Photo IDs for Voters Available July 1

Starting July 1, voters without an acceptable photo ID will be able to obtain a free photo ID at the Voter Registration offices in Accomack and Northampton counties. This completes the legal process started in 2012 when the General Assembly amended Virginia Code 24.2-643, and required that all voters show ID before voting. The current voter registration card will no longer be a valid ID because it has no picture.

The new law states that voters must show the following acceptable forms of identification: valid Virginia driver’s license; DMV-issued photo identification card; valid United States passport; valid employee photo identification card; valid college or university photo identification card issued by a Virginia institution of higher education; or other government-issued photo identification card.

If you have one of the above forms of ID, the most likely being a driver’s license, that is all you need to show at the polls to vote. This new program is only for voters who do not have any of the above forms of identification. Voters will fill out a form with their voting information, sign an affidavit that they possess no other form of ID, and then have a quick picture taken and their signature captured. The photo ID will be mailed from the State Board of Elections directly to the voter.

Contact the Northampton County Voter Registration office at 757-678-0480 for further information.



3 Responses to “Photo IDs for Voters Available July 1”

  1. Joseph Corcoran on June 24th, 2014 8:14 am

    Great solution to a non-problem .

  2. Andy Zahn on June 24th, 2014 8:53 am

    In my humble opinion I believe photo IDs are entirely bogus and a violation of the U.S. Constitution. The excuse is to prevent voter fraud when in truth there are but very few such cases, and some 300,000 people will be forced to go out of their way to satisfy “Nanny.” In time, you watch, the real reason will become clear when everyone will be required to carry ID at all times, under penalty of the law. For a couple hundred years the authorities were smart enough to know who we were and where we lived but all of a sudden they have lost it — except the tax bills keep coming! In my wallet I carry enough ID including my expired (and suspended) Virginia driver’s license, my expired concealed carry permit, my Medicare and BC/BS cards, and credit cards — in other words, anyone with an IQ in any positive number could figure who I am. I have no intention to ever get a photo ID, to ask someone to carry me to the registration office or get a card which is of no value to me.

  3. Andy Zahn on June 30th, 2014 9:02 am

    Mr. Corcoran hit the nail on the head! I see that starting tomorrow there will be no voter fraud in Virginia. As I understand it most fraud is with some people voting in two states, and what will stop that type from having ID in both states? Like gun laws, this new law is aimed at the law abiding and I wonder how many people will obtain an ID and how many will lose their right to vote. I wonder if I will be able to vote and I wonder how long before my American citizenship is revoked?

    Some places require a badge with photo to be allowed entry. As a check on security, a badge was made with a photo of a monkey. The guard waved the person in, clearly not looking at the person and at the photo.

    Hitler had a thing about IDs, and the SS stopped people to check their identity. He also had a thing about gun control, and promised the people safety when he took their guns. They had so much safety their cities and homes were reduced to rubble and many Germans were dead from the war he started.

    I am 82 and I took my duty to vote very seriously since age 21 using the absentee ballot while serving in the military and in one election driving five hours to vote.