpayer in this town, it makes you wonder just who the council represents — the citizens or the municipal workers union? There has been NO discussion as to how we will pay for salary increases and more personnel that could easily total upwards of $250,000. Will we make cuts elsewhere to offset new spending? Raise TAXES? BORROW more to add to our $10 million debt? This is just the kind of irresponsible government you get when you elect people based on their goofy popularity instead of people who have real business experience and common sense. “Politics I supposed to be the second-oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.” (Ronald Reagan). Thomas Jefferson is credited with saying, “The government you elect is the government you deserve.” H.L. Mencken said the same thing, but better: “People deserve the government they get, and they deserve to get it good and hard.” Well it looks like it’s time to pull out your wallet again, Cape Charles. You deserve it and you must like it also. (9/10)

RESPONSE (3) TO “Consultant Declares Town Staff Underpaid, Overworked” — If I turned in an audit report without benchmarking like entities, I’d be ashamed. Seriously! Looking at the list of salaries, I can see three positions that seem underpaid to me. First, think of who serves you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis — who actually helps you feel happy, safe, and served in our little slice of heaven? For me, it is the Harbor Master, Chief of Police, and the Librarian. I say up their salaries before all others — these are the three individuals who inform my quality of life and they should be rewarded for it. (9/9)

RESPONSE (2) TO “Consultant Declares Town Staff Underpaid, Overworked” — When I saw this headline in the Wave I thought it was the April Fool’s edition! I have never read something that made so little sense than this so called “study.” Did the town really pay this guy to come up with this information? And this is the firm that will select the next Town Manager? Here’s my question: Whose uncle or brother was this that needed the money and the town paid him to come up with these ideas? This is a great town with some wonderful people but it’s a rudderless ship for leadership. (9/8)

RESPONSE (1) TO “Consultant Declares Town Staff Underpaid, Overworked” — At first glance, I thought this was a joke. According to the 2010 census, the median income for a household in Northampton County was $28,276, and the median income for a family was $35,034. Males had a median income of $26,842 versus $21,839 for females. The per-capita income for the county was $16,591. The population of Cape Charles in 2012 was estimated at 999, which was down 11.9% from 2000. The median income in 2012 was $29,013 while the rest of Virginia enjoyed a median income of $61,741. With less than 1,000 residents in Cape Charles, this consultant felt comfortable comparing the salaries of the town staff to that of the cities of Hampton Roads? Seriously? In addition this consultant feels the town management is understaffed? How many employees are there per full-time resident? This flies in the face of reason and logic. If the management of Cape Charles is still looking at Bay Creek as a panacea, they have rose colored glasses on! There is NOTHING on the Eastern Shore of Virginia to entice business to provide jobs for residents, except municipal jobs. The cost of crossing the Bay Bridge is prohibitive to workers in Hampton Roads to commute. So, who will pay for the increased salaries and extra jobs?People are exiting, not relocating. Wake up and smell the coffee. (9/8)

RESPONSE TO “Building for a Buck” — Nope, the Town of Cape Charles gave J. David McCormack $41,000 insurance money for so-called earthquake damage to the old school in August 2011. He will use it for the water and sewer hookup costs. In the meantime, he does not have to pay for the hookup that the building already has. Everyone else has to pay for utilities whether they use them or not, but Mr. McCormack is special, it seems. The hapless people of Cape Charles paid McCormack $39,990 to take the old school. No doubt it will make some nice Section 8 housing in the not too distant future. (9/8)

RESPONSE TO “Response to ‘Why I Love Winter in Bay Creek'” — I noticed that the first thing you spoke about was “revenue” and did not address any of the issues of the first posting. You also noted that only 10% of the lots have homes. This makes me wonder if you’re not one of these property owners who are part of the problems listed. Do you even live at Bay Creek full time? If you did I think you’d see that what was initially promised (security in a “gated community,” a free work out center near the tennis courts, etc.) never evolved. It’s now about money and the property owners who don’t seem to screen the people they rent their houses to for a few weeks during the summer. Did you know that some of these wonderful “renters” were fishing at the golf course pond and later eating those fish? How would you know? Your concern is your money and not the people who live here. People shouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars purchasing a home in Bay Creek and be invaded several times during the summer by loud and uncaring people renting the homes next to them. It’s the homeowner’s responsibility to advise them what the HOA regulations are here. I think that if the Bay Creek rental office receives enough complaints, that homeowner should be prevented from renting their house to people. As it stands now there are several out of town homeowners who rent their homes during the summer without the HOA’s approval. (9/8)

BUILDING FOR A BUCK — J. David McCormack bought the 17,000 square foot Old School in Cape Charles for 10 bucks but apparently got a better deal in Martinsville, buying a 24,000 square foot historical building for a buck! CLICK for story. (9/8)

RESPONSE TO “Why I Love Winter in Bay Creek” — Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You make out-0f-towners and their revenue feel so welcome. I’m sure that attitude has contributed to the fact that only 10 percent of the lots in Bay Creek have homes built on them. I’m surprised that people aren’t knocking down the door to build next to people like you. (9/7)

WHY I LOVE WINTER IN BAY CREEK — The tourist season at Bay Creek has finally ended. No more golf carts on walking paths with 10-year-old drivers leading the pack. No more noisy late night parties, loose dogs, broken beer bottles, and boat trailers blocking these narrow roads. No more speeding cars from out of state (mostly NJ) that make me wonder why they’re so late. No more gin and tonics flowing like tidal waves with moms and dads watching the clock like jail wardens for the Happy Hour to begin in town.  No more people traveling to the beach, the pool, the golf course, and The Coach House loaded in carts and cars oblivious to the bike riders, children, and walkers. Stand back you home owners and renters at Bay Creek; we’re here to enlighten you and your town with our money and our attitude that we can do whatever we want and whenever we want! To which I say: Thank God for winter, the locals, and southern manners. Have a safe drive back to wherever you came from, and give us another year to await your arrival. And to the people who rent these homes to these tourists: You really need to brief them a lot better on the HOA rules here. (9/4)

BAY CREEK TIGER BEETLES — Great update on the beetles! The Homeowners Association, having spent way over $2 million for the breakwaters, which ran through [Dickie] Foster’s accounts (remember he never fully paid the bank, so they had to foreclose on the marina to collect)  to save the homes on The Colony “mud flats” along with those homeowners having spent $423,500 of their own money that was contributed on top of $2 million+ was a very costly affair after Hurricane Isabel. A very expensive new “habitat'” for the tigers. Will watch for future updates on the breakwaters. The beetles are having a wonderful time on the beach. (9/3)