LETTER: Chief Pruitt Praised for Quick Work

February 24, 2014


On January 30, we had an incident at Kings Creek Marina that required medical attention and our staff called 911.

Cape Charles Police Department’s Chief Jim Pruitt was first on the scene. It was less than 30 degrees outside. Chief Pruitt sensed the urgency of the situation and the need to relocate our injured tenant.

With the help of some bystanders, Chief Pruitt lifted our injured tenant up and over his shoulder and carried the gentleman up a steep ramp and then another 100 feet or so to a waiting golf cart. At that point, Chief Pruitt placed the patient into the cart and drove it to the Pier House.

Once again, Chief Pruitt carried our guest inside the warm Marine Store to wait for an ambulance. All local ambulances had been dispatched elsewhere and so Chief Pruitt continued to communicate with the dispatcher on the patient’s condition.

Officer Greg Rippon also arrived on scene before the ambulance to help in any way that he could, possibly knowing that the ambulance was going to take a while. Chief Pruitt remained very calm and stayed with our injured tenant until the ambulance arrived. Chief Pruitt took control of the logistics of getting a wide stretcher into our somewhat overcrowded store and to the patient.

I truly believe that Chief Pruitt’s quick and calm actions were monumental not only to our patient’s comfort level, but also greatly appreciated by our staff


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