SHORE THING: One Lucky Dog

"Lucky" -- also affectionately known as "Mayor of Cape Charles."

“Lucky” — also affectionately known as “Mayor of Cape Charles.”

Cape Charles Wave

March 25, 2013

My wife and I are walkers (and joggers of a sort), and a big attraction of the Historic District is its walkability. So, most mornings for the past couple of years we have been “making our rounds.”

First we head to the beach, then out to the end of the pier, thence up Front Street (Mason Avenue, but I’m trying to sound like a local), left on Peach, then through Central Park, continuing on Monroe past Fig, all the way to Bahama Road (reachable from Monroe by foot but not by car).

From there we cross Lake Foster, approaching the gated community of Jellybean Village. And since what happens from that point possibly involves illegal activity, I’ll just conclude by saying that eventually we wind up back in the Historic District.

That’s a generic description of our “rounds,” which might run in the opposite direction the next day, and which also might entail detours, side paths, and shortcuts.

It’s a good way to meet people – and dogs (and cats).

In the people category, we’ve made a good friend who makes his rounds much more faithfully than we. But unlike us, he never varies his route. Visit the Natural Area Preserve behind the WACO building any morning (and I do mean any morning, rain or shine) and you’ll likely see him coming or going.

In the dog category, we’ve met any number. I consider myself very much a “dog person,” so I feel some jealousy that, invariably, any dog we encounter ignores me in favor of getting attention from my wife. She greets them, compliments them, and rubs them. Of course they like her!


But we regularly saw one dog who never was interested in us. Unlike the others, he was always on his own, and always seemed intent on going somewhere. He was “making his rounds.”

A nondescript, mixed breed, black sort of terrier without much of a tail, this dog was always on the move. He had a collar with a tag, so we knew he wasn’t a stray.  Soon we learned his name: “Lucky.”

Everybody who lives in Cape Charles knows Lucky. You see him all the time. The other night, driving my car, my headlights picked him up in the opposite lane, trotting down the street.

And now I have learned the amazing history of Lucky, straight from his owner.

Lucky’s “home base” is the trailer park on Madison Avenue, where he’s lived with his owner for 15 years.  I was amazed he could be that old, but a friend verifies that he’s known Lucky ever since he moved here more than 10 years ago, and Lucky was no young dog then.

Lucky came from a litter of five, all unwanted, that were dumped in a plastic bag and left in the woods behind the old golf course that now is part of Marina Village. Children playing in the woods found the bag. Only two puppies were still alive. They took them home, but only one pup lived. Lucky.

And that of course is how he got his name — a dog very lucky to be alive.

I asked about his tail, or lack thereof. How did he lose it? “Born that way,” I was told.

Lucky is like a cat with nine lives. His owner says he once drove over Lucky in his car. Somehow, Lucky survived. Now Lucky looks both ways before crossing the street.

Clearly, Lucky now owns the Town of Cape Charles. He covers much of the Town every day, keeping track of everything, and has rightfully received the honorary title “Mayor of Cape Charles.” No offense to Mayor Sullivan — but Lucky came first.

Now we hear that the trailer park is going away and the land will be put up for sale. What will become of Lucky? I can’t imagine Lucky living anywhere but Cape Charles.

Will Lucky’s luck run out?

Will pigs fly?

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7 Responses to “SHORE THING: One Lucky Dog”

  1. Sandy Mayer on March 25th, 2013 10:36 am

    There is no need to bag and dump unwanted animals. My heart breaks when I hear of animals being treated in this way.
    The Eastern Shore SPCA is often too full to take unwanted animals, but there are several no kill organizations in VA Beach that would be happy to have them. Sometimes you have to make a donation. But there is no reason to dump or kill helpless kittens or puppies. There are homes and people that would love to have them.

  2. Kathleen Rouse on March 25th, 2013 1:18 pm

    Thanks you so much for this profile (and picture) of Lucky! I thoroughly enjoyed it just as I enjoy watching Lucky trot around the neighborhood on his rounds. I’ve been watching him ever since my family and I moved here in the spring of 2006. Lucky cheers me up every time I see him. Lately I’ve noticed a limp, or at least a change of his gait, and hoped he was OK. So glad to see him still alive and trotting!

  3. Debbie Etz on March 31st, 2013 11:34 am

    I am so glad someone has taken the time to “recognize” Lucky dog! He trots to his own music. I think he may have some inflamed joints. Just saying this because he looks a little drawn up when he walks. He is truly a Cape Charles icon!!

  4. Ginny Dorsch on April 2nd, 2013 10:23 am

    So glad to see Lucky is still making his rounds in Cape Charles!! I lived on the corner of Madison and Nectarine 10 years ago and Lucky was an everyday visitor to my house to “hang out” with my sweet beagle girl, Maddie. He truly marches to the beat of his own drum but it is one sweet dog!! Hope he can continue to patrol the streets of Cape Charles if he and his owner have to move out of the trailer park….

  5. Pete Baumann on April 4th, 2013 12:38 pm

    I saw Lucky recently running on one hind leg. I wonder if it’s arthritis rather than an injury as I see him OK one day and limping the next. For those that care about Lucky, be aware that he needs more care than before, at least for the time being. I’m willing to kick in money toward care for him, but I have cats and can’t take him in. I do feed him when he comes around.

  6. Debbie Etz on April 4th, 2013 8:21 pm

    I am willing to make a donation towards Lucky Dog’s care. I feel like it is arthritis also.

  7. Amanda Bell on April 10th, 2013 7:44 pm

    AWWW … well I have learned something new. I have seen Lucky on Mason Avenue many times and thought, “OK whose dog is loose — hope no one hits him.” Glad to know he’s a Cape Charles regular ;)