Parents Press School Board on Elementary Standards

Stephanie Zodun, mother of three, is concerned about the lack of a teacher for Northampton County Schools’ gifted and talented program at the K-3 level. (Wave photo)

Cape Charles Wave

November 21, 2012

Northampton School Board chambers were unusually full for the November 13 meeting. Augmenting the ranks of board members and administrators were concerned parents and community members who came to air their grievances.

The audience waited through routine reports from principals, board members, and department heads. Then came the time for public comments — and parents assumed control of the floor.

The first issue was test scores at Kiptopeke Elementary. The school was conditionally accredited last year, and recently received conditional accreditation for this year as well. According to Northampton School Superintendent Walter Clemons, one percent of Kiptopeke students are dragging down test scores.

Cathy Burn is the mother of four boys, three of whom attend Kiptopeke. For her, test score data means more than just numbers on a page — it’s about real kids.

“I have great concerns — we’re not having discussions about real data,” she told the School Board meeting. “Fifty percent of our third-grade boys failed the reading test last year. Third-grade reading is a direct predictor of graduation. We are losing more than a handful of kids — it’s buckets of kids.” [Read more…]


LETTER: Take Piece of Eden on the Road!

November 20, 2012

Dear Carolyn Copeland, Paul Kist, Virginia Savage, and Cape Charles Wave

I met each of you at the play, Piece of Eden, Sunday afternoon. My friend and I were thrilled with the performance.

We have become interested in the history of this area that merits more regional and national attention. We are now aware of two plays that are an avenue for sharing this important history.

Piece of Eden remarkably shows our move toward and achievement of independence. It begins with the Eastern Shore’s Native Americans’ amazing culture, spirituality, and peaceful acceptance of the European settlers.

This beginning and subsequent events throughout the play show us the path to development of the values that are basic to our nation’s founding of a democratic and representative form of government.

The play concludes that these values are an ongoing requirement for our present and future, if we are to survive as a democratic nation.

I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to see this remarkable play. It was educational, entertaining, and with the added attraction of original music!

The Play in August is a play about the Bare and the Cubbe, enhancing awareness of the significance of one of the segments in Piece of Eden. [Read more…]