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All communication with the Cape Charles Wave should be via email to  [email protected]

The Wave is published every Monday. Deadline for submission of articles is the preceding Saturday.

Comments, Anonymous, Gossip, and Classifieds may be submitted at any time and will usually be published the same day.


Cape Charles Wave began publishing news, events, and opinions of interest to the residents and friends of the Town of Cape Charles in the summer of 2012. The paper was founded by George Southern and Karen Jolly Davis.  Others are invited to join the endeavor.

Cape Charles Wave accepts advertising to defray expenses, but the purpose of the paper is to circulate local news of interest in our small town.

Although Cape Charles Wave is available exclusively online, it follows the principles of a newspaper rather than a “blog.” News articles are factual, while opinion articles and editorials are clearly labeled as such. The paper accepts letters to the editor, which must be signed.

All communication with the Cape Charles Wave should be sent to our email address:[email protected] .

Readers are invited to subscribe to the Cape Charles Wave by submitting their email address using the form in the right-hand advertising column of every page. Subscribers receive an email link each day that a new item is published in the paper.

Readers are also invited to comment on any story in the paper. Please demonstrate the courage of your convictions by using your real name! Comments in bad taste or potentially libelous will not be published. Readers who may be uncomfortable revealing their name are invited to post in the ANONYMOUS forum listed at the top of every page.