Election Day in Cape Charles Presents Historic Complication

Only Cape Charles voters will see a fourth screen (ABOVE) to select a replacement member of Town Council.

Cape Charles Wave

November 4, 2012

Tuesday is believed to be the first time in Cape Charles’ history that a Town Council election will be held concurrent with a Presidential election.

And it’s not just a matter of adding an additional page (or screen) to the voting machine.

What complicates matters is that when voters walk into Trinity UMC Fellowship Hall on Tazewell Avenue, some of them will be eligible to vote in the Town Council election and the rest will not.

District 1 covers most of the lower third of Northampton County, extending all the way south past Kiptopeke, and everyone in District 1 has to come to Cape Charles to vote.

About 1,800 voters reside in District 1. Only about 700 of them live in the Town of Cape Charles.

Further complicating the procedure is that all the voting machines will be programed to accept both residents of Cape Charles and non-residents.

Northampton Registrar Terrence “Terry” Flynn told the Wave that dedicating a machine to Cape Charles voters risked creating delays for non-town voters.

Kind of like seeing a long line at the ladies restroom, with no waiting for the mens room. [Read more…]