ESSO Buys Neuter-Scooter, Needs Donations

Sunset cruise on the Miss Jennifer earned funds for Neuter Scooter.

Sunset cruise on the Miss Jennifer earned funds for Neuter Scooter.


June 8, 2014

ESSO — Eastern Shore Spay Organization — was formed last November with the mission to prevent cruelty to animals and reduce the overpopulation of animals on the lower Eastern Shore through inexpensive spay/neuter services. ESSO currently provides spay/neuter services in Cape Charles for 26-30 animals every other month, but there is a very long waiting list.

In order to help more residents and animals, the organization recently purchased a Neuter Scooter van from the Virginia Beach SPCA at a price of $40,000, which now must be paid through grants and fundraisers.  Nonprofit status has been applied for, which will enable ESSO to apply for grants and accept tax deductible donations.


Sunset cruse participants included the author, Sue Panek, Karen Jolly Davis, Hank Mayer, and Bob Panek

ESSO held a Sunset Wine and Dolphin Cruise June 1 on the Miss Jennifer with generous support from Captain Ray Cardone and his first mate, Stage. Participants sighted dolphins, osprey, and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

Last month ESSO made a presentation to Cape Charles Town Council, requesting their support. The group anticipates a successful partnership with Lighthouse Mobile Vet, operated by Dr. Leslie Nelson, who provides home visits and service for pets in the area. ESSO is also negotiating to park the Neuter Scooter in the lot next to the old Meatland building on Stone Road.

ESSO needs the community’s support to pay off the Neuter Scooter and continue to serve the local community and its animals. More events are planned, and will be publicized on Or call Sharyl Cline at 757-331-3037 or Sandy Mayer at 331-2087.



2 Responses to “ESSO Buys Neuter-Scooter, Needs Donations”

  1. Carla Jasper on June 9th, 2014 8:28 am

    Kudos to these caring thoughtful individuals who are actually doing something to help the animals on the Shore. I hope that all animal lovers here will help them with this noble cause.

  2. Pete Baumann on June 9th, 2014 8:47 am

    Most folks recognize the problem of the Eastern Shore’s feral populations, especially cats. I hope that Eastern Shore Spay Organization qualifies soon for tax exempt status and that its campaigns for donations will be well-received.