TUESDAY 8/21: Focus Group on Coastal Environments

10 Volunteers Wanted for Focus Group Discussion

Coastal environments and ecosystems have been important to human communities and our quality of life, but are facing stress and change from intensifying human use.

Researchers from the University of Connecticut in conjunction with the Long-Term Ecological Research site operated by the University of Virginia at the Virginia Coastal Reserve are conducting an environmental economics focus group on Tuesday, August 21.

The research is intended to gather information on values and priorities of residents of coastal communities who may be affected by environmental goods and services.

Participants will take part in a discussion of questions that will ultimately impact local conservation and restoration efforts.

• Seeking 10 local residents, 18 and over. Must be comfortable speaking and reading in English.
• Participants will receive $50 for their time
• The event will begin at 4 p.m. and last approximately 2 hours
• Location : Anheuser-Busch Coastal Research Center of the University of Virginia in Oyster

Please email: [email protected] or call 646-775-8003 with any questions and to RSVP.



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