Northampton County to Tax Delinquents: Pay up or Else

Above is page 1 of the 517 page County list of back taxes. Over $2 million is owed. Click on the image to access the full document.

Cape Charles Wave

August 16, 2012

Northampton County’s new stand on back taxes is far-reaching: pay up or face seizure of assets, garnishment of wages, garnishment of bank accounts, or liens on property — and no payment plans or relief will be offered.

“We are not trying to cause difficulties in people’s lives, but we are trying to get their attention,” said Northampton County Administrator Katie Nunez at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting.

Nunez said “tax delinquency” is defined as not having paid that year’s assessment by December 5. First, she said, the County treasurer will send out notices to those who are delinquent. They will have 30 days to pay, after which the sheriff can be sent with a warrant to seize property.

Supervisors Oliver Bennett and Willie Randall were clearly uncomfortable with the harshness of the new policy.

“What happens if an elderly couple miss a tax payment?” asked Bennett. “Within a month, do they lose their car?” [Read more…]