Cape Charles Christian School: An Appreciation

One of many yard sales at the Christian School. (Wave photo)

One of many yard sales at the Christian School. (Wave photo)


September 2, 2014

As school starts today, I have to say it is a little bit sad not have any of my children going back to Cape Charles Christian School. My son and daughter were part of the first class at the school, when it was housed by the generous folks at Trinity Methodist and Cape Charles Baptist. From its very beginnings, the school embodied the very best of our community, and I can’t tell you what a joy it was to once again see gaggles of kids traipsing through Cape Charles.

Now that my son Joey has moved on to Broadwater (he really wanted to play varsity sports), I am personally going to miss those mornings, watching him strap on his backpack, hop on his scooter, and go off to school in the same town where he grew up. He loves playing sports at BA, but I know he also misses the Christian school too.

I am so grateful for everything that CCCS did for our kids — the values they taught and the sense of community that they have built.  It has been a fruitful partnership with the citizens of Cape Charles, our Library and staff, and especially Arts Enter, which has been so gracious and helpful with classes, instruction, and use of facilities.

Kate Tayloe, Valerie Travis, Dawn Lewis, Carrie Cabello, and Leslie Savage provided the best lower school experience one could wish for. Andrea Davis is no longer there, but she was also instrumental in laying the intellectual foundation for success. Thanks to Ms. Tayloe for showing my kids that, yes, reading can actually be fun. Holly Hubbard brought so much talent and passion to our upper school, teaching the required disciplines needed to excel in not just the upper school, but all through the educational experience.


There will also be a special place in our hearts for Christine Tankard who taught Joey math and science. I don’t know how many times I have heard him lament, “I wish Ms. Tankard was here to help me.” I would tell him to just remember what she showed him and he would be fine. Joey has always struggled with math, yet Ms. Tankard was always so patient with him. Not worried about the grade, she was always more concerned that he truly understood the concepts. In short, thanks to Ms. Tankard, he recently scored in 90th percentile in math when taking the standardized tests.

Not to forget Jenn Philpot who is a very special chapel director, as well as the folks who serve on the board, and who also deserve so much credit for CCCS’s success (special thanks to Celia Burge, John Burdiss, Kate Brown, and of course, Berkley Rayfield).

It is so exciting to see the school continue to grow and prosper, and to keep making meaningful change in our community. My wife and I, although we don’t have children enrolled there, will always be there in spirit. Best of luck in the new school year!



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  1. Valerie Travis on September 2nd, 2014 7:38 am

    THANKS WAYNE! We are so thankful to be here!