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Aqua Restaurant Announces Reopening by Easter


January 12, 2013

The new owner of Bay Creek Marina Village, including Aqua Restaurant, the marina, and accompanying shops and villas, plans to reopen the restaurant in time for Easter weekend.

Bob Occhifinto, a New Jersey entrepreneur who bought the properties at a December 28 foreclosure auction at the County Courthouse, hinted in a press release that his new venture will cooperate closely with the original Bay Creek developer.

“We are excited to become a part of the Bay Creek family, and honored to have the opportunity to build on Dick Foster’s commitment to excellence and his vision for a first-class destination marina resort,” Occhifinto said.

Foster, the developer of Bay Creek properties, continues to hold a 25 percent share of Bay Creek South, the golf course side of the development.

Occhifinto’s company is named Peacock Holdings VA, LLC, presumably because prior to buying the Marina Village properties, he bought and renovated the Peacock Motel in Capeville.

Renovations at Aqua are scheduled to be complete by late March, with a grand reopening of the restaurant and catering operations by Easter weekend.

Occhifinto’s staff includes a number of former Bay Creek employees along with a mix of new names.


The management team is headed by Joe Arruda, who announced that Aqua executive chef Shelly Cusmina and her staff have been rehired.

“We are delighted that Executive Chef Shelly Cusmina and her kitchen crew have agreed to join us as we reunite the excellent dining room and bar staff to serve up the finest food in the region,” Arruda said.

The catering division will continue to be headed by Tiffany Mohr, according to Arruda.

Former Aqua manager Adam Travis reportedly is now working at Cherrystone Family Camping Resort.

The director of marina operations is Chief Joseph Habel, USCG Ret. The marina docks and Complete Angler tackle shop remain open with winter hours.

The new Marina Village property manager is Bill Parr of Parr Properties. “We are working on some interesting new ideas for expansion of the facilities, and will be working closely with Bay Creek and town officials over the next few months to conclude plans for more detailed winter 2013 renovations and additions,” Parr said.



4 Responses to “#19 Story
Aqua Restaurant Announces Reopening by Easter”

  1. Anne Hallerman on January 12th, 2013 10:43 am

    This is great news, and great to see that the new owner has retained the quality staff of Aqua. Wonderful to see Joe Habel named as director of marina operations. Thanks to the Wave for sharing this piece of good news!

  2. Gene Kelly on January 12th, 2013 11:42 am

    Looking forward to your opening! We hope to continue a pleasant, supportive relationship, that we have developed over time. Cheers!

  3. Dana Lascu on January 12th, 2013 4:57 pm

    Wonderful news! I can’t wait to have Chef Shelly’s crab cakes and crème brûlée again. Move over Balthazar!

  4. Steve Downs on January 13th, 2013 11:40 am

    Great news! Yay Shelly, Go Joe!