LETTER: Cape Charles DOES Care About Children

September 27, 2013


Please print my response to the vacationer’s comment in the “Anonymous” section [click here to read “Anonymous”]:

Thank you for choosing Cape Charles as your family vacation spot. Families like yours are a vital part of this town’s economy, and I know the local businesses appreciate you choosing Cape Charles.

I understand that the Old School issue has soured a lot of people; however, I would caution people from making statements such as “I’m sad to hear that they don’t believe in investing in their youth,” when referring to this town.

Yes, the basketball nets are down, but this town has done an extraordinary job of creating other opportunities for children. Please take note of the tennis courts, skate park, soccer goals in the park, the countless programs offered year ’round by the library, as well as numerous special events throughout the year such as the upcoming Trunk or Treat, the New Roots Youth Garden, Movie Night in the Park, and the many athletic programs offered throughout the summer.


People like Jen Lewis and others in town work incredibly hard to create great opportunities for the town’s children and visiting families. I, for one, want to stand up and applaud them for what they do, and personally apologize that I have not made more of an effort to volunteer my own time to help them do more. I need to change that.

Lastly, I recall a great offer from two local business owners who offered time and resources to help relocate the courts elsewhere. I am sure that a group of well-intended volunteers could surely take them up on their offer, overcome this challenge, and bring basketball back to Cape Charles.


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One Response to “LETTER: Cape Charles DOES Care About Children”

  1. Larry Beckett on September 27th, 2013 3:35 am

    Mr. Blanchard, thank for the letter, and for making my home town your choice for a vacation with your family. I hope you make the same choice year after year, and that the Basketball Court will be relocated in the Park, near the Tennis Court, Soccer Goal, Skate Park. Any other location should be unacceptable, given the existing PARK.