Hotel Owner Gammino: My Investment Was Based on Personal Passion for Cape Charles

December 5, 2012


I would like to offer a more detailed explanation to your readers as it regards the Hotel Cape Charles recent request to appeal the decision of the Town of Cape Charles Historic Review Board (HRB).

We will seek the approval of Town Council of the modified design submission, denied on November 20, 2012, by the HRB. I respect the varied opinions offered in response to this process, and hope that additional information will clarify our reasoning and address some of the concerns we are aware of.

It is regretful, and I accept sole responsibility for the fact that the Hotel has become the focus of the community in this unfortunate manner.

While I do not agree with the conclusion of the HRB that the current design is not appropriate within the District, I respect their authority in reaching this decision. I also appreciate their efforts in considering the modified design submission.

However, given our very strong belief that the Hotel represents a beautiful example of modern architecture complementary of its surroundings, we are proceeding to the next level of review and hope for a different interpretation.

There are a number of comments which criticize the decision to seek Town Council approval, and reference the application process and a lack of related approval. I understand and accept this valid criticism.

We did not complete the project as originally submitted. The reason for this relates to a very compressed construction schedule with challenging travel-related logistics. [Read more…]