MONDAY 8/5: Harbor for the Arts Festival Continues with ‘I Played the Palace’

Monday, August 5, at 8 p.m.: “I Played the Palace” in the Historic Palace Theatre (Free). Cash bar and hot paninis. A non-competitive evening where the diverse talents of Eastern Shore neighbors will be highlighted. Thespians, comedians, musicians, dancers are invited to register — call 757-331-2787.

Veterans from Two Eras Find Brotherhood in Shared Service

Veterans Bill Burton and Jack Woolley at the July 4th parade in Cape Charles.

Veterans Bill Burton and Jack Woolley at the July 4th parade in Cape Charles.

American Legion Post 56

August 5, 2013

As the years pass, memories fade for most people — and for some who have served their nation during wartime it’s considered a blessing. One of the misnomers of armed conflict is that the people serving in the military welcome the fight and glory. But the fact is that the men and women serving in the military simply view it as a duty or obligation. They don’t place themselves in harm’s way for money or glory, but for each other.

The bonds of having served in battle or in a battle zone surpass any human emotion that can be explained in a few paragraphs. It becomes a brotherhood of emotion that at times surpasses the emotions for one’s own family. It’s that unexplainable sense of camaraderie that one feels in the presence of another who experienced the exhilaration of life and the horrors of death.

Although World War II ended some 68 years ago and Viet Nam ended 38 years ago, those 30 years of difference brought together two very different men and resulted in a lifetime friendship. Jack Woolley met Bill Burton 15 years ago, and the common denominator that brought them together was a woodcarving show at the Cape Charles Fire House. But what made them brothers were their war experiences. [Read more…]