Public Hearings on Rezoning School Property August 23

Cape Charles Wave

August 1, 2012

At a special meeting Tuesday night, the Cape Charles Town Council set a date for two public hearings regarding zoning for the old Cape Charles high school. The Town has signed a purchase contract with Echelon Resources, Inc., to sell the building and land for $10, but a condition of the contract is that the zoning be changed to allow for a 17-unit apartment building.

The public hearings are scheduled for Thursday, August 23, at 6 p.m. at a location to be announced.

Residents crowded the council chamber for Tuesday’s meeting, spilling out into the hallway. But because it was a special meeting, no public comment was allowed.

Frank Wendell was the only member of council to vote against holding the public hearings. He questioned the need to rezone the school property from Open Space to R-1 Residential, and the subsequent conditional use permit that would allow Echelon to locate an apartment building in an R-1 zone.

“Is replacement of the basketball court the only condition for the conditional use?” Wendell asked. “No repurchase agreement, like the [Town] attorney recommended?” [Read more…]