3 Candidates File for November Town Council Election

Larry Veber

Dan Burke

Steve Bennett

Cape Charles Wave

August 20, 2012

When Cape Charles voters enter the election booth on November 6 to choose their next President, senator, congressman, and more, they will also see a local race that for the first time in Town history is sharing space with a national election.

Way down at the bottom of the ballot will be a three-way race for one Town Council seat. The candidates are: Steve Bennett, Dan Burke, and Larry Veber.

Unlike the national contests, the local candidates will not be identified by political party, since Council races in Cape Charles are non-partisan.

Because the special Town election will take place concurrent with the Presidential election, no extra expense is incurred.

Virginia election law does not provide for runoffs. Whichever candidate receives the most votes wins. Where three candidates are vying for one seat, the winner hypothetically could receive as little as 34 percent of the vote if each of the other candidates received 33 percent.

Town Council elections normally are in May. The November special election is due to the death of Don Clarke, who was elected May 1 to Town Council but passed away in June before taking office.

After Clarke’s death, Town Council appointed Veber to serve in an interim capacity until a special election could be held.

Steve Bennett and Larry Veber were both elected to Town Council in 2008, and were both defeated for re-election in May 2012. Of the five candidates running in May, three were elected, Veber placed 4th, and Bennett came in 5th.

When Town Council had to pick an interim replacement for Clarke, the majority supported Veber. [Read more…]