Trouble with a Capital T? Not with New Choral Group & Band!

Cape Charles Band seeks additional players, both  brass and woodwind.

Cape Charles Band seeks additional players, both brass and woodwind.


February 6, 2013

Has the “Music Man” come to Cape Charles?

It might seem so, with the sudden formation not only of a choral group but also a band.

The vocal chorale group is being organized  by Arts Enter, the fine and performing art center.

Men and women who love to sing, as well as young adults who are just starting to appreciate the world of music, are invited to participate.

The first meeting of the choral group is 6 p.m. Tuesday, February 12, at the Historic Palace Theatre.

The choral group will be directed by Shirley Christian, a voice professor and accomplished vocal performer who has retired to the Eastern Shore.

Meanwhile, here is what’s happening with the new Cape Charles Band:

The band has grown to 20 musicians, with organizers working to arrange rehearsal space, obtain sheet music, and locate equipment.

Organizers report that the first band meeting/rehearsal will be “very soon,” with an announcement coming later  this week.

To date, players include trumpets, clarinets, saxophone,  flutes, trombone, percussion, and tuba.

The band needs other woodwinds — oboe, bassoon, piccolo, and bass clarinet — as well as brass instruments including  baritone, euphonium, etc.


Band leaders are urging members to spread the word to their friends, neighbors and associates, and are accepting cash donations as well as musical instruments and equipment.

TO JOIN THE CAPE CHARLES BAND: Contact Bill Prickett [email protected], 757.331.2670 or Linda Pautz [email protected].

TO JOIN THE CHORAL SOCIETY: Contact Arts Enter at (757) 331-2787. Both amateurs and professionals are encouraged to join. Plans are to perform at least twice a year on the stage of the Palace Theatre and in other venues.



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  1. Dan Breeze on February 6th, 2013 12:50 pm

    Would that be the one with Robert Preston or Matthew Broderick?? Preston and Jones were much better. Just beware if the monorail salesperson comes around, think Simpsons.