LINDEMAN: Extreme Sadness, Yet Hope

Cape Charles Wave

December 18, 2012

This past weekend was my birthday weekend down on the Shore.  Not a milestone birthday by any stretch, yet a birthday just the same.

But it wasn’t a happy one.  As much as I tried to stay clear of the updates coming out of Newtown, CT, it was hard not to check in on my iPhone now and again to learn more and try to get to an understanding.

It’s the understanding part that we all seem to struggle with.

We all process these things differently, and depending on where we are coming from emotionally and politically, we each have different things to say about the “why” question.

I’m not going to use this space to politicize this event.  There are countless others who will do just that online, in the halls of Congress, and behind podiums at town hall meetings across the country.  There is a lot of anger that will build up over this and recent similar events, and people will demand change in the weeks ahead.

I’m not ready to go there yet.  My mind and heart are still full of sadness and thoughts of those 20 little children.

We can argue endlessly about the “why.” But not here.  Please.  Instead, I want to talk about what we’ve become as a nation.

Most of us will look back nostalgically to recall a simpler and kinder time.  But our parents and their parents likewise have done the same.  The past always seems like a happier time.

Perhaps it was, and perhaps it wasn’t.  We have to think about such things as a whole and not just through our own individual eyes and experiences.  And “simpler” and “kinder” are failingly difficult things to quantify.

But for the sake of argument, let’s assume we have taken a slide toward a meaner and more unforgiving world.  If that’s the case, it begs the question:  how do we, as a society, reverse that trend?  For surely if we do not, we’re headed towards far more of these news stories. [Read more…]


LETTER: Thanks to All Arts Enter Volunteers

Victor Abrahamian

Victor Abrahamian

December 18, 2012


On December 8, I was one among four honorary recipients of the 2012 Arts Enter Annual Spotlight Award.

Since my arrival in the Town of Cape Charles, I have come to appreciate and admire the Arts Enter mission in serving our little community. But I, as a volunteer, never expected to receive such a wonderful recognition.

The engraving on the Spotlight Award says: In appreciation for his faithful generosity with his time, energy, talents, and resources. Both on and off the stage, he shines and keeps our lights bright. [Read more…]

MONDAY 12/24: Town Trash Pickup Moved to Christmas Eve

Because Christmas Day falls on a Tuesday, Town of Cape Charles trash pickup will be on Monday, December 24, so that Davis Disposal employees may have Tuesday off. On January 1, however, trash pickup will follow the normal Tuesday schedule.