County Rezoning Postponed 90 Days


June 16, 2014

At its June 10 regular meeting the Northampton County Board of Supervisors agreed to wait 90 days before taking any further steps toward rezoning the county to make it more “business friendly.” The 90 days are for residents to provide ideas on how to revitalize the county’s economy and increase revenues without destroying its fragile habitat.

The June 10 Board of Supervisors meeting came after the Planning Commission informed the Supervisors that it was only halfway through its review of the massive proposed zoning changes.  The Supervisors have not yet acted to allow the Planning Commission additional time to complete its review.

“Citizens for Open Government” spokesperson Ken Dufty said, “The 90 days will give us a chance to further our outreach through letters to the editor, flyers, and talking to our neighbors. It will also give us a chance to prepare for a legal challenge to the BOS if they move forward with revising the zoning ordinance in stark contrast to our current Comp Plan.”

Many speakers at the meeting raised their concerns about the draft zoning ordinance for failing to follow the County Comprehensive Plan. Although the plan is currently under review for its five-year update, it remains the legal basis for county decisions about development.

Several speakers questioned why some of the Supervisors want to change the direction of the county so radically.

Randolph, Tazewell, and Bay Avenue Houses

Dryden House at was built by

Mr. E.P. Dryden operated a grocery store on Mason Avenue when he built this residence in 1912 on the corner of Bay and Tazewell. The house was recently magnificently restored by a Richmond family.

June 16, 2014

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Cape Charles Historical Society has for more than a decade been recording oral histories of the area’s earlier days.  A grant from the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities enabled 15 interviews to be transcribed, and the Historical Society has made this one available for readers of the Wave.  All the transcriptions may be read at the Cape Charles Museum.)

1990 Interview of Virginia Fitzhugh conducted by Virginia Savage


VIRGINIA SAVAGE: Let’s talk about Randolph Avenue.  You lived in the Wilkins house.  Now that was the Wilkins that built what is now the Methodist Parsonage.  And the other Wilkins was Elliott’s grandfather. And then he built both of those houses.  The Eleanor Lowe house I believe is next and Mr. Jack Scott built that for her. Do you remember when that was being built?

VIRGINIA FITZHUGH: No. Eleanor was older than me, and I don’t remember.  You know, Virginia, back in those days you didn’t roam around town like the kids do today.  You just went so far and that was it.  You just had your group of friends.  He built that and the one next to that is that bungalow and that was built by Sterling, a man named Sterling.

I think a Miss Sterling lived in that when I came here.

No, a Mrs. George Guy. She was a caretaker.

What did the Sterlings do?

Well, you know where Lee Sterling lives.  Well, that house was on the corner where the Post Office is now.  That house has been moved and turned around and that was the Sterling house.

This is the house across Tazewell Avenue and one from the corner from the Presbyterian Church that you’re talking about.  The great big house and they moved it back.  There was an explosion in the late ‘60s and it burned.  A new house has been built, very close in type to the old houses. Lee Sterling worked at Colonial Store.

That’s right.  That’s where the Sterlings lived.  I think some of that property still belongs to the Sterling girls, Josephine and I think her sister. [Read more…]

MONDAY 6/16: Sen. Lynwood Lewis Annual Town Hall Meeting

State Senator Lynwood Lewis will convene his annual Town Hall Meeting 5 p.m. Monday, June 16, at St. Charles Parish Hall, 550 Tazewell Avenue in Cape Charles. The purpose of the meeting is to brief local residents on this year’s legislative session and to hear their ideas and concerns.

LETTER: Stolen Valor

June 16, 2014


Since the United States went to war in Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003, over 2.4 million Americans served in the military. Large numbers of these men and women served multiple tours; however, some of them never saw combat. According to the Veterans Administration there are over 22 million veterans today, and unfortunately, a small number of them have led people to believe that what they have accomplished in military service is not necessarily true.

A member of one veterans organization in the southwest masqueraded for several years as a general officer and was a frequent VIP at parades, luncheons, and special events. He was finally unmasked by an active duty service member who keenly observed that the service awards that adorned his uniform didn’t match his stated military assignments. When confronted with these facts he sheepishly admitted that he served less than two years in the military. He had the jargon and mannerisms down but lacked the details that any bona fide service member would know without hesitation.

In 2007, a man named Xavier Alvarez stood at a public meeting and announced that he was a “retired Marine with 25 years of service” and “was awarded the Medal of Honor in 1987 . . . for rescuing the American Ambassador during the Iranian hostage crisis” and was “wounded several times by the same guy.”  He made these bold and untrue allegations before he actually became an elected official in his home State of California.

After he was exposed as a liar, he faced scorn and public humiliation as one would expect but the courts viewed his “lie” as protected speech and the controversy continues today. The Stolen Valor Act of 2005 makes it a crime to lie about being awarded any U.S. military medal that was authorized by Congress. However, in 2010 the 9th Circuit Court found the Act to be unconstitutional under the First Amendment in the United States vs. Alvarez. [Read more…]


SATURDAY 6/21: Great Bay Run From Aqua Through Town

The Second Annual Great Bay Run in Cape Charles 5k race and 1mile fun run/walk will be held on Saturday, June 21. Get your summer into full swing by taking part in this festive event! [Read more…]

THURSDAY 6/19: New Roots Opens Summer Garden Club

Summer Open Garden Club Thursdays in the Garden, June 19- August 7 (except July 3) 5-6:30 p.m. All children welcome! (Children under 5 must be accompanied by an adult.) [Read more…]

SATURDAY 6/21: Learn About Pollinators at ESVA Wildlife Refuge

The Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge invites you to come and celebrate with us the spectacular ways of pollinator bees and other insects.  Saturday June 21, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. there will be free crafts and activities for children and information stands about pollinators and what you can do to help them in your own backyard. [Read more…]

Register for ESO Summer Camp (June 30 Deadline)

The calendar hasn’t proclaimed the first official day of summer but once it does, it won’t be long until the “Mama, I’m bored” blues start playing at your house. Be prepared! Sign up your children by June 30 for the summer blahs cure, Eastern Shore’s Own Summer Camp 2014 open from July 21 – August 1, Monday-Friday. Campers have the choice of one week or two. [Read more…]