Mary Miller, David Handschur Closing Eastville Gallery

Mary Miller and David Handschur in their Eastville gallery. (Photo: Artisan Guild)

Mary Miller and David Handschur in their Eastville gallery. (Photo: Artisan Guild)


December 1, 2014 

After decades as nationally known designers, Mary Miller and David Handschur, artisans and owners of the Gallery At Eastville, are retiring. “It’s been wonderful running a business, and working as artists on the Shore,” said David. The pair are founding members of the Artisans Guild of the Eastern Shore, and frequent exhibitors at national venues like the Smithsonian. With their experience, they have been happy to mentor new Guild artisans. “We’ve helped with setting up businesses, finding reliable suppliers and markets, even showed how to photograph art work,” said Mary.

Renowned Shore Folk Artist MAMA Girl is one of their favorite stories. After buying one of Mary Onley’s first works at a street fair in Cape Charles, they helped her believe she had a bright future as a folk artist. “We just put a little wind in her sails, the rest is her story,” Mary says.


Many have asked the couple, “What do artists do when they retire?” “I’ve been working on a book for eight years or so,” said Mary. “And David gave me all his old fly tying supplies. We’ll see where that goes.”

After over 10 years at their Gallery in historic Eastville, Mary and David are celebrating their impending retirement with a grand finale sale that is amazing on many levels. “We’re opening all those trunks and cases of samples, runway projects, and special work,” said Mary. “I even found a case of Renaissance Faire hats.” Available while they last is a vast variety of their handcrafted goods including wearable art, furniture, glass creations, jewelry, paintings, and original block prints, all at half price. In addition, a special Porch Sale has baskets full of jewelry and supplies.

Collectors of Miller and Handschur’s work have until December 7 to find a special print, some new glass art, or a piece of matching jewelry, not to mention great gifts for the holidays. All remaining art is at a 75% discount.

The Gallery at Eastville is open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.



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