ECHELON COUSINS: Cape Charles, Meet Chatham

Echelon Resources has contracted to pay $10,000 for the former Chatham Elementary School and plans to convert it to luxury loft apartments. (Star-Tribune photo)

Cape Charles Wave

October 2, 2012

Most folks in Cape Charles probably have never heard of Chatham, Virginia — and vice versa.

The town has nothing to do with Machipongo’s Chatham Vineyards. The Town of Chatham is in south central Virginia, a little north of Danville. Its claim to fame is as the home of Hargrave Military Academy.

But residents of Cape Charles and Chatham have more in common than they might expect:

— Chatham’s population is 1,300. Cape Charles is about 1,100;

— Chatham hosts a new state prison, which has led to upgrades in their water services. Cape Charles Town Council sought a prison in the 1990s, with hopes of upgrading sewer service as a consequence.

— And, most recently, Chatham’s Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors voted in May to sell the old Chatham Elementary School to Echelon Resources, Inc., for $10,000. Cape Charles Town Council voted in June to sell the old Cape Charles school to Echelon Resources for $10. [Read more…]


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