SATURDAY 2/15: ‘Perception’ at Palace Theatre: You Can’t Always Believe in Happy Ever After

February 10, 2014

An Atlanta performing arts production company will present “Perception,” an original play 7:30 p.m. Saturday, February 15, at the Palace Theatre. Tickets are $12.

Perception is the love story of Hamilton and Margaret, a newlywed couple who fall deeply in love and share that love with the baby of their dreams. Their dream is shattered when Margaret awakes one morning to find their baby not breathing and herself on the verge of insanity. Hamilton soon finds himself struggling with the desire to want to move on with their lives but has to figure out a way to deal with his wife’s instability which leaves him at a crossroads. In addition to dealing with his wife’s instability, he now has to deal with a mother-in-law who is willing to do anything to keep her daughter’s marriage together and a best friend who isn’t forthcoming about the troubles of his own marriage. The story of Perception leads one on a dangerous ride that involves love, lust, and betrayal. Are you ready to have your Perception of Love changed?



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