HOOPS: Town Taketh Away but the Lord Giveth

Baptist Church

Local youths take advantage of the Baptist Church basketball court on the last day of 2013. (Wave photo)

Cape Charles Wave

January 1, 2014

Here’s some good news to start off the New Year: Thanks to Cape Charles Baptist Church, local youths’ prayers have been answered — there is now a place in town to shoot hoops.

The church has installed two temporary-type goals on an asphalt pad beside the church edifice. While not offering regulation play, it’s a lot better than nothing, and nobody is complaining.

The Town had been hoop-less since December 26, 2012, when Assistant Town Manager Bob Panek gave orders to Town maintenance workers to remove the hoops and backboards at the Central Park basketball court. The court no longer belonged to the Town, having been sold along with the former Cape Charles High School building to real estate developer J. David McCormack a few days earlier for the price of $10. The terms of sale did not give the Town rights to the basketball goals, but McCormack clearly did not mind that the Town took them down at taxpayers’ expense. [Read more…]