Now Readers Can Make Anonymous Waves

December 10, 2012

The Cape Charles Wave has upheld a proud tradition of requiring commenters to display the courage of their convictions by including their real first and last names. The policy has worked very well, and has helped maintain a civil level of discourse. And so the policy is being continued for all comments appearing below stories.

But by popular demand, beginning today the Wave is also providing a forum for anonymous opinions. Send them to [email protected]. Your name will not be printed (so don’t bother to provide it) and your return email address will not show.


1. Keep it short, or we’ll shorten it for you.

2. No pot shots — you can criticize policies, but be careful about attacking persons by name.

3. Don’t monopolize the forum — give everyone who’s interested a chance.

4. Be patient — your submission will not be printed instantly. An editor has to read it first and approve it.

The ANONYMOUS tab can be accessed at the top of every page, listed between LATEST STORIES and CLASSIFIEDS. Just click on the tab. The most recent submission will always be on top.