Historic Review Board Agrees: No Chimney Needed

Cape Charles Wave

February 24, 2014

Reversing its earlier decision, the Historic District Review Board voted unanimously February 18 to allow removal of a chimney at 621 Jefferson Avenue without requiring replacement with a fake chimney. In reviewing the earlier decision, Board member Joe Ferher said, “In retrospect we could have had more complete information. Other houses on the street have had the chimney removed. A non-functioning chimney is a liability sticking out of a roof.”

Board Chairman David Gay asked if the Board could waive the application fee. Town Planner Rob Testerman said that because it was a new application, and not an appeal of the previous application, a new fee was required.

The owners of the house, Mary Hunter and Matt Hardison and Sarah and Trafton Jordan, wrote to the Board, “While we were disappointed with the denial of our request to remove the chimney, it was our intention to comply with your decision. Unfortunately, due to the constant evolution of our still ongoing renovation, it was impossible to produce a replacement plan until just recently. After much deliberation, our position remains that the permanent removal of the chimney is the best option.”

Sarah and Trafton Jordan, who attended the meeting, thanked the Board for granting their request. They were grateful to be able to move forward with their renovation, they said.

In other action, the Board appointed Joe Ferher as Board chairman and John Caton as vice chairman for the year beginning in March.



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