FOOD: Eastville Inn Rises Again

Cape Charles Wave

June 22, 2013

As an Eastville native, I have seen the Eastville Inn change hands several times. And long-time Eastville resident Ralph Dodd says he’s seen the Inn run by “six or more” people during the time he’s been around. Different tastes and visions have passed through the Eastville Inn as quickly as flipping through the pages of a book.

And now the Eastville Inn has another new owner: Brent Schmidt, who until recently was owner-chef of Brent’s Fine Foods in downtown Hampton.

Schmidt is returning the Eastville Inn’s menu to offer upscale dining, after the last proprietor’s unsuccessful attempt to attract a larger clientele with diner-style food.

Ralph Dodd, whose real estate office is a short walk from the Eastville Inn, pronounces the food at the reopened restaurant as “very good.”

“It looks sharp inside,” Dodd adds.

Dodd sees the inn as  a valuable asset to the Town of Eastville, especially considering its historical background. The Inn dates to 1724.

Despite some changes over the years, the building still holds its antique charm and has attracted both locals and passersby with its promise of a great bite to eat. [Read more…]