LETTER: Put Aside Bitterness at the Grand Illumination

November 28, 2012


It has been a troubling year for Cape Charles filled with strong emotions, hurt feelings, bitterness, and angry words.

It is heartbreaking to hear of broken friendships, community members no longer supporting the town or town businesses because of political differences, and citizens looking to find fault and place blame.

The old school building is a valuable part of our community, but it is just a building. It has no heart, no soul, and no feelings. However, people do and these people are our friends and neighbors.

These people are the ones who used to celebrate our joys, show concern when we became ill, and comfort us in times of loss. People, relationships, and community are so much more important than a building or a political position.

It is now the beginning of the season when we give thanks for our gracious plenty and cherish our family and friends. It is time to put our community before opinion, before politics, and before material objects.

I fear, if we keep on the path we are currently traveling, we will destroy all that we hold most dear.

I encourage you all to come to Central Park on Saturday evening at 6:15 p.m. for the Grand Illumination. [Read more…]


THURSDAY 11/29: Trail Planning Workshop at Town Hall

A Trail Planning Workshop will be held 6 p.m. Thursday, November 29, at Cape Charles Town Hall to enable residents to express their desires and provide valuable input into the design process for Phase 2 – North Peach Street/Washington Avenue. [Read more…]

SATURDAY 12/1: Town Silent Auction for Surplus Items

The Town of Cape Charles will hold a Silent Auction 8 a.m.-noon Saturday, December 1, at the Public Works Maintenance Building, 716C Randolph Avenue (behind Rayfield’s Pharmacy) to sell surplus furniture, vehicles and equipment. [Read more…]

FRIDAY 12/7: Annual Holiday Sampler Tour

The 17th Annual Northampton County Holiday Sampler Tour continues its tradition of treating our guests to all the sights, sounds and tastes of local fare this holiday season in historic Cape Charles. [Read more…]