Group Seeks to Preserve Cape Charles Colored School

Rosenwald School at November 19, 2011 dedication of historic marker (ESVA.net photo)

Rosenwald School at November 19, 2011, dedication of historical marker (ESVA.net photo)

March 6, 2013


There are no front yard signs in support of “the other Old School Cape Charles.” However, there is definitely an effort gaining momentum to preserve the history of another Cape Charles former public school building.

This movement has been characterized not by spirited debate and public hearings, but by the same quiet dignity and determination that led to the creation in 1928 of the Cape Charles Colored School.

The school is situated just over the hump from the Historic District to the Bay Creek golf community. It is an unassuming red brick building. Spray paint evidences its brief history as an eel processing plant. The modest structure belies the storied and important history of the school. [Read more…]


SUNDAY 3/10: Cape Charles Band Rehearsal at ArtsEnter

Interested in joining the Cape Charles Band? Come on out 2 p.m. Sunday, March 10, at ArtsEnter on Mason Avenue for the next rehearsal. [Read more…]

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