LETTER: Flag Mural Is Uplifting and Timely

Flag appears to float on American Legion building -- a "trump d'oilel," or trick to the eye. (Photo: Wendy Martin)

Flag appears to float on American Legion building — a “trompe l’oeil,” or trick to the eye. (Photo: Wendy Martin)


June 23, 2014

On a recent errand off Route 13 into Cheriton we were awestruck by the newly unfurled mural flying’ and caressing the northeast corner facade of American Legion Post 56. So impressed by the artwork and trompe l’oeil undulation of our national flag, I suggested that the Wave capture the image — especially at this time of year. When you replied that community input is welcome, this subscriber became motivated to photograph the site and get the scoop, thanks to dedicated Commander “Captain” Dave Steward, whose inspiration and that of First Vice Commander Joe Vaccaro it is.

Late in April our soggy spring finally permitted designer artist Mike Boan of Parksley to airbrush his installation. Successful fundraisers had followed on the heels of the Post’s power washing, tedious scraping of the formerly institutional-looking grey, and repointing and painting of the brick walls.

Such an uplifting patriotic endeavor is, above all, a handsome reminder of those currently serving our country, our veterans who the Post serves, and in memory of those who paid the ultimate price. Illumination at nightfall presents another moving dimension.

Dave admits there’ve been many compliments, especially from folks arriving from Cherrystone Campground. And in spite of a very productive year in office he has even more upbeat plans in store.




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