Town Council Votes to Borrow $1 Million for New Projects

Town Treasurer Kim Coates: Without more borrowing, “we would definitely need to increase utility rates.” (Wave photo)

Cape Charles Wave

December 10, 2013

Town Council voted December 5 to borrow up to $1.03 million for projects including water and sewer infrastructure, sidewalks, and breakwaters. At a public hearing preceding the vote, three residents spoke against the borrowing and one spoke in favor.

Deborah Bender stated that in 2006 when Mayor Dora Sullivan assumed office, Town debt was under $3 million – now it is about $11 million. She asked why, although the Town had just spent $19 million on a new sewer treatment plant, more money was now needed for sewers. “How is it that Onancock built their sewer plant which is three times bigger and paid $12 million,” she wondered.

Bender also noted that the new borrowing includes $300,000 to connect new wells, but money that had already been borrowed for that purpose was instead used to buy the new library building. Additionally, she pointed out that the loan includes $150,000 for sidewalks (multi-use trail) that were already budgeted this year. Mayor Sullivan gaveled Bender before she could complete her statement.

The next speaker, David Gay, noting that the Town is already $10 million in debt, asked, “How much debt is enough? – There seems to be no accountability on how these borrowings are spent. The same projects keep coming up year after year as the justification for the loans, but the projects are never completed and the money is used for something else.” [Read more…]

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