Northampton Declares Storm Emergency; Schools Closed

Northampton County Emergency Management Coordinator

October 27, 2012

Due to the approach of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Sandy, the Northampton County Director of Emergency Services declared a local emergency effective October 26 at 6 p.m.

Emergency Management officials are advising all residents to prepare for high winds (50-60 mph) and flooding conditions beginning early Sunday and lasting into Tuesday. Three high-tide cycles will be affected, resulting in 2-4 feet of storm surge. This is a large, wide storm, and residents should be aware that areas far from the center will receive damaging winds and high amounts of rain.

Residents should prepare their homes by securing outdoor items such as lawn furniture, grills, planters and other lawn items that may be blown about by high winds. Residents are asked to collect political signs and store till the storm passes. Additionally, residents should also be prepared for colder weather as the storm passes. [Read more…]