Super Successful Clam Slam Festival Ends with a Bang

Cape Charles Wave

August 6, 2012

Cape Charles Harbor Master Smitty Dize was tired but happy Sunday evening as he counted up ticket proceeds for the just-completed Boat Docking Contest — the grand finale of a very successful weekend comprising the Town’s first Clam Slam Festival.

Some 800 tickets were sold for Sunday’s boat docking competition which drew watermen and their friends and families from up and down the Shore. Nine boats competed this year — a 50 percent increase over last year. Proceeds go to pay the cash prizes, plus $300 to each boat to help cover fuel costs.

It was the success of the first boat docking contest last year that inspired Dize to expand Harbor events to fill a full weekend, including a Shriners Parade, marching band, and car show on Saturday.

Boat dock competitions are wildly popular on the Shore, with Crisfield, Maryland, having one of the largest. But Dize was happy with the Cape Charles crowd and nine boats — big enough to give a good show, but not so large as to drag on interminably on a hot afternoon.

Three local boats competed: Jay B, Three Brothers, and The Pound Netter.

Master of Ceremonies was the popular Erik “Flea” Emily.

Watch the 5-minute Wave video above, and then read more to see the list of winners.

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