LINDEMAN: When Goodness Happens

New Roots Youth Garden pecan pie with Brown Dog coffee ice cream is just the beginning of goodness. Read on!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Last week was hard on Cape Charles, and hard on the WAVE. So thank goodness for more goodness from Lindeman!

Cape Charles Wave

December 11, 2012

I had arranged with Tammy Holloway earlier in the week to pick up my pie from her side porch, attached to the magnificently revived Bay Haven Inn on Tazewell.  My wife and I had been watching the renovation of Leon’s old house for months.  Just the simple act of removing most of the overgrown plantings around the place opened it up and provided a sight not seen in years.  To me, one of the prettiest homes in the historic district and well deserving of the love that the Holloways have showered on that place.

When I opened the screen door to their porch, where the pies were awaiting, I could sense even more so the level of detail they had put into this renovation.  Everything looked so bright and shiny I just wanted to stay awhile and take it all in.  But I had my dad in the car and, well, some visiting to get to as he and my mom had just driven into town for the holiday.

The back story of how I had come to even hold that lovely mocha pecan pie in my hands is a story that “only happens in Cape Charles” as we so often say.  I had written about my wife’s and my gathering of pecans a week or so prior in the Wave.  Tammy emailed me later that week and politely asked if I could tell her where said pecans could be found.  As there are numerous and very giving pecan trees in town, I told her where she could find one of the most giving — Big Mamma.  Now, please don’t email me asking where Big Mamma can be found.  That’s between me, my wife, Tammy, and a group of enterprising young kids who assisted her in the gathering. [Read more…]


‘Our Town’ Project, Community Trail, Old School on Thursday

Cape Charles Wave

December 11, 2012

Cape Charles Town Council meets 6 p.m. Thursday, December 13, at St. Charles Parish Hall. Agenda items include the “Our Town” Project, the Community Trail — Phase 2, the new library, healthcare facilities negotiations,and the old school plans.

The economic impact of the Tall Ships at Cape Charles Festival last June will be presented by Joan Prescott of Eastern Shore Virginia Festivals, Inc.

David Shulte from the Eastern Shore Tourism Commission will report on the impact of tourism and festivals on the economy of Cape Charles and environs. Handouts for their reports are available with the meeting agenda.

The Our Town Project is moving forward with plans for a tourism website called “Cape Charles by the Bay . . . Harbor for the Arts” that is being spearheaded by Art Enter and the Cape Charles B&B Association. The competitive procurement received 26 proposals which has been narrowed down to 5 finalists. The new website should be operational by March.

New business will include: reappointment of Board of Zoning Appeals, Wireless Boardband Request for Proposals, South Port Investors recommendation from the Planning Commission, Foreign Trade Zone information, Governor’s Designation of Additional Holiday on December 26, Cape Charles Christian School Tax Exemption Status Request, and Shore Bank State/Municipal Certificate Renewal. [Read more…]

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APPEALS: First the Hotel Balconies, Now the Park Toilets

Citizens for Central Park paid $2,000 to local architect Leon Parham to design a park toilet to resemble the sewer pumping station shown above. The toilet will cost $37,000 and would be a prominent feature of the streetscape approaching Central Park. (Wave photo)

Cape Charles Wave

December 10, 2012

Cape Charles Historic District Review Board made two decisions November 20:  to reject the balcony design for Hotel Cape Charles, and to approve the design for a bathroom in Central Park.

Both decisions are being appealed.

At Hotel Cape Charles, owner David Gammino is gathering signatures for an online petition to present to Town Council. Gammino admits that the hotel’s glass-front balconies do not conform to the design originally submitted to the Review Board, but says that most people find them very attractive, and that he can’t afford to replace them.

Over at Central Park, Don Riley is also gathering signatures for a petition — not on a computer but on a yellow legal pad.


“All of the citizens who signed my petition were unaware of the location, design, or timing of this project,” Riley wrote in his appeal to Town Council. [Read more…]