Old School Epilogue — Can’t We All Just Get Along?

August 25, 2012


Rodney King famously asked, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Now that our representative government, the Town Council, has voted in accordance with the opinion of the majority of residents who chose to publicly render their opinions on this matter, isn’t it time we moved on?

Despite the animosity, division, anger, and hyperbole we all saw throughout this debate, I have also born witness to the strength of our community. We are not just a sleepy little beach town.

I have heard, and read, opinions from residents are who smart, funny, and engaging, that I didn’t know existed in this town.

I, for one, relish robust political dissent. However, perhaps it is time to lay down our swords on this issue and move forward toward the goal of a greater good and a more cohesive community.

Personally, I see no need for a publicly funded community center, but I am open to being persuaded if the venue is smaller and more affordable than the old high school. I look forward to all of us having that discussion.


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