One Man’s Fight Against a Pig House in a Park

New park toilet was designed by a California architectural firm to match the existing sewer pumping station shown above. (Wave photo)

Cape Charles Wave

December 6, 2012

Last Monday, Don Riley was taking his morning stroll down Monroe Avenue when he saw workmen pounding posts into the ground in Central Park just off Plum Street.

Riley asked what it was all about, and was told that the posts delineated where the new park toilet would be constructed. He further learned that the new building would be the same size, shape, and style as the sewer pumping station just up the sidewalk.

Riley was incredulous. And he was immediately concerned for the owner of 500 Monroe, whose magnificent home sides to the park.

Riley worries that when the owner next comes to town, she will be greeted by a view of a pig house in the park.

That’s the name Riley has given the new toilet, because it reminds him of the brick house built by one of the Three Little Pigs.

Riley said he walked straight to the mayor’s store to ask why a little brick pig house was going up in the park. Whose idea was that?

Mayor Dora Sullivan sent him to talk to Bob Panek.

Panek is the assistant town manager, but the park toilet project is not being managed by the Town of Cape Charles. Instead, it is being undertaken by Citizens for Central Park.

Panek also happens to be the president of Citizens for Central Park. [Read more…]


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