Cape Charles Gets A Radio Station (Internet, That Is)


June 1, 2015

Radio without the antenna — that’s the miracle of the Internet, and now little ol’ Cape Charles has its own radio station: WCCR (Cape Charles Radio, we assume).

AM or FM? No, you don’t get it. It’s Internet exclusive: Click here: If all goes well you’ll find yourself listening to light jazz while continuing to read the Wave.

“We created WCCR-The Resort to emphasize the ‘Resort’ aspects of the lower Eastern Shore,” said founder David LaBonte, whose DJ moniker is “David Bayside.”  “Cape Charles is a wonderful small town with beautiful beaches, and multiple surrounding resorts like the Oyster Farm at Kings Creek, Bay Creek Golf Resort, Cherrystone, and Kiptopeke State Park just to name a few — all with their own unique offerings. What we bring you is music to go along with your resort experience,” he said.

LaBonte’s online resume shows him headquartered in Bethany Beach, Delaware, and how he happened to focus on Cape Charles is not stated. LaBonte previously worked for Clear Channel (now iHeart Communications), the country’s largest radio broadcaster.


WCCR is billed as servicing the lower Eastern Shore — but you can pick it up as easily in Thailand as in Tasley. The genre is billed as smooth jazz, adult contemporary, and dance pop.

Interspersed with the music are weather, boating and golfing forecasts along with upcoming events, public service announcements and a few local advertisements.

What’s the point of a localized Internet radio station? That remains to be seen in an era when music is “free.” Will folks choose WCCR over Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, iTunes Radio, Rdio, iHeart, and on and on? The biggest problem with all of them is that they’re not readily available in your car. Yes, there are ways to receive them, but it makes texting while driving seem simple in comparison.




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