TUESDAY 4/1: Planning Commission to Review Chicken Keeping, Tourism Zone

On Tuesday, April 1, at 6 p.m. in Town Hall, the Planning Commission will review proposed rules regarding backyard chicken keeping in Cape Charles. The Commission will also revisit the idea of establishing a Tourism Zone in town.

The Town of Cape Charles seeks public comment on allowing chicken keeping in town. CLICK  to answer the survey.

Draft requirements for chicken keeping are:

• Maximum of 5 hens (no roosters);
• Main use of the lot must be for a single family dwelling, and anyone raising chickens must occupy the residence;
• No slaughtering outdoors;
• No hens roaming free — hen house and fenced enclosure required, and only in rear yards;
• Hen house shall be covered, predator resistant, and providing at least 2 square feet per hen;
• Hen house and outdoor enclosure must be kept clean;
• Minimum of 10 feet from property lines and 30 feet from any adjacent dwelling unit;
• Food kept in rodent-proof container;
• Permit must be obtained.



One Response to “TUESDAY 4/1: Planning Commission to Review Chicken Keeping, Tourism Zone”

  1. Wayne Creed on March 31st, 2014 1:37 pm

    Great job by Mr. Testerman with the draft ordinance. He was able to find a nice balance between the wishes of urban chicken farmers, and those that have concerns about the process. The slaughtering clause is interesting — I hope most folks are thinking mainly about egg operations.